4 November 2016

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Orientation and MAD Trip

​I enjoyed the opportunity yesterday to be involved in "Lockers to Lunchtime" - our Year 7 Orientation Day. It was great to see our existing Year 6 students, along with a group of 45 new students from a range of local primary schools, experiencing, for the first time, an introduction to the routines and experiences of secondary school here at CCAS.

What a great group of students they were! I am always impressed with the way our own students are so welcoming of new students to the school – and yesterday was no exception. The way the two groups of students integrated in such a short amount of time was quite remarkable. The positivity and enthusiasm of the group was infectious as they engaged in a range of secondary class experiences that are designed to give them a taste of their future schooling experiences, as well as familiarising them with both the facilities and secondary teachers. A great day was had by all and I am confident that next year’s Year 7 class will be a wonderful addition to our secondary cohort.

As I have shared previously, I will be away with our Year 12 MAD Vanuatu Trip from next Tuesday, and am looking forward to sharing this life changing experience with these students. Given that Brenton Luchow, who produces our newsletter, is also on this trip, there will not be a newsletter next week. Today is the last day of HSC exams, although the majority of our Year 12’s have already completed this process over the last few days. On Sunday night we celebrate together at the Year 12 Formal, which is their last official school event. We wish our Year 12’s every success as they pursue future pathways, whether that be through further study or employment, confident in their ability to not only be successful in life, but to make a positive contribution to society.

For the rest of us, we continue to rush towards the year end! Enjoy this weeks newsletter.




​Book Fair Wrap-up

The total sales for our Australia: Story Country Book Fair was $8568.70 - fantastic support and participation from everyone who took part. CCAS library received over $2100 in commission and resources. Thank you so much.

All the classes did themselves proud with their outfits - what good sports!

  • Best participating class was 4P - as happy little vegemites
  • Merit participating class was Year 3 – they were such bananas!
  • Most creative class was 2D - who were Weetbix cereal with milk on top.
  • Merit creative class was 5C - as a team of cricketers (or Merv Hughes!)

Best teacher outfit went to Miss Smith (KS) as a lamington. Second place went to Mrs Hanna (1H) as the Opera House. Mrs Dyson came in third as a Blues footy player.

Thank you to our volunteers - nothing ever gets done, or done well, without these invaluable members of our school community.

Decoration and creative set-up of library Debbie Lewis and Myf Pilon (and Matt, Ben and Angus) – amazing job as always ladies and we really appreciate your time, money and effort! Thanks to Claire Howell, Michelle Huntley, Debbie Chu, Renae Maua, Anna Rosen, Aileen Kersten and Melisssa Sanburg for the shifts you did. We can never adequately express our appreciation of your time and effort to help out! A special thank you to Hayley Wallace from Year 11 who is so enthusiastic about helping and kids. Hayley especially organised her classes so she could be part of the crew. Thanks to Jharne Duke in Year 11 for helping to pack up.

Thanks to Mash Thapa our handy guy, Darrol Lwin for getting the PA set-up and the guys in IT for making sure we had sound and electricity on Family Day.

Finally, a thank you to our library monitors Jess Kamphuis, Ashley Howell, Rose Anderson and Tori Robertson for always being willing to lend a hand in any situation.

​Year 6 student published in Oz Kids in Print

Sophie Maltby (6C) is a candidate for the Young Australian Writers award for 2016.

This year a few students, with the help of Mrs Grant in library class, entered their poetry to Oz Kids in Print, a magazine dedicated to showcasing literary and artistic works of students around Australia. Sophie wrote a poem entitled: Livia, my sister with autism. We have (signed) copies in the library for perusal! Congratulations and well deserved Sophie!

​Year 2 student reads to help schools

Isaac Fedorow entered the Dymocks Reading Fundraiser that encourages students to complete the PRC (Premier’s Reading Challenge), while raising money at the same time.

The money raised, helps financially disadvantaged schools receive books for their library. Wait - there’s more! CCAS also received more than $360 worth of books for our library just by Isaac registering CCAS as his school - thanks Isaac! Isaac is pictured receiving a certificate from Dymocks with a couple of books as a thank you.

MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Fundraising

This year students really got in and supported the MS Readathon Fundraiser.

As mentioned last term, the primary school raised over $1100 in their classrooms by reading and raiding small change from everywhere. Picture is the winning class, 2K, enjoying their reward. They had a pizza party on the last day of Term 3 for being the top class fundraisers for this challenge.

Ten students did some extra reading and extra fundraising to raise a collective $1450.90 for the MS Foundation. A job well done to Blake Downs (5), Jade Downs (3), Harrison Dennis (1), Ben Stewart (2), Oliver Kosmeier (1), Emily and Harrison Noy (3), Isaac Fedorow (2), Alannah Dawes (1) and Misha Fraser (K).

To acknowledge these students, they were invited to a special event on Monday evening called “Night at the Library”. Students arrived in their PJs/Onesies at twilight. First the students put up the Library Christmas Tree for the Salvation Army present collection. Then noise and craziness followed with Flashlight Tip (yes, running wild in the library), a modified version of Capture the Flag (in this case – pop the balloon), then more loud balloon popping to discover a prize in one of them. The students were then sleuths to work out a Mystery in the Library involving torn pages, books, a blanket, movie tickets and stuffed animals. A whodunit case that was well-argued by both teams! A light supper (yes, eating in the library) of drinks hot and cold, fruit dipped in chocolate, biscuits and popcorn was scarfed down with lots of conversation and laughter. The night finished with a short DVD to calm everyone down before parents arrived to collect their treasures.

Thank you to Tori, Jess and Ashley – our library monitors who also attended and helped us.

​Reading Cubby Houses built in the Library

In the last week of Term 3 teams of students got together and constructed cubby houses out of cardboard boxes, tape, string and sheer luck!

Students had a marvellous time making and then reading in them. Due to popular demand, cubby houses are going to be constructed again at the end of this term.


Year 10 Jewish Holocaust Museum

​Year 10 students had a very interesting and fascinating day at the Jewish Holocaust Museum on Tuesday.

They listened to the testimony of a holocaust survivor who showed us the ID number tattooed on his left arm.

The exhibition also showcased the letters by those destined for the 'Final Solution'. The collection reveals the personal dimension of the Jewish experience during the Holocaust and illustrates that even through the darkest tragedies, hope and humanity resonates.


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