9 June 2017

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Power, Exams and Paradigms

by Mr Kent

​After such lovely autumn weather over the last few weeks, winter seems to have hit us with vengeance, with the wet and cold weather making life a little less pleasant here at school. The addition of a blackout on Wednesday afternoon added to the dramas and made for some very dark classrooms and an even darker examination hall. The students didn’t seem to mind, making the most of the disruption to regular teaching – though the Maths exam in the hall had to be halted much to the students collective delight. Life is never boring here at CCAS!

I am currently attending, along with a number of our Primary and Secondary staff, a major education conference – Edutech – being held in Sydney. As the title implies, this conference focuses on educational trends and directions within our technological world, and brings together some of the leading practitioners and thinkers within the various sectors of education to explore current and future directions in education.

I continue to be challenged by the rapid changes we are experiencing within our society, much of it created by technological advances, and the challenge for us as educators to adequately prepare our students for this world. For our teachers it does present a paradigm shift in thinking as to how we educate, and the kind of skills our children need to be prepared for their futures.

Although foundational skills of literacy and numeracy remain critical and will always be a focus at CCAS, 21st Century skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication are overtaking knowledge and information and the skills of the future, and we continue to develop our teaching experiences to develop these skills in our students. It is an exciting time to be an educator.

Our term is rapidly drawing to a close with only two weeks remaining. I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter.


LEGO Wanted!

by Mrs Grant and Mrs Robertson

If you’re cleaning out the toy box or cupboard and you come across LEGO that you no longer want, please send it to the library. We would be grateful for any donations of this type of toy.

Current School App to be Discontinued

Over the past few years we have had a school app for push notifications, event reminders, calendar, contact directory and newsletters.

As of the middle of this month, the app will no longer be updated as we are not renewing the contract with the current service provider. We are exploring our options to be able to deliver an even better mobile app experience to our families in the future. We will update you once we have further details to share.

In the meantime, newsletters will still be available from on the school website and will be sent via email. Newsletters can be accessed from the Parent Information area of the website.




Vacation Care

Winter Break 2017

​The Vacation Care program is available for the upcoming term break. Details on the activities, costs and booking details can be found with the program details.​

Download Vacation Care Program

Operation Christmas Child

​Operation Christmas Child is operated by Samaritan’s Purse.


  • The shoebox you pack will very likely be the first gift the child has ever received
  • One more box = one more child reached with the unconditional love of God.


  • Please grab any average-size shoebox and cover the box and lid separately with brightly coloured paper.
  • Alternatively, please contact Tracey / Rose Anderson via text on 0417 466 639.
  • Please advise if you would like one or two boxes, and the name of your child at CCAS and class so we can drop a box to your child’s classroom.


  • Will you fill your shoebox with gifts for a girl or for a boy?
  • And what age? 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14


  • Order your labels and donate $10 for each shoebox you are going to pack here
  • Follow Your Box and see where it goes!


  • Include something from each of the 6 categories.
  • Something to wear – Tshirt/shorts, underwear, dress etc.
  • Something to play with – deflated soccerball, doll, yoyo, toy car etc.
  • Something for school – a pencil case with pencils, pens, a school book, ruler, sharpener
  • Something to love – a cuddly toy
  • Something special – a hand written note, necklace, something to make a child feel loved
  • Something for personal hygiene – a cake of soap, a flannel, toothbrush, combs, hair ties etc.


  • Pray for the child who will receive your shoebox gift.
  • Include a personal note of encouragement and a photo.


  • Shoebox collection month is OCCtober
  • Please ensure that boxes are delivered to the Junior Admin office or to Rose Anderson in 6D in October to be delivered to the local Operation Christmas Child depot locally.


  • Post a picture of your shoebox on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #onemoreboxand spread the word
Find out more How to Pack a Shoebox

Great Results for HRIS Basketball Teams

by Mr Kosmeier

​On Tuesday our four teams competed in the annual HRIS Basketball competition at Broadmeadow.

All teams played exceptionally well and represented themselves and our school with great enthusiasm.

We came away from the day with fantastic results:

  • Year 3-4 Girls - 2nd (on countback)
  • Year 3-4 Boys - 1st
  • Year 5-6 Girls - 6th
  • Year 5-6 Boys - 3rd

CCAS would like to thank Maddison Thacker, Taylor Ferris and TJ for their expert coaching and training before and during the carnival.

Congratulations to all the students for their efforts - well done!

Year 6 Explore Textiles

by Mrs Ralph

Year 6 have been visiting the high school to explore textiles.

Students have had the opportunity to create designs on fabric which they have then turned into cushion covers.

Fire Fighters at Pre Kindergarten

by Mrs Macpherson

Last week Pre Kindy were visited by fire fighters from the Terrigal Fire Station.​​

Throughout this term the Pre Kindergarten have been learning about people in the community who are there to help others including police, ambulance and fire services.

New Library Monitors on the Job

by Mrs Grant and Mrs Robertson

Sixteen new monitors have been interviewed and are on a trial run this term in the library.

They are eager and enthusiastic, and come with some fresh ideas to spice up the fun and action in the library.

Exploring 3D in Year 3

by Mrs Parker

​Year 3 have been studying Geometry in Maths, and have been exploring the properties of 2D and 3D objects.

We have been learning about prisms and pyramids, faces, surfaces, vertices and edges.

To pull it all together students embarked on designing sections of a city, and had to draw out a plan for their section of the city, using different geometrical features. They then had the opportunity to construct some of the buildings from 3D nets. This project was greatly enjoyed by all, with one student being heard to say: “This is the best Maths lesson in my life!”

Many of the students would have enjoyed spending even more time improving, modifying, and adding to their designs.

Year 5 Plan to Survive

by Mr Cooper

​Year 5 students have been having a great time working on designs for a desert survival project.

Using their creativity they also built their prototype model to meet their "working scientifically" outcome for Science and Technology. There are some interesting inventions you will see in the photos above:

  • The Superhero Blanket (to keep you warm at night and roll up when not needed)
  • Desert Survival Belt (an all-in-one design for the keen hiker)
  • Cooling ideas for food on the go!

We hope you enjoy these photos.


Libraries Portrait Competition

by Mrs Davey

Leylah Harvey (Year 9) has entered the Libraries Portrait Competition. The exhibition was open on Thursday, 8 June where there was a function where prizes were awarded.

This competition was designed to connect youth to the seniors of the community through art, and through the eyes of young people today. Portraits were on display and prizes awarded.

Well done Leylah on entering this competition!


by Lucah Manning, Maeve Johnson and Marissa Zepernick

Year 7 students have been planning a Mission2Mars as part of their Project Based Learning (PBL) experience. These announcements have been shared by the Event Management Team.

Year 7 Mission2Mars Mufti

Attention Year 7 students...

On Monday, 13 of June, Year 7's will be having a mufti day. Year 7 students will be wearing red, orange or yellow mufti. This could be a shirt, pants or even just a bow in your hair. Students are only allowed to wear long to three-quarters length pants - anything else will be unacceptable. A gold coin donation will be needed in order to wear mufti on that day which will raise funds for our Mission2Mars presentation to parents. We hope you can come and participate :)

Year 7 Mission2Mars Presentation

To parents, grandparents, friends and others...

On Wednesday, 21 June, the Year 7 Mission2Mars presentation will be happening. It runs from 11:45am-12:50pm in the Naomi Frew Hall. Anyone who would like to see what the students have created, see the students perform and all of the posters, food and decorations that our Year 7's have organised, come along and enjoy yourself. The parents of any Year 7 student have been sent an email invitation. If you would like to come, reply to the email you have been sent and say that you would love to come.

Mission2Mars Students and teachers

Attention students and staff...

On Monday, 13 June from 1:30-2:45pm there will be a Mission2Mars presentation. The presentation is open to all in the High School. Come and see what Year 7 PBL have done this term. Come and check out their presentations and a lot more! We look forward to seeing you there.

Year 7 Science Teacher for the Day

by Mrs McMullen and Mrs Bennetts

This week, some Year 7 students have volunteered to be the teacher for the day - taking charge of running science experiments and demonstrations in their classes.

Students nominated for a specific task and were chosen to perform that task or instruct the class on how to conduct the experiment. They have surprised us with their enthusiasm, confidence and willingness to be involved and have, in all cases, showed preparation and a solid understanding of the task they were given to run.

Their peers have enjoyed a classmate being in charge and have responded accordingly.

This year 7 group are terrific kids, and you as parents should be very proud of them - we are.


Shave for a Cure

Last Thursday, Myah (8R) and Miles (4H) along with mum, Meicha, had their hair cut/shaved to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

The family would like to express a big thank you to those who sponsored them. They raised $2200 which is 73% of our goal of $3000.

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