27 October 2017

This week


New Classes, Orientation and Year End

by Mr Tony Kent

​Another week has passed here at CCAS. Given the dynamic nature of school I am not sure myself what constitutes a normal and regular week at school, but dare I suggest this week has been about as ‘normal’ as we get here at CCAS. Yes there has been the HSC exams, and our students are one week closer to the end of this journey. But on the whole it has been normal classes, normal routine and another week of learning, fun and engagement.

Behind the scenes we are busy preparing for the year end and next year, which is always exciting. Next Friday we hold our Orientation Day for students entering Year 7 next year, and we are looking forward to welcoming both our current Year 6 students across to the high school as well as a significant number of new students joining CCAS from primary schools in our local area. In addition to the usual demand for students entering Year 7, an increase in demand for placements for Year 5 and 6 in 2018 has bought us to the point where we have decided to offer an additional class in both these year levels – meaning we will have 3 classes of Year 5 and 3 classes of Year 6. It is exciting to be able to accommodate more students into these levels, as we have had waiting lists in these areas for a number of years. It does allow students to transition to CCAS prior to high school with all the benefits this brings, as well as giving us the ability to run smaller classes.

Again, I want to thank you, our wonderful school community, for your on going support - both to what we do here on a daily basis but also for your endorsement of our program to your friends and neighbours which continues to bring new families to our school.


Activity Days in the Library

by Mrs Donna Robertson

​Terrific Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday are on offer again this term. Join in the surprising, challenging and fun activities to be enjoyed every lunchtime in the library!

This week in the library has been busy. We have had many craft activities starting with crazy finger puppets, Silly Sticks, creating our own Wacky Worlds by drawing or building them. There was also the Tower Challenge - see how high can you build it before it crashes to the ground. We started ‘making’ a "Give Thanks" placemat which reminds us of things to be grateful for.

A huge thank you to all of the primary students visiting the library as you have been very respectful of the HSC students sitting their exams during your lunch time by keeping the noise down to a minimum - thank you!

High School students joined in Library Activity Fun at lunch time...we might have a Puzzle Club in the making!



​Chef BookLookCook visits the Library

by Mrs Donna Robertson

Year 1 & 2 classes were introduced to Chef BookLookCook (aka Mrs Robertson) who created the ‘Tasty Treats Cafe’ where students were to be on their best behaviour.

The cafe provided a range of chapter books for the children to ‘taste’ (no they didn’t eat the books!). Students had a few minutes to read a section of a book to see if they would like to read it in the future. Once the buzzer sounded they were to close their book, give it a rating and choose another book. We completed 3-4 rounds of this while students were served tasty treats of another kind eg. slippery, slimy, smarties; mini mushy marshmallows and so on.

Students appeared to enjoy this activity with many of them frustrated every time I buzzed to close books as they wanted to continue reading their book…. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Yes, the treats may have helped.

​Pizza Party

by Mrs Donna Robertson

Mrs Rofe and her class 2R enjoyed a delicious feast of pizza’s on Monday for lunch after raising the most money in the Give It Up...Loose Change for MS challenge.

They also extended their generosity to sharing some of their pizza with the library staff - yum!

The final tally after the class room money was banked - $5264.10! This has moved our school into 5th position for the Top Teams in Australia!



This week