31 May 2018

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Growth, Opportunities, Enrolment and the Future

from Mr Tony Kent

​One of the important non-negotiables for me as an educational leader is to engender a culture of continuous improvement here at CCAS. We have a wonderful school. There are so many aspects of our school that I value and am grateful for – our teachers, our location and facilities, our students, supportive parents, our Christian heritage and philosophical foundations – all the elements that collectively contribute to who we are as a community. But, we are not perfect. There are always opportunities to improve, and we live in a society with rapidly changing expectations and needs as it relates to Primary and Secondary Education. This requires us to continually change and adjust to ensure that we are providing relevant and effective educational experiences for our students.

That is the context in which we run this school, and the framework for our commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of your child’s education. As I have shared over the past few months, our staff have been involved in a number of significant Professional Development opportunities –which continue to inform adjustments and fine tuning to the way we engage in the classroom. I share this as a reassurance to you, our parents, who have entrusted your children to our care. It is not just business as usual – but an ongoing commitment to excellence in education and preparation for your child’s future.

We also continue growing numerically – which is both a blessing and a challenge. We maintain our commitment to being a nurturing and caring school – which means we will never be a big school – the two are linked. But, demand continues to increase. We are planning for four classes of Year 7 next year (which is our capacity for our high school structure), and we are already oversubscribed. Our Kindergarten class is filling up rapidly, and other classes throughout the school are steadily filling with waiting lists forming in some grades despite the expansion to 3 classes in Years 4-6 at the commencement of this year. Our 3 stream structure for primary is also our capacity in that area.

All this is happening largely as a result of word of mouth recommendations from you, our supportive families. As we juggle waiting lists, please know that our first commitment remains to our existing families. So, if you have younger siblings not yet enrolled, please ensure that we have enrolment forms submitted, particularly for Pre Kindy, Kindy and Year 7, as this will become increasingly essential. We have almost finished interviews for new Year 7 students for next year and will be asking our Year 6 parents to confirm their intentions on behalf of their students to continue into high school in the next couple of weeks, to enable us to finalise our enrolments for next year’s class.

We are officially half way through the term – time flies along. I hope you enjoy the updates in this week’s newsletter.

*** Re-enrolment is not required for exisiting Pre Kindy (2018) students continuing to Kindy (2019) or for Year 6 (2018) students continuing to Year 7 (2019). ***


Beyond the Woods

An Original CCAS Musical Production

​Strange things are happening in the forest of Arden. Boy meets girl. Naturally, they fall in love. Then fate intervenes and they are torn apart only to find each other again. But love is never that easy and things are not quite as they seem in the woods...

This winter, 1-3 July, CCAS has the pleasure to present a heart warming retelling of Shakespeare's topsy-turvy romantic comedy, As You Like It.

Featuring a mix of popular and original music written and performed by secondary school staff and students, we are delighted to present this wonderful showcase of home grown talent.

Special thanks to our fabulous cast, live band and creative team featuring Ashlee Bennetts, Leylah Harvey, Jared Walton, Jordan Polson, Mr Raethel & Mr Robartson.

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Enrolments for 2019

from the Administration Office

Do you have a child that is due to start at CCAS in 2019?

If you have a child that is due to start in 2019 and have not lodged an Enrolment Application, please do so immediately. Enrolment procedures are currently underway.

If you can’t remember if you have lodged an application please contact Kim Ward in the Administration Office.

Enrolment Application forms are available online or can be collected from the Administration Office.

*** Re-enrolment is not required for exisiting Pre Kindy (2018) students continuing to Kindy (2019) or for Year 6 (2018) students continuing to Year 7 (2019). ***

Year 6 & 10 Buddy Program

by Mr Paul Glasbergen, Mr Sam Sirilo & Mrs Kylie Smith

This week kicked off our Year 6 & 10 Buddy Program. 

The students completed a "getting to know you" questionnaire on each other as an introduction.

This is the start to a program of collaboration between Year 6 and Year 10 students. These students will be meeting together once each fortnight.

For the Year 10 students, this helps them achieve some of their community service hours and helps to develop relationship building skills in both groups.

FREE Webinar: Understanding Anxiety

from Parenting Ideas

​When a child experiences anxiety it can be really hard for parents to understand what’s happening and how best to respond. In this webinar, Dr Jodi Richardson helps parents to recognise and understand anxiety, how it affects learning and happiness and practical steps to lessen the impact of anxiety on the child’s and the family’s quality of life.

Understanding Anxiety: How it impacts kids and the important role of parents

Tuesday 5 June 2018 7:30pm – 8:30pm AEST


In this webinar, Dr Jodi Richardson helps parents to recognise and understand anxiety, how it affects learning and happiness and practical steps to lessen the impact of anxiety on the child’s and the family’s quality of life.

Listeners will also learn:

  • The origins of anxiety
  • Signs and symptoms of anxiety
  • Practical strategies to help anxious kids
  • The importance of validation
  • When and where to seek help
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This webinar will be hosted by Michael Grose with guest presenter Dr Jodi Richardson.

Dr Jodi Richardson
Parenting Ideas expert - Wellbeing and mental health

Jodi is a mental health, wellbeing and happiness science speaker and educator. She is a mother of two primary-school-aged children and is the founder and director of Happier on Purpose, the mental health and wellbeing expert for Parenting Ideas and writer for both print and online publications.

Jodi has developed her expertise over two decades of professional work in teaching, wellbeing, clinical practice and elite sport, including working for beyondblue on the national schools-based initiative for the prevention of depression.

Integral to Jodi’s work is helping parents and teachers to nurture resilient, relaxed, playful kids who develop lifelong habits of happiness and flourishing mental health.

Michael Grose

Author, Speaker, Founder Parenting Ideas

Michael has an education background and holds a Master of Educational Studies, with research into what makes healthy families tick. He has conducted over 1500 parenting seminars over the last two decades and is the author of ten parenting books, including Spoonfed Generation, Thriving! and the best-selling Why First Borns Rule the World and Last Borns Want to Change It. His popular parenting columns appear in newspapers and magazines across Australia.

Michael appears regularly on television, including Channel Ten’s The Project, and is a popular and entertaining speaker. He is married and has three adult children who have all successfully flown the parent nest.

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Pyjama Day Next Friday

ATTENTION Primary Students!

Next Friday, June 8, is Pyjama Day at Central Coast Adventist School! Wear your PJ’s to school and bring a gold coin donation for Give Me 5 for Kids.

All monies raised go straight to the charity, so there’s no middle man or admin fee. The money raised is donated to our local kids ward at Gosford Hospital and buys equipment and services so kids can stay local for their treatment.

Year 6 Parent Survey

from the Admin Office

We would love to hear from our Year 6 parents about what they would like to know about high school.

As we plan for our Year 7 Orientation Day and Parent Information Evening later in the year, we would love your feedback to help us make the experience as valuable as possible.

For this reason we want to hear from you about what is most important so that we can ensure that we cover this.

The survey should only take a couple of minutes - we'd love to hear from you!

Respond to the survey

Winter Vacation Care

a message from Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Need holiday care during the winter break? Our OSHC team have a great holiday program lined up!

Download the Vacation Care program

With games, Zumba, slime, drawing, Lego, rockets and pyramids there's plenty of fun to be had!


CCAS Band Perform at YIPA 2018

by Mr Bart Raethel

​Our Senior Stage Band recently presented an item for the Central Coast's annual YIPA (Youth In Performing Arts) Concerts.

The concerts are a showcase of music, dance and drama from individuals and groups from across the Central Coast. Our students did a rendition of "All I Need to Get By" made famous by the great Marvin Gaye. All in all it was a great evening enjoyed by the students, staff, parents and community members present.

Well done to our school band and to the other CCAS students who were involved in many other items during YIPA 2018!

StormCo Bake Sale Fundraiser

ATTENTION High School Students!

The 2018 StormCo Team are holding a Bake Sale Fundraiser during lunchtime tomorrow near the Art rooms.

Come along and support both CCAS StormCo teams. All proceeds from the fundraiser are going directly towards supplies for the projects that we are running in Brewarrina and Walgett this year!

Reconciliation Week Art Exhibition Opens

by Mrs Jenny Davey

​Our Year 9 Art students have submitted an artwork in the Sean Lonergan Schools Project organised by the Gosford Regional Gallery as part of Reconciliation Week.

Our students entered two artworks, one from each of the 9 Art classes. Both artworks were planned and constructed with the guidance of Ron Smith, a local indigenous artist.

The exhibition opened earlier this week in the Main Gallery where our students were represented along with local, indigenous artist Ron Smith. The exhibition will run from Reconciliation Week in May to NAIDOC week in July (26 May - 15 July).

Exhibition Invitation


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