25 August 2017

This week


Is it worth it?

by Mr T Kent

​It has been quite a week here at CCAS – incredibly busy, but in a good way.

Here are just some of the highlight from the past week:

  • The Year 3-6 musical production, “The Peace Child”, over three days and nights
  • Year 10 Snow Trip
  • “Imagine” HSC Showcase evening
  • Infant Choir Club performing at Erina Fair
  • Book Week costume parade
  • HRIS Athletics
  • Primary Oztag

It is an easy list to write, but when you consider the collective effort that goes into delivering each of these learning experiences – it is a testament to the amazing and committed staff, talented students and supportive parents we have here at CCAS. It is a little unusual that all this happens in one week, but in showcasing the talents of our students this week it again highlights the value we place on an holistic educational experience which goes beyond the walls of the traditional classroom.

I do want to take a moment to express my appreciation to all of our amazing staff who go above and beyond to provide these experiences. In particular, this week I’d like to acknowledge:

  • The many hours that go into concert preparation and practice (special mention to Mrs Ibbott and Mrs Grant).
  • Our Year 12 teachers who taught, coached, encouraged and mentored our students to enable them to display and showcase their major works last night.
  • Mr Allum and his team of teachers who provided the amazing opportunity for our Year 10 students at the snow this week.
  • Our sports teachers who take our teams away to representative sport.
  • The music teachers who lead our choirs.
  • There are so many more!

I also want to recognise and affirm the support shown by so many of our parents, particularly with the Primary Concert this week to get your children here each night, for the costumes and props so many helped to create and the many other ways people assisted – a massive effort from everyone.

Is all this worth it? Absolutely!

I hope you enjoy the rest of this week’s newsletter.




We plan to #GIVEHOPE through ADRA Australia’s Keep Girl’s Safe (KGS) Project. $200 will provide the resources to rescue 1 girl from slavery and take care of her for 12 months.

Next Thursday, 31 August, from 12:50-1:30pm there will be a special event to raise funds for the Keep Girls Safe (KGS) project. #GIVEHOPEFEST will feature:

  • Mufti Day
  • Bake Sale
  • Live Busking Stage
  • Face Painting
  • Balloon Sculpting

Week of Spiritual Emphasis

WOSE is next week!

For one whole week our students will be focusing each day on HOPE with guest speaker Josh Goss, school musicians and student performers. Further to this thematic focus, we want to give our community an opportunity to #GIVEHOPE, not merely hear about it as a concept.

During WOSE we will have a #GIVEHOPE segment hearing personal stories - real stories. Authentic re-telling of Thai girls released from slavery, and girls vulnerable to the sex industry in South-East Asia. We will raise awareness of Human Trafficking on Australia’s doorstep. We’ll do this sensitively and age-appropriately. We do this as a Christian school community responding to the call of Jesus to “release captives, set prisoners free” (Luke 4:18).

Programs will be held in the Naomi Frew Hall and parents are welcome to join us!

  • Years 5-8, 8:50-9:35am
  • Years 9-12, 10:20-11:05am
  • Kindy – Year 4, 2:00-2:50pm




Year 7 Science: Animal Adaptations

by Mrs T Bennetts

​Year 7 have started a new unit in science looking firstly at how animals and plants are adapted to different habitats.

To start the unit, students had to choose at least two environments and research what features or adaptations an animal would have to suit that environment. They then had to illustrate this 'creature', label its features and name it.

We got names like: moctopus, prefator x 4000, tycorner, camishuckey, platta-monk, fregot, frogashakalion, polarposs, wogcorn, loctopusama, lpanthosquila...

Very imaginative Year 7!

Year 9 Science: Ecosystems

by Mr B McLean

Year 9 Science have been studying the relationships between species in ecosystems.

Four main types of relationships have been studied thus far: predation, commensalism, mutualism and parasitism.

Last Thursday the class walked to the bush area at the lower end of the school campus to photograph examples of these kinds of relationships. A particularly ferocious predator was photographed in action. We will leave it to the reader to determine which one it is!


Earn & Learn

​Woolworths Earn & Learn is back and it is now easier than ever to earn valuable resources for our Primary school. Last year we were able to get Science resources to boost the new Science curriculum implemented in our school: resources like magnifying glasses, life cycle kits and large books.

It's simple to participate and it’s started!! Until Tuesday, 19 September, when you shop at Woolworths you can collect Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers from the checkout operator or through an online order and place them on a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet. There will be one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco, and gift cards).

Don’t forget to ask grandparents and aunts and uncles to collect for you!! Once completed, simply put your name on the chart then place the Sticker Sheet in the Collection Box at school. Please be sure to fill every chart with stickers as we don’t get points for unfinished charts.

Happy shopping!

Active Kids Rebate

from Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal

$100 rebate to cover sport fees.

As part of the 2017-18 NSW Budget, I am pleased to advise that the NSW Government has launched the Active Kids Rebate.

This will provide a $100 rebate towards sports fees and registration costs for each school-aged child in NSW. The health of our children is a priority, and I hope that this rebate will make a real difference to enable parents to enrol their child in sporting activities.

The rebate will not be means-tested, which means every school-aged child in every family is eligible.

A full list of sports and activities will be finalised before the rebate commencing early next year. More details about Active Kids Rebate Contact Adam Crouch

Meal Trains - supporting our community

A joint initiative of CCAS and Haven Campus Church

​For a number of years now, Meal Trains have been a part of some areas of our community. Never heard of a Meal Train? A Meal Train is where people volunteer to provide a meal to a family, couple or individual who may need some practical support due to sickness/death in the family or a new baby, over a set period of time. Meal trains are set up via a website specifically designed to easily start and manage a meal train. Participants are sent the link to the website where they can access a calendar and choose a date that best suits them to make a meal for the beneficiaries of the meal train.

CCAS in partnership with Haven Campus Church (Campus Community) wants to expand this service to encompass the whole of our community. Together, we make quite a crowd, about 2500 people all up!

Up until now, this has happened haphazardly by word of mouth and has only involved a handful of people, both meal providers and beneficiaries. By launching a Campus Community Meal Train Service, we are hoping to broaden both the number of people involved in providing meals as well as the number of people who can benefit.

Here’s how you can get involved: follow the link below to the electronic form. The form allows you to tell us at what level you’d like to participate (i.e. making the occasional meal, joining us for ‘cook up’ days to fill our ‘emergency meal’ freezer, donating financially towards ingredients via the school website, donating fresh ingredients prior to a cook-up day).

If you hear of someone in need of a Meal Train or you are in need yourself, know that we’re here to help.

  • For Primary school families, please contact Bec Stratford, Head of Primary School.
  • For Secondary School families, please contact your child's Year Coordinator to let them know of the need.

Setting up this campus service does not mean that meal trains can no longer be organised by individuals in our community. Rather, it is hoped that we, as a community, will be able to look out for more families and individuals than in the past. To do this, we need everyone’s input and hopefully, participation.

To participate, please fill in the electronic form.

I'd like to help in some way with Meal Trains

Playgroup Science Day

You're invited to join us on campus for a morning of science fun on Tuesday, 5 September from 9:00-11:00am in the primary playground at CCAS.

The cost for the morning is $2 and we ask that you bring along some fruit for morning tea. This event is open to children from 0-4 years.Bring your child along to this event and enjoy a variety of activities together. There will be practical demonstrations and intriguing hands-on explorations.See you there for some science fun!

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