29 June 2018

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Reports, Portal and Performance

by Mr Tony Kent

​As we approach the halfway point of the year our attention turns to reports and parent teacher interviews. Mid-year reports provide an important check point on progress both academically and in other areas of your child’s education. With the introduction of our SEQTA Engage portal here at CCAS you, our parents, have ongoing access to your child’s progress in real time. The mid-year report is hopefully more a summary of what you already know, but the interview process does provide an opportunity to discuss, with teachers, strategies to ensure your child continues to strive to fulfil their potential – something which will always be a priority for us here at CCAS.

It was good to have the opportunity to meet with so many of our Secondary School parents over the last two nights. Primary reports will be uploaded to the SEQTA Engage portal today, with parent interviews scheduled for next Thursday evening.

Our Secondary School musical production, “Beyond the Woods” is almost here. We have a matinee performance for selected primary students today (to iron out any last minute adjustments), with our first public performance on Sunday evening at 6:30pm, with additional performances on Monday and Tuesday evening. Based on the snippets I have seen during rehearsals, it promises to be a great show and well worth the modest admission charges. I would encourage all of our school community to attend. Tickets are available via the school website, and there will be some limited tickets available at the door. Looking forward to seeing you there.

Hoping you enjoy this week’s newsletter.


Beyond the Woods

An Original CCAS Musical Production

​Strange things are happening in the forest of Arden. Boy meets girl. Naturally, they fall in love. Then fate intervenes and they are torn apart only to find each other again. But love is never that easy and things are not quite as they seem in the woods...

This winter, 1-3 July, CCAS has the pleasure to present a heart warming retelling of Shakespeare's topsy-turvy romantic comedy, As You Like It.

Featuring a mix of popular and original music written and performed by secondary school staff and students, we are delighted to present this wonderful showcase of home grown talent.

Special thanks to our fabulous cast, live band and creative team featuring Ashlee Bennetts, Leylah Harvey, Jared Walton, Jordan Polson, Mr Raethel & Mr Robartson.

Purchase tickets online

​Seasons For Growth 2018

Sadly, grief is something that most children will experience to some degree during their childhood. In school, we see children at various developmental stages experience it. Their reactions and questions can make parents feel puzzled, uncomfortable and unsure of how to help.

Grief is experienced when a loss occurs. This may be the death of a pet, the end of a parent’s marriage, a move of house, new school, change in health status (student or family member), the death of a relative close to the child’s heart or any significant change that has effected the wellbeing of your child.

Seasons for Growth is a 7-8 session program run in school hours to support children in working through their feelings. It is aimed at recognising emotions, highlighting that we all feel like this at some time and learning that like the seasons, feelings come and go. It is a peer support based program where students can provide each other with social and emotional support while sharing lived experiences. Seasons for Growth aims to create an environment where participants become aware of their own strengths and resources, and decide on their own solutions. The teacher becomes a companion in the process to model empathy, understanding and acceptance in the group in order to empower participants to be true partners in learning.

The primary and high school will be running the Season’s for Growth Program in term 3 this year and then again in 2019. Please note that spaces are very limited and your child may miss out this year in which case you may like to seek out of school therapy or place your child on the 2019 waiting list. If you would like any further information please go to:


If you would like to express your interest for your child to be included in this program please email

  • Primary School - Jane Hughes jhughes@ccas.nsw.edu.au
  • High School - Ang Hamilton ahamilton@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Replacement Opal Cards

Please be aware that a $10 charge may be applicable to students requiring a replacement Opal card from Transport for NSW.

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards will be coming home over the next couple of days.

Every student from Kindergarten through to Year 12 will be issued with an ID card. The ID cards will be required when borrowing books from the school library. Primary ID cards may be attached to the student library bags.

Should students lose their ID card and request a new card, the first replacement will be provided free of charge. Subsequent ID cards that are requested will incur a $5 replacement charge which will be placed onto the student fee account.

Students requiring replacement cards will need to go to the main Administration Office.



Winter Vacation Care

a message from Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Need holiday care during the winter break? Our OSHC team have a great holiday program lined up!

Download the Vacation Care program

With games, Zumba, slime, drawing, Lego, rockets and pyramids there's plenty of fun to be had!

Mining with Year 3

by Mrs Carola Parker

​In Geography, Year 3 are looking at the impact that people have on our earth.

We have discussed many different ways that the earth is affected by our way of life” rubbish (plastic especially), mining, deforestation, etc.

In order to help students internalise the impact of this, we participated in a hands-on activity where each student had their own “mine with gems in it” (aka a frosted chocolate brownie with white chocolate chips in it). They were each given a toothpick as their tool and told to mine for precious stones. After a given time period, they were told that the mining was finished in their area and that the “government” required them to restore their land to its original condition.

Some students’ “mines” were easier to fix than others - with some requiring an awful lot of time and probably money spent on them to restore them properly! A very practical demonstration of a real world issue!


Education Perfect Challenge

by Mrs Tracey Bennetts

Well done to all students who participated in the 2018 Year 7-10 Science Study and Revision Challenge.

It was run Australia wide and CCAS placed 61st, with over 42,000 questions answered correctly in four weeks.

CCAS was the top performing school on the Central Coast and top performing school amongst Australian Adventist schools that participated.

Next term a celebratory pizza lunch will be held for the top 15 performing students. So, look out for your name on the Science notice board early next term.

What is Frunch?

by Mrs Marilyn Grange

​Winter is a great time for soups, so Frunch (French lunch) this term was a sampling of two traditional French soups: the classic onion soup and leek & potato soup.

Shout out to Mr Luchow who peeled, chopped and cooked 10 kilos of onions to make a very delicious onion soup accompanied by the traditional toasted cheese on sourdough. Both soups were quickly demolished with students coming back for ‘seconds’, ‘thirds’ and, according to one student, ‘sevenths’ (how did that get past my radar?!)

It was great to see the students’ enthusiasm and, for some, it was a new taste experience. It also gave us the opportunity to talk about French food culture and the seasonal products on which it is based.

Year 8 Bible Make Bread

by Mr Paul Glasbergen

​In Bible we have been studying the story of Moses and the Passover, which has lead us to a few lessons on Communion.

As an introduction to our learning on communion we spent a lesson in the Food Technology classroom making unleavened bread.

The students did very well and discovered how easy it was to make their own bread. Some even went home and made some.

A big thank you to Mrs Martin for letting use her classroom!

Year 8 PBL

Student reflections on their PBL activities

Year 8 have been busy putting their PBL plans into action with a range of events and opportunities over the past few weeks.

Bridging the Gap: Technology

This week in PBL we invited our grandparents to come in so we could help them learn to use technology. We used a group rotation system and taught them things such as online shopping, Google Maps, how to send emails and use their mobile phones. Morning tea and biscuits were provided in case they were feeling peckish. The aim of this session was to try and help educate the elderly to feel comfortable using modern technology.

- Angus Hunter

With Google Maps, we showed how to put coordinates in to find a destination, how to see a satellite image of various destinations, how to see a street view image and how to zoom in and out.

- Rhys Lindsay

Emails were discussed and we went over how to send and receive emails as well as delete and move apps on mobile phones and to Airdrop multiple photos at once. We performed a few demonstrations and also practiced the technicalities of sending photos.

- Archie Cameron

Year 8 PBL - Bridging the Gap: Old Fashioned Games

Last week for PBL we arranged to do ‘old fashioned’ games. We hosted games in the library, including Bocci, 6 Pin Bowling, Kerplunk and Twister. We moved all the tables and setup the Kerplunk in between sofas to have a contained space. There was an alley in the library where we setup the 6 Pin Bowling. We made a flat open space where we played Bocci. We arranged everyone into three groups cycling through the games at intervals of approximately 20 minutes. Our guest speaker was Granny Frizzle (Mrs Robertson), she instructed the groups on the rules and helped manage the kids and the changing times so everything was under control.

- Angus Cross

Year 8 PBL - Bridging the Gap: Cooking

For PBL our group decided upon being taught cooking by Mrs Clarke. We enjoyed being taught how to make ‘Dairy-free Chocolate coconut slice’, a recipe created by Bryce’s Linehan’s dad (who is a chef). We made this in the school Food Technology kitchen on Wednesday, 6 June.

We watched Mrs Clarke show the students in our PBL class how the slice was made. When Mrs Clarke was showing us how to do it, she let students who were watching do some of the preparation such as measuring flour and sugar. Once the slice was done everyone enjoyed eating the slice.

- Anais Pitcher


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