4 August 2017

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Scholarships and Academic Excellence

by Mr T Kent

​This week saw the commencement of our Year 12 HSC Trial Exams. These exams mark the beginning of the final phase of schooling for our Year 12 students, which culminates in the final HSC Exams at the beginning of Term 4. Our students are well prepared and we know they will perform at their best despite the obvious nerves and stress that an exam environment can naturally create. I want to publicly add my best wishes and support to all our Year 12’s as they negotiate this important phase of their schooling.

Earlier this year we introduced, for the first time at CCAS, an Academic Scholarship Program available to both new and existing students entering Year 7. The scholarships recognise the value that we place on academic excellence here at CCAS. We have had a great response to this opportunity with some outstanding candidates applying and sitting the Scholarship Exam. As a result we are pleased to acknowledge the following successful candidates, representing a mix of students currently enrolled at CCAS and new students seeking to join us for the first time. Congratulations to Tiara Abel, Blake Downs, Josh George, Benjamin Pascoe and Eva Spinks, the inaugural recipients of these Academic Scholarships for 2018.

If you are regular readers of my newsletter updates you will know that over the past couple of years we have had a very intentional focus here at CCAS on innovation in teaching and learning not just to enhance our student’s academic outcomes, but to ensure they are receiving an education that prepares them for life beyond school – developing the 21st Century skills to be critical thinkers in addition to skills such as creativity, collaboration and communication, just to name a few.

We are in the process of developing an intentional program throughout our primary and junior secondary years to teach critical and creative thinking skills to enhance our existing program, which teachers are currently trialling with some amazing results. This doesn’t replace the foundations of Literacy and Numeracy skills which we continue to have a strong focus on in the lower and middle primary years, but enhances them, enabling them to apply their learning to new situations to solve real world problems. We have introduced Project Based Learning (PBL) into Year 7 this year, and are currently working to expand this style of learning – across both the primary and secondary years of learning, within existing subjects and as an inter-disciplinary approach to learning (which actually better reflects the real world). As well as being convinced of the benefits these new programs provide for our students, the added bonus is the level of engagement we are seeing from students across all levels – exciting times!

This focus, coupled with our ongoing commitment to providing an environment that delivers high levels of nurture and care in a Christian environment, best articulates the unique culture that is CCAS – your school.

Enjoy this week’s newsletter.


U Rock Awards

by Mrs A Grant

Every week two students are chosen, from the primary information and literacy classes held in the library.

The students receiving the awards stand-out for one or more of the following criteria:

  • Random acts of kindness
  • Speaking and/or acting politely, consistently
  • Remembering to… (kids improving their personal actions/habits)
  • Positivity – attitudes, words and smiles
  • Going beyond… without any thought of reward or recognition

The U Rock Awards are presented to the students at assembly on Friday mornings.

Congratulations to the following students from last week.

Battle of the Books

by Mrs A Grant

Do you know who these students are?

They were the CCAS senior champions 2 years in a row for the Battle of the Books and represented CCAS at Avondale (2015) and Macquarie (2016) school for the Tri-school competition.

This year the battle is coming to CCAS - join up now!

Creative and Fun Activities in the Library

By Mrs A Grant

Lunch time in the library is always busy - having fun and thinking!

Come visit our STEM areas where you can be challenged with a wide range of activities. We have some new toys to create with as well as games, puzzles and challenges.

We haven’t forgotten the High School area either - we have put out colouring pages which have proven to be very popular - especially for some Year 12 students to de-stress.

Ask for us to challenge you with brain teasers, here the boys spent lots of time trying to solve our ‘matchstick challenge’.

The Peace Child

Year 3-6 Musical Production

Travel to the land of Mambica where two opposing tribes seem unwilling to put an end to their enmity. Only the gift of a new-born child can bring peace.

Travel to the land of Mambica where two opposing tribes seem unwilling to put an end to their enmity. Only the gift of a new-born child can bring peace.

Lively songs and a moving script make this musical a fantastic evening out for the whole family!

Presented by Year 3-6 students, this musical production will run over three days with 1 matinee and 3 evening performances.

Book tickets online




Taste Buds Tantalised at Frunch

by Mrs M Grange

​Last Tuesday, students currently studying French were invited to try some traditional French stews at our second ‘Frunch’ (French Lunch) of the year.

The idea with Frunch is to give students the opportunity to try something they may not have eaten before as well as to experience genuine French foods. While some preferred to play it safe and stick to what looked familiar, others tried stews they had not previously tasted and most were pleasantly surprised.

Students had the choice of three stews from three different regions of France and, in class, we discussed how the ingredients for these recipes reflected what was locally available and what grew in each particular area.

In our modern day of refrigeration and twelve-month availability many students were unaware that fruit and vegetables are seasonal, or that certain foods grow only in certain climates, so they were able to learn a little about the link between geography, climate and what we eat, as well as French food culture!

Milana is Junior Girls World Champion

by Mrs D Robertson

​Congratulations to Milana Long who has been competing in the Worlds Water Ski Races​.

Milana has won 3/4 of her races meaning she is now the Junior Girls World Champion! She has been competing against 3 other girls in this class, two Aussies and one American, with one race left to win.

  • Race 1: 23.75 kms, 15.01 min, 5 laps
  • Race 2: 55.2 kms, 35.30 minutes, 9 laps
  • Race 3: No details yet other than she won!

Aussie competitors in other categories are also seeing success which is a very exciting end to a lot of hard work leading up to this.

The Worlds Water Ski Competition is being held in Seattle.

It's exciting for one of our students to be competing with such a high calibre of athletes from all over the world.

Students off to Australian Hockey Championships

by Mr J Dennis

Congratulations to Angus Porter, Ella Carr and Sam Carr for being selected to represent NSW at the upcoming Australian U13 Hockey Championships to be held in Perth in September.

They have all trained very hard and now have the opportunity to compete at Nationals. We wish you the best of luck for your training and for the National Hockey Championships.


Meal Trains - supporting our community

A joint initiative of CCAS and Haven Campus Church

​For a number of years now, Meal Trains have been a part of some areas of our community. Never heard of a Meal Train? A Meal Train is where people volunteer to provide a meal to a family, couple or individual who may need some practical support due to sickness/death in the family or a new baby, over a set period of time. Meal trains are set up via a website specifically designed to easily start and manage a meal train. Participants are sent the link to the website where they can access a calendar and choose a date that best suits them to make a meal for the beneficiaries of the meal train.

CCAS in partnership with Haven Campus Church (Campus Community) wants to expand this service to encompass the whole of our community. Together, we make quite a crowd, about 2500 people all up!

Up until now, this has happened haphazardly by word of mouth and has only involved a handful of people, both meal providers and beneficiaries. By launching a Campus Community Meal Train Service, we are hoping to broaden both the number of people involved in providing meals as well as the number of people who can benefit.

Here’s how you can get involved: follow the link below to the electronic form. The form allows you to tell us at what level you’d like to participate (i.e. making the occasional meal, joining us for ‘cook up’ days to fill our ‘emergency meal’ freezer, donating financially towards ingredients via the school website, donating fresh ingredients prior to a cook-up day).

If you hear of someone in need of a Meal Train or you are in need yourself, know that we’re here to help.

  • For Primary school families, please contact Bec Stratford, Head of Primary School.
  • For Secondary School families, please contact your child's Year Coordinator to let them know of the need.

Setting up this campus service does not mean that meal trains can no longer be organised by individuals in our community. Rather, it is hoped that we, as a community, will be able to look out for more families and individuals than in the past. To do this, we need everyone’s input and hopefully, participation.

To participate, please fill in the electronic form.

I'd like to help in some way with Meal Trains

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