28 October 2016

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59 sleeps until Christmas!

Someone told me the other day that we have something like 59 sleeps until Christmas. It didn’t sound very long at the time, and caused me to wonder where the year has disappeared to. Even this term seems to be dissolving into thin air before our very eyes – we're already at the end of Week 3 of the term. There are less than six weeks to go until Awards Night and the year will be complete for students. It is all a little disconcerting, to be honest, from a staff perspective – there's so much yet to do.

At this time of year we start turning our attention to the various significant events that make up the end of year routine, as well as planning for 2017. I thought it may be of benefit to make mention of a few of these in this week’s newsletter. For our Year 12 students, the HSC is almost over – with just one week of exams left after today. Some have already finished their last exams, while a few still have two more exams to complete. By next Friday it will all be over, with just the Year 12 Formal to look forward to on the following Sunday evening, 6 November. Almost half of the Year 12 class will then head off on our M.A.D (Make a Difference) Trip to Vanuatu, along with a group of staff. This trip is a positive alternative to the traditional Schoolies activities. I count it a privilege to be able to accompany our students on this trip, and know it will be a life changing experience for them all.

For the rest of the student population it is about finishing course work, preparing for exams and tests and, for teachers, marking and writing reports in preparation the end of year, which culminates in our awards night celebrations. For me this event represents the culmination of the year’s work for students, and an opportunity as a community to celebrate the achievements of all students, regardless of whether they have been singled out for an award or not. Having experienced this event only once in my short tenure at CCAS, there is one aspect of this event that our found disappointing, and that was the level of attendance by students and families, particularly for the secondary program. I have been told that this has not always been the case – that if we go back a few years it was an event that brought the whole community together. A series of issues with suitable venues that had limited capacity meant that we needed to restrict attendance for a few years and we have never recovered from this.

So, in light of this, I would love to see us turn this around in 2016. Students, we expect you all to attend, it is your last official day of school for the year. It is a night to both be acknowledged and to celebrate the achievements of your classmates, to present our student leaders for 2017, and to receive your final reports for 2016, which will be given out to students at the conclusion of the evening along with this year’s school magazine. Parents, this is the night to join with your children in celebration, and we hope that you will all be able to plan to attend. I am looking forward to this important evening when we celebrate together as a school community. Our primary program commences at 4:30pm and our secondary program commences at 7:00pm on Wednesday, December 7.

Enjoy the ride to the end of the year!

- Mr Tony Kent




PSSA Athletics

​Last week, Antwon Maua competed in high jump and long jump at the PSSA Athletics Carnival at Homebush.

Antwon jumped extremely well and was a great representative for both our school and CIS. He finished 11th in high jump and 5th in long jump. Congratulations Antwon!



CCAS at Gosford Adventist Church

You're invited to join us tomorrow at Gosford Adventist Church in Deane Street, Narara where primary and secondary students will be leading the worship service.

Students will be leading the music, the primary choir will be presenting a couple of items, students will be sharing the message and there will be an opportunity to hear about the Year 12 MAD Trip which leaves in just over a week.

Road to Bethlehem 2016

​Road to Bethlehem is only 1 week away!

Road to Bethlehem is an opportunity to 'step back in time' and experience what it may have been like at the very first Christmas.

Find out more about Road to Bethlehem

Enter through the Jerusalem Gate and step into the Jerusalem Market. You'll be enveloped by the hustle and bustle of the busy marketplace. Savour the scent of food aromas wafting through the balmy evening air. Hear the cries of the vendors spruiking their wares.

Pre book your FREE drama tour passes online or pick them up at the Ticket Booth. The drama tour takes you back in time to the very first Christmas when Jesus Christ was born.

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