SEQTA Engage & Learn Portals

SEQTA Engage (Parents) SEQTA Learn (Students)

Central Coast Adventist School has implemented a Learning Management System. This system manages all aspects of the school program digitally which has many benefits.

One such benefit is an electronic portal for parents (Engage) and students (Learn) which increases communication and transparency with the work being done at school. This portal aims to keep parents and students up to date with the following information:

  • Achievements for tests and assessments
  • Attendance
  • Archive of past and current reports
  • Access to important school and subject documents
  • General information about what your child is doing on a daily basis (eg. Geometry/Angles in Mathematics)
  • Homework that has been set by each subject
  • The issue and submission of assignments

We are excited by the opportunities this portal brings and we will give further updates about the portal as they are available.