26 May 2017

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Fairy Bread and Writing

Year 1 this week have been learning about procedures in writing!

We have made fairy bread and today we brushed our teeth!

The kids love it!

Dancing from Central Coast to Sunshine State

​Hayley Douglass recently travelled to Brisbane to compete with her fellow students from Central Coast Highland Dance at Narangba Valley State High School in the Moreton Bay Scotia Titles and Competition which was held over two days. Dancers from across the country and the world gathered to compete over the weekend.

On the first day Hayley competed in the Scotia Titles Beginners 9-10years she got a 4th in her Scottish Lilt, 4th in her Highland Fling and came 5th overall title.

On the second day Hayley placed 1st in her Sean Triubhas, 2nd in her Highland Fling, 3rd in her Highland Trophy Fling, 3rd in her Flora and 4th in her Scottish Lilt.

Hayley has only been dancing at a competitive level since July last year and has only been learning highland dancing for just under 2 years.

Well done Hayley!

Meet LiBeary

LiBeary is possibly the most hugged, much loved, cuddled, sat-on bear on the Central Coast – well, at least at CCAS!

He is the best thing to sit with when stories are being read; adults and even students in high school like his company. Come on in sometime and have a sit-down and read with LiBeary…you’ll be glad you did!

​National Simultaneous Reading Day

National Simultaneous Storytime is an annual campaign that aims to encourage more young Australians to read and enjoy books.

Now in its 17th successful year, it is a colourful, vibrant, fun event that aims to promote the value of reading and literacy, using an Australian children's book that explores age-appropriate themes, and addresses key learning areas of the National Curriculum for Foundation to Year 6.

Every year a picture book, written and illustrated by an Australian author and illustrator is read simultaneously in libraries, schools, pre-schools, childcare centres, family homes, bookshops and many other places around the country. Over 500,000 children in over 3,000 locations around Australia participated last year.

In 2017 the book read was The Cow Tripped Over the Moon written by Tony Wilson and illustrated by Laura Wood. The students at CCAS had some fun in the library with activities after listening to the story.

Library Monitors

We would like to acknowledge what our library monitors from 2016 have done for us.

These have been the greatest help with the best attitudes. Thank you so much Jessica, Tori, Ashley and Rose - you four have been a pleasure to work with!

We will be interviewing a new batch of volunteers this week. The 2016 Library Monitors will be helping by mentoring the new kids on the block!

Paul Kelly Cup

Yesterday our Year 5 & 6 Girls AFL team competed in the Paul Kelly Cup.

The girls kicked and tackled their way through the three pools game undefeated. Unfortunately, they were beaten in the semi-final by only two points and finished third overall.

A fantastic effort girls!

Bookaneer Book Fair

Ahoy Bookaneers and me hearties…

Thanks to yer scurvy lot, the sales for Book Fair were over $8000 with over $1200 going towards the MAD Trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year for Year 12. Your support and participation, CCAS family, was invaluable, appreciated and fun!

A special thank you to families who supported their child’s classroom by donating a book - we will enjoy the Bookaneer treasures!

  • Thank you to all the Year 1 students who sang a special Bookaneer Reading Pirate song for Family Day. You were awesome (you too teachers of Year 1)!
  • The best class participation award went to 2K, with special mention to 3C.
  • The most creative class participation award went to 2R dressed as pirate ships, with special mention to KH who were pirate parrots!
  • The best class poster also went to 2R with 1I and 5D rounding off 2nd and 3rd place.
  • The best dressed teacher award was bestowed on Mrs Ibbott, with Mrs Hanna and Mr de Martin as 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  • The guessing competition was won by Bella Lett in 6G. A very happy Mr Grice and 6G will be enjoying the spoils of that treasure this term!

All in all, the student and teacher participation marks the day as another fun, memory-making event of school life in 2017.

Volunteers are so appreciated! Book Fair runs smoothly because of the wonderful volunteers who put in their time and effort to make it a success. Once again Debbie Lewis and Myf Pilon have helped to transform the library into a pirate ship complete with treasure box and pirate paraphernalia. We appreciate and applaud your creative energy and generosity. Thank you also to Linnea Olle and Deb Chu for doing whatever was needed with a smile on your faces, and the ever faithful Claire Howell, Michelle Huntley, Melissa Sanburg, Aileen Kersten and new kids on the block, Cindi Roennfeldt and our very own student chaplain Daniel Polsen. You all have our grateful thanks on behalf of CCAS.

This year for family day fun, we had the help of our CCAS high school leaders and primary captains. They went around and visited the classrooms, did some judging, took pictures, got into the spirit of the day with their outfits, and then organised games for 40 minutes with all the primary students. You guys are a treasure! Thank you very much Oliver, Jade, Shirelle, Sara, Vincent, Jacinta, Sidney, Zane, Rohan and Tori.


Year 9 Artwork in Gallery

​Our Year 9 students have entered the Sean Lonergan Schools Project.

Their artworks (9-1 'Identity Unmasked' and 9-2 'The Ties That Bind') will be on display from 28 May to 16 July. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 28 May at 11:00 am.

Droids for Space

​Last week students were fully underway with their projects learning to program their sphero robots (Mars Droids), while others were trying to get their space craft that they have designed to go take off and travel to Mars (using the Kerbal Space Program).

These activities are quite challenging and students are learning skills in communication, persistance, and creativity.

They are having heaps of fun too!

Post it to the Wall

​Year 7 used a revision technique last week called "Post it to the wall" to revise for the Earth in Space unit.

Students were asked to come up with one question and its answer and write it on a piece of paper which they 'posted' on the window. Then students had to choose 10 questions (not their own) to answer and then check the answers on the other side of the window.

They had a lot of fun answering each other's questions.

Chalk Grafitti Revision

​Year 12 Biology students recently spent 30 minutes of class time revising content covered in the first three topics by demonstrating their understanding using chalk and the concrete in the quadrangle and stair cases.

Their models included: DNA, Dihybrid crosses, Blood vessels and immune cells, Protein synthesis, the enzymes/substrate complex, Negative feedback mechanisms.

They had fun while revising....

Girls Shine

SHINE girls this week explored their personal strengths and elements of their lives that make them feel loved.


Shave for a Cure

Last Thursday, Myah (8R) and Miles (4H) along with mum, Meicha, had their hair cut/shaved to support the work of the Leukaemia Foundation.

The family would like to express a big thank you to those who sponsored them. They raised $2200 which is 73% of our goal of $3000.

Teddy Bear's Picnic

Playgroup on Jun 6 will be a Teddy Bear's Picnic in the Library at 9:00am.

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