7 September 2018

This week


WOSE, FutureFest and 2019

by Mr Tony Kent

​It has been a great week here at CCAS – busy, and a little different to the routine, but lots of fun. Our WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) program has been inspiring with awesome speakers - Chris Starrett (Year 5-12) and Jimmy Watanabe (Kindy - Year 4). There’s also been great music from our worship bands, performances from the choirs and drama presented by our talented students across both Primary and Secondary. I want to particularly acknowledge our senior students and student leaders for the part they have played in stepping up in leadership throughout the week, and a big thank you to our Chaplaincy Team and Music Department.

Yesterday was a particular highlight, our lunchtime celebration and fundraiser, aptly named FutureFest. This event was held in the Secondary School quadrangle and involved our whole student body. I just loved the positive vibe that was created when students across all age brackets were together in the same space to have some fun together. Again, well done to our senior students for their leadership in making yesterday such a positive experience for our students and for the fundraising efforts where the funds raised were in excess of $1500. This money will support the projects that are undertaken by our Year 12 MAD Trip and our Year 10 and Year 11 StormCo Trips.

Our WOSE program culminates tomorrow here at Haven Campus Church at 10am where our school choirs will perform and our speaker Chris Starrett will present the main message. JAM, our kids church program, will run as usual which caters well to our primary age students. As always everyone is invited to attend.

School life should settle back into routine next week as we rush towards the end of the term – only 3 weeks to go!

We have now finalised our 2019 School Calendar which has been posted on the school website. As I suggested in a communication earlier in the term, for next year only, our mid year break will be a little shorter and reflect the state school holiday break. We will have 3 student free days at the commencement of Term 2 as an alternative staff Professional Development time to enable whole staff training in PBL (Project Based Learning). It is anticipated that we will revert to the 3 week mid-year break in 2020. Again, I apologise for any inconvenience but hope families can accommodate this one off change.


FREE Webinar: Managing Video Games

from Parenting Ideas

When it comes to kids and video games there’s so much for parents to learn. Why are kids so fascinated? How to manage the next craze? How to assess a game’s suitability for your kids? And there are so many decisions you have to make as a parent when your kids become interested in the video game craze. Should you ban your child or young person? What’s the best approach to take? When should you worry?

Download webinar voucher

Join parenting and technology expert Martine Oglethorpe for a practical 60 minute webinar addressing the issues you need to know about. Martine will step back from the headlines, address the current myths and share the latest research on the effects of gaming on young people today. This is sure to be a fascinating webinar, designed to help you feel confident negotiating the murky world of kids’ video games.

Register for the webinar: https://www.parentingideas.com.au/product/managing-video-games-and-the-next-digital-craze/

Listeners will learn:

  • the latest research about the impact of video games on children and young people
  • guidelines to help you ascertain whether or not a game is safe and appropriate for your child
  • how to manage your child’s use when “everyone else is allowed” to play video games
  • practical tips and strategies to help kids keep video use under control
  • the discussions you should be having with kids about video gaming
  • how to effectively communicate limits and boundaries around gaming use with your child or young person.

When - Thursday 13 September 2018 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM AEST

Cost - Free of charge to families at CCAS using the voucher (valued at $37) code: BALANCE

Who is talking - This webinar will be hosted by Dr Jodi Richardson with guest presenter Martine Oglethorpe.

Register for the webinar

​Seasons For Growth 2018

Sadly, grief is something that most children will experience to some degree during their childhood. In school, we see children at various developmental stages experience it. Their reactions and questions can make parents feel puzzled, uncomfortable and unsure of how to help.

Grief is experienced when a loss occurs. This may be the death of a pet, the end of a parent’s marriage, a move of house, new school, change in health status (student or family member), the death of a relative close to the child’s heart or any significant change that has effected the wellbeing of your child.

Seasons for Growth is a 7-8 session program run in school hours to support children in working through their feelings. It is aimed at recognising emotions, highlighting that we all feel like this at some time and learning that like the seasons, feelings come and go. It is a peer support based program where students can provide each other with social and emotional support while sharing lived experiences. Seasons for Growth aims to create an environment where participants become aware of their own strengths and resources, and decide on their own solutions. The teacher becomes a companion in the process to model empathy, understanding and acceptance in the group in order to empower participants to be true partners in learning.

The primary and high school will be running the Season’s for Growth Program in term 3 this year and then again in 2019. Please note that spaces are very limited and your child may miss out this year in which case you may like to seek out of school therapy or place your child on the 2019 waiting list. If you would like any further information please go to:


If you would like to express your interest for your child to be included in this program please email

  • Primary School - Jane Hughes jhughes@ccas.nsw.edu.au
  • High School - Ang Hamilton ahamilton@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Parenting at the Speed of Light

with Kirra Pendergast

Are you being safe online? Do you know how to keep your children safe online? We are hosting a special parent presentation by Kirra Pendergast from Safe on Social.

FREE Online Registration


The topics covered in the parent presentation include but are not limited to:

  • Using social media with awareness
  • Keeping personal information private
  • Online grooming
  • Posting photos and sexting
  • Safe social networking
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Privacy settings
  • What your posts say about you
  • Identity theft
  • Legal responsibility
  • Gaming dangers
  • Learning to read tween/teenager behavior online
  • Managing digital footprints
  • Strategies to build resistance and resilience

* Please note that this event is for parents (18+) - no children please *

Safe on Social Media

Wednesday, 26 September from 7:00-8:30pm

For over ten years Kirra has focused on social media security, privacy, investigation and education for numerous schools and businesses across Australia. She has presented to more than 300,000 students across Australia. Kirra's presentation will be filled with real-life examples, anecdotes and detailed recommendations and will provide you with information on how to minimise the risk by managing social media interactions without the hysteria used in most cyber safety presentations.



Cybersafety sessions are often structured around how you can help your child, and what a child should not be doing on social media.

This, however, is about you.

When you comment on a public post, you are often engaging with complete strangers. Depending on the discussion you are entering into, you may encounter people you wouldn’t invite into your home, or talk to at a party. You certainly wouldn’t tell these people when and where you went on holiday, how old your children are, their names, where they go to school, where you work, the area you live and what kind of stuff you own?

You would be careful in real life, so why not online?

Risks to your children...

Further to this, when you comment on your child’s school’s Facebook or Instagram page – you are publicly stating you have an association with the school. That means you could have a child there. Depending on the nature of the post you respond to you may confirm this fact. Should someone click on your name, what sort of profile will they find? Have you just revealed too much about your family?

Parents, most of the security on your accounts is not as strong as it should be.

Think about what can happen when you geotag a photo of your child into their school and then have a public Instagram or Facebook account. We see this a lot during school awards ceremonies, first day of school and at other special events.

Think about this scenario...

Someone who doesn’t have a child’s best interests at heart happens to be driving past the school, they pull over and use Instagram to search the name of the school and see photos of your child that you have geotagged to the school. They click on your name and go straight to your account because your Instagram is not set to private or your Facebook isn’t as private as it could be. Then, that stranger could quickly learn a lot about your life and therefore be very convincing to your child if they see them walk out of the school and say to them “Mum told me to pick you up” think about it if your child says how do you know my Mum? They could answer with a whole lot of information about your life based on what you are posting. Right down to where you last went on holidays and the name of the dog.

Please be aware when you are taking photos at your child’s school and posting them there may be kids on no publish lists because of protective custody or escaping domestic violence, etc in the background of the image, and you could unwillingly put them at risk.

Also, if you take photos of your child with their friends always make sure you have permission from the parents of the other children before you post pictures of their kids online.

We all ask our kids to keep their accounts set to private... It's time to lead by example.

Kirra Pendergast



​Library Capers

by Mrs Andrea Grant

It's been another busy week in the library! ​With the librarians away at the Battle of the Books, lunchtime fun forged ahead.

Some boys are going to be our future engineers with the innovative machines they are designing while playing.

Team Tuesday saw groups competing to make the longest paper chains with a single piece of A4 paper.

On Wacky Wednesday, students got to go wild with chalk on the cement outside the library. Some footpath artists are in the making!

Thankful Thursday was dedicated to Mrs Suzan Abel to thank her for filling in for Kerri in Primary Admin. She was so happy and touched to receive notes of appreciation with flowers.

Spring Vacation Care Program

from OSHC

Our OSHC team have some fantastic activities lined up for Vacation Care!

Download the flyer


​Battle of the Books

by Mrs Andrea Grant

On a rainy Monday, 8 students set out to do book trivia battle against Avondale High and Macquarie College in Cooranbong. The trip up was filled with sounds of students questioning and answering each other about potential topics.

At Avondale high school they were warmly greeted and entered the ‘battlefield’ of books, reading and words. Our teams had a great time and conducted themselves well, however the Avondale teams were the overwhelming winners at the end of the day.

The students from the three schools had time to break the ice, have lunch together and some new friendships and acquaintances were formed. There’s always next year to try to win the trophies back...

Good job Ruby P, Emilie B, Megan H, Callan M, Ben L, Monty C, Nicholas W and Mohammad K.

Deep Learning at CCAS

by Mr Zac Rappell

​Over the last 10 weeks, Year 11 Chemistry students have been hard at work completing a unique Assessment Task that is a part of the new Chemistry syllabus. This 'Depth Study' requires students to focus on a particular part of the syllabus and do an in-depth analysis that extends past what is learnt in class. The directive this year was to analyse how Scientists can increase the percentage yield of a reaction.

To do this, students were encouraged to explore their interests and create a unique experiment that would fit the brief. As a result, there were exceptional pieces of work handed in.


  • experimented to find the best way to remove lactose from milk
  • researched quality control by analyzing the percentage composition of fertiliserexamined the most effective way to remove dissolved metals from bore water
  • analysed the perfect ratio of chemicals in a model rocket engine
  • assessed the effectiveness of octane levels in fuel
  • studied the fermentation process in Kombucha
  • used prior reactions and improved upon their method

Projects like this are one of the ways that CCAS is engaging our students in learning opportunities that have real-world applications which promote critical thinking that students will need beyond school. All students displayed great improvement in their scientific method with a fantastic level of engagement with this topic.


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