3 August 2018

This week


Welcome Back!

by Mr Tony Kent

​Welcome back to Term 3. It was lovely to see all our students walk through our gates on Monday and settle back into the routine of class. I hope that families were able to enjoy the extended mid-year break. It was also nice to be able to welcome 19 new students to our school this term (yes, that is a lot of new students) and to see how quickly they have settled into our community. I do love the way our students welcome and support new students, through what can sometimes​ be, a scary transition – it is one of the real strengths of our school and particularly our students.

During the first week of the break I had the privilege of accompanying 31 of our Year 11 students on one of the two STORMCO trips to Western NSW – Year 11 went to Brewarrina and Year 10 to Walgett. We have been running these service trips for a number of years, but this was my first chance to experience this unique opportunity first hand – and what an amazing experience it was. I believe in the joy of service to others – it is one of the key elements of our school mission statement – but the true privilege was to watch our students immerse themselves into this opportunity. The students were giving freely of their time and energy to bring some joy into the lives of children less fortunate than themselves, and watching them grow personally as a result of this experience was such a privilege. From all reports the Year 10 group had a similar experience, and I want to say how proud I am of our students and how they represented themselves, their families and our school.

I hope you enjoy our first newsletter for the new term.


Possum pouches

by Mrs Chelsea Ralph

Year 6 & 7 students from last year made and donated 150 pouches to the Australian Reptile Park.

The pouches are to help keep the orphaned possums, wombats, wallabies, kangaroos and other native animal babies warm and safe.

Opal cards, concession fares and photo ID

Over the holidays, a couple of students were fined $50 for using their student Opal card without having concession card and student ID.

When students are travelling on public transport they need:

  1. Student Opal card - https://apps.transport.nsw.gov.au/ssts/applyNow#/
  2. Concession card - enquire at main admin office
  3. Student ID card - every student has been issued one (if the card is lost then the first replacement is free, while subsequent replacement cards will incur a $5 charge)



Students showcase talents

by Mrs Ali Heise

​13 of our Year 5 and 6 girls represented our school at the HRIS Cultural Festival this past Wednesday.

Students arrived at Hunter Valley Grammer at 9:00am along with close to 400 other Year 5-8 students representing more than a dozen other independent schools ready for a day of music and dance.

After rehearsing all day, creating ensembles combining students from all schools represented, the students put on an amazing concert for parents and friends in the evening.

Ensembles included choirs, a dance troupe, wind orchestras, string ensembles, and a stage band as well as a multimedia team creating a video journal of the day.

The girls were fully immersed in the creativity of our Creator. A day of bonding, new friends, and LOTS of learning.

Well done girls!

Astronomy incursion

This week Year 5 studied the stars in an inflatable bubble.

The students experienced what it would look like if were standing outside looking up at the stars. This was done in large inflatable planetarium which was set up in the hall. The students were able to learn about various galaxies, constellations and stars.

* Unfortunately the images don't properly show what the experience was actually like.

Discovering family history

by Mrs Carola Parker

Year 3 have been looking at their countries of origin and discovered that they have people from all over the world as part of their family trees.

We are a very multicultural class, and are learning about the awesome things that come from all these different countries.


Masterchef moments in Food Technology

by Dr Charlotte Martin

This week the Year 9 Food Technology class made tofu and pumpkin curry.

The curries turned out really well and photographed even better. A special lightbox was used to photograph the curries, giving the finished products a Masterchef look!


Beautiful God

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