7 April 2017

This week


Take a Breath!

I don’t know if this is true for you but it seems an eternity ago that we started the school year – the purchasing of uniforms and school books, the nervousness of the first day in a new classroom or, for some, a new school, parent information nights and all the other things that happen in the first few days and weeks of the school year.

Ten weeks later and so much has happened. January and the start of school seems like a distant memory. Students grow and mature and change so much during their time at school and, as I reflect on the last 10 weeks I see so much evidence of that.

More than 15% of our students started at CCAS for the first time in January, and I have seen them settle and establish themselves within our school community as well as progress in their learning. Our Year 7 students have adjusted to high school, our senior students have accepted the mantle of responsibility and leadership and are changed individuals as a result. Even students moving from one year level to the next brings with it change and maturity.

As parents, this growth and change can sometimes happen too fast for our liking, but it is a reality. My hope is that the change you have seen in your child over the last 10 weeks has been positive. It is now time for a break from the routine of school – both for students and staff. This is an opportunity to catch our breath, reset and then plan for next term.

I hope you all enjoy some time with family, a safe and enjoyable Easter break, whether at home or away, and we look forward to seeing you all again for Term 2 on Monday, April 24.


URGENT - Host Homes Needed

​Host families are urgently needed to host exchange students. If you have been considering doing this but have been putting it off or had forgotten about it, now is the time!

Feel free to contact Mrs Grange, at school, or you may prefer to contact Students of the World directly. Either way, we’d love you to share in this experience which opens up a part the world to you from the comfort of your home!

Students of the World is a South Australian based organisation specialising in short-term cultural visits. We have been sending and receiving students from France and Italy on short-term visits to Australian schools for over 15 years.

We have another exciting year ahead of us at Students of the World for 2017!

We are bringing in more students than ever from France and Italy for short-term, family-hosted experiences and we would love you to be a part of this valuable and highly rewarding experience in 2017.

If you can host a student please contact Marilyn Grange to express your interest via email mgrange@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Hosting an Exchange Student

Have you ever thought about hosting an international student? Here are some great reasons for you to consider this wonderful experience:

  • Interact with people from a different culture
  • Share your culture with other people
  • Give someone the opportunity to experience life in an Aussie family
  • Make friendship that lasts for a lifetime
  • Experience an exchange before going on exchange program
  • Encourage your family members to develop generosity by sharing your homes and hearts with an exchange student
  • Have a great time getting to know someone new

Contact us for more information about how to become a host family. Our exchange students will be arriving soon and would love to have a great experience with you and your family!

Italian students

7 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 2nd September 2017
9 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 23rd September 2017

French students

4 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 18th August 2017
5 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 27th August 2017
7 Weeks: Arriving 8th July / Departing 27th August 2017
12 Weeks: Arriving 3rd June / Departing 27th August 2017



Vacation Care

Winter Break 2017

​The Vacation Care program is available for the upcoming term break. Details on the activities, costs and booking details can be found with the program details.​

Download Vacation Care Program

Fun (and learning) in the Sun

After a wet week, Year 3 were blessed with beautiful weather for their excursion to Centennial Park on Thursday this week.

We learnt about how scientists classify living things. Students had the opportunity to observe mammals, birds and invertebrates, hunt for mini beasts, create their own mini beast using natural materials, and experience an introduction to orienteering, which links to our Geography topic for Term 2 which includes mapping.

The students enjoyed seeing a huge colony of bats, a possum in her nesting box in a tree, swans, cormorants and other water birds, as well as some turtles.

The students really enjoyed a day in the outdoors, especially the wide open spaces to run and play in during our lunch break.

Many thanks to all our adult helpers.

No Hurdles to Success

Congratulations to Tori Robertson who recently competed in the NSW State Little Athletics Championships at Homebush.

A talented athlete, Tori, competed in the Hurdles event and succeeded in placing Silver in the Under 12’s. We would like to acknowledge Tori for all her efforts in her athletics and congratulate her for a wonderful achievement.

I Spy...

Kindy students have been learning about the rules of the library and how to look after their library books.

Students also have fun each week searching for the letter of the week in a picture we have of the alphabet. We also come up with a ‘word of the week’ from our picture and have fun making up sentences using this word.

Here is the rhyme we say each week:

I Spy…

Every letter I can see.

Every one in the ABC!

Last week we revised all of the letters we have learnt so far and had fun making an ‘Alphabet Tree’.

Calling all Book-aneers!


Where are my Book-aneers?

Treasures are found in books – something CCAS will discover in the first weeks back of Term 2.

Come on this high seas adventure with us from May 1-4 in the library. No scary pirates or mutiny on board…just reading treasures!

Relay for Life

Today was a mufti day in Primary School, fundraising for the Cancer Council NSW 'Relay for Life'.

Students were encouraged to come dressed in Relay for Life colours (purple and yellow) and wear a fancy/decorated sun smart hat. Prizes were given for the hat competition.

All students brought a gold coin "fine" for being out of uniform, which was donated to this cause. A total of $362 was raised - thank you to all involved.

Dancing to the USA

​Lola M (3P) and 15 other girls from dancenergy (Kincumber) have been invited to Dance Excellence USA 2017.

Lola and the other dancers have been rehearsing a 15 minute nonstop dance routine since June last year. All the girls will be performing at a showcase event at Disneyland in the USA. Dancing is Lola's passion and she is very excited about this opportunity.

Well done Lola!


Authentic Italian Experience

​Last Friday, the Year 9 Food Technology class traveled to Haberfield in Sydney for an authentic Italian food experience.

The day started with cannolis and hot drinks at Pasticceria Papa then the students were taken to a cheese shop where they were shown how ricotta cheese is manufactured.

Following this, the students did a small walking tour where they got to see some unusual fruit and vegetables (prickly pear?) and some of the more specialised kinds of pasta and smallgoods.

Lunch was served at Napoli in Bocca where the students sampled a huge range of pasta and pizza. Finally, the students finished off their day with a selection of gelati and sorbet.

All in all a very educational (and filling) day.

Build a Bridge

​Term 1 of Project Based Learning concluded this week with the Bridge Building Projects "tested" to see if they met the building design criteria as well as held a mass of 3kg.

View video

First place went to Group 15 - Jessica C, Chase H, Skye V, Harvey C and Benjamin P. Their bridge held 3.5 kg.

Second place went to Group 8 - Jaimie B, Lucah M, Keira W, Matthew H and Leo R. Their bridge held 1.8 kg.

Third place went to Group 16 - Emma C, Shaylene M, Sophie W, Lachlan F and Lucas R. This bridge held 1.2 kg.

Well done to most of the PBL groups who designed and built a bridge that met the criteria for this three-week challenge.

Next term we are off to Mars!

And now is the winter of our discontent...

Shakespeare's Richard III

“And now is the winter of our discontent,” so begins Richard III one of Shakespeare’s most famous plays. Full of death and manipulation the play is based on actual historical events. On Tuesday 28th March, Year 11 and 12 English Advanced students were given the opportunity to see the production at the Sydney Opera House. The production was performed by Bell Shakespeare who did a fantastic job. The play ties into the Year 11 Shakespeare’s Villains unit, and is the focus of the Year 12 Comparative Study. Seeing the play live has increased our understanding of the play, as in class the play would have been read instead of performed in Shakespeare intended.

The story of Richard III follows the journey of a manipulative and deceptive man who is determined to take the crown. His family members became victims of his ambitious nature. As a consequence of Richard’s arrogant and embittered personality, he gets himself killed. “Those who live by the sword die by the sword.” Kate Mulvany was outstanding in the play, as she embodied the masculine role with confidence and wicked charm. Her interaction with the audience, through soliloquies and asides, created a sense of complicity. The set and props of the play created claustrophobic and constricted space that reflected the tension of the play. Overall, the cast provided an intriguing, informative and humorous representation of Richard III.

Overall we had an amazing day out, and were able to broaden our knowledge around our Shakespearean study and delve deeper into our understanding of Shakespeare’s villains.

The performance brought our study to life and allowed us to connect with the deceitful characters and the twisted journey for power.

Anyone thinking of seeing the play with be mesmerised by the witty characters and fast paced plot and not be disappointed. The standard of the performance was one of a high calibre and our class gave it a star rating of four out of five and recommend seeing the play to anyone who enjoys Shakespeare. Thank you to our teachers Mr Stewart, Mrs Thapa and Mrs Sleigh for giving us this opportunity to broaden our learning horizons and organizing this amazing excursion.

- Althea, Caitlin, Maddi and Isobel (Year 11 Extension English students)

Students Capture Perspective

​Last Monday the Year 11 Digital Imaging class went on a local excursion to the Gosford/Edogawa Commemorative Garden at East Gosford.

Students were challenged to look for different or unusual perspectives in their composition. Even though the rain threatened to spoil the event the students were able to take a range of images that showcased their unique range of talents.

Building Team

Well, we call it team building, and perhaps it is! It could also just be an excuse to have some fun together and take on a challenge or two!

Last Friday, during their pastoral care period, Year 8 students had to find a way to:

  • Build a tower using spaghetti and marshmallows.
  • Create the best outfit using a garbage bag, scissors and sticky tape.
  • Create the longest ‘nose’ on a team mate, using 5 plastic cups and a pair of scissors (no sticky tape allowed with this one).

We had plenty of fun and realised that spaghetti and marshmallows are probably not materials of choice for tower building and that natural noses fit us much better than plastic cup ones (and are more comfortable to wear too). As for the garbage bags, we got some pretty nifty and creative designs, some of which were quite wearable!

All in all, it was fun to put ideas and creativity into practice, not for marks or scores but just for the pleasure of exploring and seeing what happens.

What is SDL?

​This year with our Year 11 students we have had the opportunity to initiate an exciting new program in personal and spiritual development.

SDL (Spiritual Development and Leadership) covers a range of vital interpersonal and personal skills as well as giving students the opportunity to grapple with some of life's biggest questions in a structured and supportive environment.

Sooner or later we all face questions such as:

  • Why is there suffering
  • Is there a God?
  • What is the purpose of life?
  • Who am I?

They're genuinely big questions and it's fantastic to see our students engaging with these.

As part of a crossover between SDL and English, our Year 11s recently interviewed students from Year 9 and Year 5. They did an excellent job at encouraging the younger students to feel comfortable and share their unique perspectives. It was also exciting to see strong connections made across such a diverse age group.

Captains Question Governor

Yesterday our school captains, Jade and Oliver, visited Government House Sydney and had the opportunity to meet the Governor of NSW.

To start the day we met in the theatre of the Parliament Building and had the opportunity to listen to some of the local MP's speak about what happens in the Legislative Council. There was an opportunity to ask them questions and meet them during a lunch break. Following this, we sat in on the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council.

After we had finished at the Parliament Building we walked to Government House Sydney where we had a tour around the building. We then listened to the Governor of NSW, The Honourable David Hurley, speak about his role, what he enjoys about it and the different powers he has. The day concluded with an afternoon tea hosted by the Governor where there was a chance ask him some more questions and meet him face to face.

- Oliver Patterson

Crime on Campus?

​Year 10 students have been enjoying the Forensic Science unit of their Chemistry rotation. Students have been tasked with a crime-solving project: follow the leads to apprehend the ‘killer’ of a well-loved teacher.

ICT skills have been tested, as students solve puzzles that require them to recover deleted files: a wily ‘killer’s’ attempt to cover their tracks! Students are dealing with a very technologically savvy ‘killer’ indeed! The project will take them through a series of problems to solve before they compile their final reports.

Students have embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and rigour, with many continuing the investigation in their own time.

It’s also been great to see many teachers relishing their moment in the spotlight! Students have been interviewing the most suspicious teachers on campus. Mrs Paton’s elaborate (and animated) stories implicate Mr Kranz in the crime; but can she be trusted? Let’s hope our Year 10 investigators can catch the villain before he or she strikes again!

Easter Show Fun

Yesterday the Year 11 Economics and Business Studies classes went on an excursion to the Easter Show.

The day is not only a fun one, but also one which highlights numerous forms of the ‘factors of production’ and how a variety of marketing strategies and tools that we have been discussing in both Economics and Business Studies are actually used.

The weather was great, the worksheets were completed and even a ride or two was had.


Shave for a Cure

Last Thursday, Myah (8R) and Miles (4H) along with mum, Meicha, had their hair cut/shaved to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

The family would like to express a big thank you to those who sponsored them. They raised $2200 which is 73% of our goal of $3000.

This week