5 May 2017

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NAPLAN, Pirates and Reading

​Next week students from Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 will, along with students from all schools in Australia, sit the annual NAPLAN tests here at CCAS. Over the years these tests have created much debate, and tended to polarise opinion on both the appropriateness and benefit of such tests. It is important to note that NAPLAN tests are benchmarking tests, useful to provide both individual feedback on progression against national benchmarks, as well as providing broader indicative trends both at a school level, across states and at a national level. These broader trends provide us with insights into the effectiveness of programs and teaching across Literacy and Numeracy to inform ongoing improvement.

I am supportive of NAPLAN testing and see their benefits, although I am not always comfortable with how this data is used as a comparison tool. I would encourage you as parents to encourage your children to strive to do their best in these tests, and to take them seriously. Their best efforts give us the best insights into both their individual progress over time, and the progress of their class cohort and effectiveness of our teaching program. However, I would also want these tests to be kept in perspective. These results do not define an individual – they are just a point in time indicator – so let’s not heap too much pressure on our students to perform. The tests designed for mainstream students, and we respect the rights that parents of children with learning difficulties have to determine whether they participate in these tests. At CCAS we do not invest a significant amount of time teaching to these tests, as some schools have fallen into the trap of doing, to artificially inflate school results. We do take some time each year to familiarise students with the tests, so that they know what to expect (which has been taking place this week), but beyond this we are more interested in getting on with the job of delivering our regular program, and allowing NAPLAN to run it’s course, providing us with an authentic snapshot of our students' progress.

Students will sit the tests across three days next week from Tuesday to Thursday. For students in Year 9, these tests will provide them with their first opportunity to attain the minimum Literacy and Numeracy standards recently introduced to qualify for the HSC from 2020 onwards. Again, this should not be seen as an additional pressure point, but rather an opportunity for some of the above average students to complete this requirement. Students will be provided with multiple opportunities through the next three years of their schooling to attain this proficiency.

Finally, I want to thank all our primary parents for their support and engagement this week at our Book Fair. The students have enjoyed the activities, especially on Tuesday when they came dressed along with the teachers in their pirate outfits, and the importance of reading has been enhanced. A special thank you to our library staff and parent helpers for all their work to make this week a success. Enjoy the rest of this newsletter.


Winter Uniform Compulsory

Winter uniform will be compulsory for all students from next week.

From Monday next week, 8 May, students must be wearing their winter uniform to school.

Please ensure that you visit the Uniform Shop either in person or online if you require any additional items.

Uniform Shop Uniform Overview

School Photographs

We have made some changes this year to how we do school photographs. Please take note of the changes to the schedule.

School photograph order forms have been sent home. You can collect extra copies from any of the admin offices if required.

If you wish to order online then you will not require an envelope. The Online School Code for online ordering is E4BB5QJV3

In total we will have 3 photography days across the campus. Please note the various dates as this differs a little to the past few years.

Friday, 16 June

  • Absentee Day for student individual portraits
  • 2nd opportunity for Pre Kindergarten
  • Sibling/family photos (from 8:15am)

Thursday, 3 August

  • Extracurricular & sport group photos (house captains, choirs, chess club, etc)
Photo Day Information and FAQ's Order school photographs online

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Email Michele for more details



2 Argghhhh Win Treasure

​Whilst Mrs Rofe accepted the winner''s class costume certificate, the real winners were the 2R students and parents who made a huge effort in creating a boxed pirate ship for each. The results were amazing!

2R also won the class poster competition which featured individual sailing boats, accompanied by students photo's and the title of their favourite book or series.


Belvoir Drama Workshops

​On Wednesday we were fortunate enough to host a visit from the Belvoir St Theatre's education team.

Our guest, Kate Sherman, ran a series of workshops with our Year 11 & 12 Drama students around improvisation, group devising and individual performance. This was particularly good timing for our HSC students who have just begun work on their final group projects.

Kate graduated from NIDA in 2005 and has worked across Australia as well as researching performance styles and skills internationally in places such as New York, Europe and the UK. We are grateful that she was able to share her expertise with us.

Students are pictured here at the end of the day analysing a short script for individual performance.

Student Talent in Local Showcase

YIPA (Youth in Performing Arts) is a local talent exhibit for the Central Coast that occurs annually at the Laycock Street theatre and is coming up next week.

People from the local area, under the age of 25 audition drama, dance and music acts with the hope of presenting their item to an audience of 500 people in the showcase evenings which take place in May.

Along with numerous CCAS students who will be presenting either solo acts or as part of extracurricular ensembles, the Senior Vocal Ensemble and the Stage Band will be presenting items next week on Thursday, 25 May.

For tickets or further information please see the link below. A huge congratulations to all of our CCAS students who will be presenting items for this years showcase(s).

YIPA 2017 Details

Year 7 Girls Shine

Year 7 girls have been participating a program called Shine.

Year 7 girls have been busy in the Shine Girls Program learning about values, relationships, qualities that make them unique and connections between their body and the world.

Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Mental Health

​This week we had the privilege of having Monique Craft (entrepreneur, personal trainer, business owner, mental health survivor) speak to our senior girls about the effects of stress, anxiety, depression and mental health.

Here is what Monique had to say:

I spent time talking to the senior girls about mental health and how it's NOT weak to speak!

Even though 1 in 4 people face a mental health issue in their life we still seem to feel alone, feel ashamed or feel like a burden to talk - YOU ARE NOT ALONE, don't be ashamed, and YOU are NEVER a burden! I'm standing up to the stigma on mental health!

A topic that came up with the girls was the power of social media today. It's true, it's taking over our world and now our schools, leading to low self esteem issues, bullying and mental health issues - IF YOU LET IT... Please don't compare yourself to others you see on Instagram - comparison is the thief of joy. Remember Instagram is often only the highlights of people's lives. Their lives are NOT perfect and the social media world can be so fake, you don't know what happened in their day before or after that happy snap was taken, or what apps they have used to shrink their waist, smooth their skin, etc. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL just as you are! Don't feel the need to follow the footsteps of an Insta-famous persons life - it won't bring you happiness, YOU are responsible for your happiness! Don't let likes make you feel liked, don't let a certain amount of follows make you feel hollow! You are much more important than a number on your Instagram page, a number on the scales, or a number on a exam paper!

In this photo I have a quote up it says, "Shout out to all the girls out there trying to love themselves in a world that's constantly telling them not to!"

It's tough! The world sure throws some battles at us but we are often the biggest obstacles to our own happiness, it's the way you let the world tell you you're not good enough! Why are you letting the world depict what you should look like and how much money you should have - the only thing you should let the world do is show you how strong you are against it and how much love and happiness you can project into it!


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