6 April 2018

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Audit, WOSE and Term End

by Mr Tony Kent

Yesterday was a busy day here at CCAS – at least for a small group of us at an administrative level. Hopefully it went largely unnoticed by students, and we endeavoured to minimise the impact on our teaching staff, so they could focus on what they do best, teaching our students. But what transpired was both significant and important – an Education Compliance Audit by NESA (NSW Education Standards Authority) the authority that oversees education across all sectors here in NSW. This event happens every 5 years, conducted by a team of Educators on behalf of NESA, and is an important quality assurance process that schools must navigate.

The good news is that we passed – and received the tick of quality assurance. I share this with you as I am sure it is nice to know your school is providing a quality educational experience that meets all the expectations of government authorities – always a good thing. These audits tend to focus more on compliance, policies and paperwork, but it was also affirming to hear from the visiting team their endorsement of the quality of the learning experiences being delivered by teachers, the innovation embedded in the classrooms, the culture evident within the school of nurture and care and the positive environment evident as they visited in classrooms, observed teachers in action and interviewed staff. They didn’t need to share this, but made a specific point of asking that this be passed on to our staff, which I did. I also thought you would like to hear this feedback. It is nice to have this behind us, and to be able to focus again on the daily routine of school.

It is hard to believe we are almost at the end of the term – with only one week left. Next week promises to be special here at CCAS with our WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) activities planned – a great way to finish the term. For our new families WOSE involves programs for each age group in the school each day for the week along the same lines as our regular chapel program. You can look forward to a full report on this next week, and know that parents are always welcome to attend.


Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE)

9-13 April

There are two speakers for WOSE next week. Dilys Brooks (Chaplain of Loma Linda University, California) will be sharing with Year 5-12 and Graeme Fraunfelder (Clown, motivational speaker and general nice guy) will be speaking to Kindy to Year 4.

The theme for next week is that God is near and always looking for His children. We are invited to find God through His Son. Jesus said the Good News was that "The Kingdom of heaven is near" [Mark 1:15].

From Monday-Friday there are programs throughout the day as listed below. These sessions are also open to our community to attend.

  • 8:50-9:35am - Year 5-8
  • 10:35-11:20am - Year 9-12
  • 1:55-2:45pm - Kindy - Year 4

There will be a Friday night program at 7:30pm on April 13 that is open to the whole community.

On Saturday, 14 April there will be a final WOSE event to wrap up the week.

​Coles Sports For Schools Vouchers

A huge thank you to all our CCAS families for your support and donation of Coles vouchers over past few weeks.

It is now time to bring them in so they can be bagged and sent away to be counted. If you still have some at home could you send them to school ASAP.

We look forward to all the new sporting equipment for our school. Thank you for your support!



Autumn Vacation Care Program

by Mrs Angela Dalton (OSHC Director)

​If you have children in primary school there are some great holiday activities available at our Vacation Care Program during the upcoming term break.

OSHC & Vacation Care Fees Download Vacation Care information

Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care services are available to students from Pre Kindergarten to Year 6 students. These services have reduced their rates.

To register or find out more contact:

Angela Dalton - 02 4367 1800 / 0414 831 191 or email oosh@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Vacation Care Cost:

Short Day (9am-3pm) - $40

Long Day (6:30am-6pm) - $55

Primary Cross Country

by Mr Michael Kosmeier

On Tuesday, 3 April the CCAS students competed in the annual Cross Country Carnival.

It was a fantastic day with all races being hotly contested. Congratulations to Jackson, who were house champions in 2018. We would also like to congratulate our age champions and runners-up:

  • 8 Years Boys Age Champion Dylan Rose
  • 8 Years Boys Runners-Up James Hockings
  • 8 Years Girls Age Champion Rhianna Frew
  • 8 Years Girls Runners-Up Piper Collins
  • 9 Years Boys Age Champion Marshall Duddy
  • 9 Years Boys Runners-Up Mateja Koelma
  • 9 Years Girls Age Champion Elijha Nixon
  • 9 Years Girls Runners-Up Tahli Nixon
  • 10 Years Boys Age Champion Caleb Dunstan
  • 10 Years Boys Runners-Up Klay Boadu
  • 10 Years Girls Age Champion Grace Arthur
  • 10 Years Girls Runners-Up Somerley Bramall
  • 11 Years Boys Age Champion Fletcher Sommerville
  • 11 Years Boys Runners-Up Hugh Willimann
  • 11 Years Girls Age Champion Jade Downs
  • 11 Years Girls Runners-Up Sari Abel
  • 12 Years Boys Age Champion Jack Bryer
  • 12 Years Boys Runners-Up Matthew Woolley
  • 12 Years Girls Age Champion Zahlia Boadu
  • 12 Years Girls Runners-Up Sienna-Mae Montgomery

​CCAS Running Challenge

by Mr Michael Kosmeier

During the past 4 weeks students have been running laps of the oval in preparation/training for the Cross Country Carnival.

Their final total was 25,835 laps, which equates to approx 7,751 kilometres. Well done students!


URGENT - Host Families Needed

by Mrs Marilyn Grange

If you have been postponing making a decision about hosting an exchange student, now is the time to take the plunge :)

We have one student currently with us here at school however, there are many others, anxiously waiting to hear that they have a host family and a school to attend.
If you are interested in hosting or would like more information, please contact Mrs Grange on 0415923275 or via email: mgrange@ccas.nsw.edu.au


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