24 March 2017

This week


Open Day and WOSE

​There has been a particularly special buzz around the campus this week, due largely to our Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE) programs that I referenced in last week’s newsletter. We have been blessed this week by the messages presented by both Pr Leighton and Pr Brock, but also the huge number of students from across all levels of the school who have played a part in the delivery of these daily programs. Whether through singing, leading music, drama, sound, lighting or hosting, the skills and talents of so many have been on display. It has also been great to see so many of our parents coming along to support, particularly in our Kindy to Grade 4 school program each afternoon.

Every week there is something unique or special that happens here at school, and it is often what we write about or report on. Next week it will be our Open Afternoon on Thursday, which of course I encourage you all to attend. But this all happens within a routine that is our regular classroom program which is actually the most important and significant part of what happens here at CCAS. So, although I may not always make reference to this daily routine of teaching and learning, please know that it is actually the most important part of our program, absorbs 95% of our time and effort, and is the most significant contributor to your child’s education here at CCAS.

Our Open Afternoon next Thursday, from 3:30pm to 6:00pm, will showcase some of the extracurricular opportunities available to our students, but the core purpose of this event is to provide parents and the broader community with a more detailed insight into the teaching and learning process here at CCAS. This will be through visiting the classrooms, seeing examples of both your’s and other students work, and speaking with staff, not only about what your child is currently doing, but also the opportunities that lie ahead as they progress through their schooling. For primary parents this includes an opportunity to explore and understand the secondary program – which may not have been on your radar to the same extent when choosing a school for your child. So come along and enjoy this unique opportunity.


Week of Spiritual Emphasis

Each day this week students from Pre Kindergarten right through to Year 12 have participated in our Week of Spiritual Emphasis (WOSE) programs.

There were over 100 staff and students involved in various WOSE teams across the 15 events throughout the week.

Centre stage in the hall was a boxing ring where the WOSE speakers, Pr Leighton Heise (secondary chaplain) and Pr Brock Goodall (Haven Campus Church pastor), shared from each day. Students led the worship music each day and hosted the programs where they got participation from a number of staff and students through various games and activities.

The theme for the week was "Battles" which was about celebrating that Jesus sustains us in our battles.

We'll have more on this next week!

URGENT - Host Homes Needed

​Host families are urgently needed to host exchange students. If you have been considering doing this but have been putting it off or had forgotten about it, now is the time!

Feel free to contact Mrs Grange, at school, or you may prefer to contact Students of the World directly. Either way, we’d love you to share in this experience which opens up a part the world to you from the comfort of your home!

Students of the World is a South Australian based organisation specialising in short-term cultural visits. We have been sending and receiving students from France and Italy on short-term visits to Australian schools for over 15 years.

We have another exciting year ahead of us at Students of the World for 2017!

We are bringing in more students than ever from France and Italy for short-term, family-hosted experiences and we would love you to be a part of this valuable and highly rewarding experience in 2017.

If you can host a student please contact Marilyn Grange to express your interest via email mgrange@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Hosting an Exchange Student

Have you ever thought about hosting an international student? Here are some great reasons for you to consider this wonderful experience:

  • Interact with people from a different culture
  • Share your culture with other people
  • Give someone the opportunity to experience life in an Aussie family
  • Make friendship that lasts for a lifetime
  • Experience an exchange before going on exchange program
  • Encourage your family members to develop generosity by sharing your homes and hearts with an exchange student
  • Have a great time getting to know someone new

Contact us for more information about how to become a host family. Our exchange students will be arriving soon and would love to have a great experience with you and your family!

Italian students

7 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 2nd September 2017
9 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 23rd September 2017

French students

4 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 18th August 2017
5 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 27th August 2017
7 Weeks: Arriving 8th July / Departing 27th August 2017
12 Weeks: Arriving 3rd June / Departing 27th August 2017



Vacation Care

Winter Break 2017

​The Vacation Care program is available for the upcoming term break. Details on the activities, costs and booking details can be found with the program details.​

Download Vacation Care Program

​CIS Swimming

Yesterday we had 5 girls compete in the CIS Swimming Championships at Sydney Aquatic Centre, Homebush.

They all did a fantastic job and finished with some pleasing results. Special mention goes to Jade Downs (12th) and Sienna McMullen (19th) in the 50 metres backstroke.

Well done girls!

Class Running Challenge

The challenge continued this week with students running with great enthusiasm.

Over the last 3 weeks, the students have run a total of 13360 laps (4008km) which is a fantastic effort!

The class winners for this week are:

  • 1G
  • 2K
  • 6D

The challenge finishes next Thursday, 30 March, with the final winners being announced at assembly on Friday.

​CIS Soccer Trials

On Monday Tori Robertson travelled to Sydney to trial for the CIS Soccer Team.

The standard of players was extremely high as was the amount of girls that trialled. Tori represented both herself and our school with great enthusiasm.

Well done Tori!


Year 7 Project Based Learning

Last week students were given a challenge that corresponded to the theory work that they were doing in Science on Forces.

The challenge was posted on the Project-Based Learning Classroom page on their Good Drive. Groups were instructed to read through the information carefully - because we had embedded some bonus points if they read it carefully. About half of the groups received bonus points! Lesson learnt - read the instructions carefully!

The egg drop challenge gave them a specific list of materials that they all had access to.

Two groups successfully dropped an unboiled egg from 5 metres and one went on to drop their egg from 7 metres - the very first ever! Well done group 9 from 7T - Chelsea B, Abigail R, Marissa Z, Braidon H and Cooper W.

This week students commenced a three week challenge to design and build a better bridge. Students worked through the design, organise and budget stage. Next week it will be the purchase of materials and construction phase with the last week of the term being the final step to test and evaluate.

Year 7 are showing improved collaborative and problem-solving skills and their computer skills are also far ahead of past years at the same stage of the term.

We are super excited for what next week will bring. Maybe we will uncover a structural engineer or two?

​Year 12 Legal Studies

Last week the Year 12 Legal Studies class went and visited the Downing Centre Law Courts in Sydney.

They got to sit in on real cases and see the theory that they hear in the classroom be put into action. They heard a variety of cases in both the local and district courts.

​Careers News

Please contact Mr Robartson for further information

For some time now, Gosford Hospital has been hosting an annual information session for students considering a career in medicine.

Medical Information Session

This year the program will be run in the hospital's auditorium on Wednesday May 24th from 1-3pm. This event is specifically for Central Coast students who want to be medical doctors and targeted mainly for year 11 and 12 students and their parents (if they want to attend).

If you are interested, please contact Mr Robartson for more details.

By the way, this date is about a week prior to the close of UMAT (an essential addition to your ATAR for entry into a number of medical degrees) registration for 2017. So, if there's a Year 12 student in your life who hasn't made up their mind if they want to sit it this year, they should really check out this session. The UMAT itself is on Wednesday, 26 July.

Cadetships & Traineeships



- Mr Robartson


​On Monday, ELEVATE presented 'Study Skills - Time Management' to the Year 11 students.

From the student feedback survey, 100% of students said the seminar was time well spent with valuable information provided through their workbooks and presenters. Many students expressed a higher level of motivation to develop a study program in preparation for their Mid-Year exams early next term.

At this time (term end), Year 11's have a higher number of Assessment Tasks due. Many Year 11's are beginning to understand the need for consistent study each week as senior students. This realisation is part of the learning experience. We trust students will progress into Term 2 with clarified goals and increased skills to achieve those goals.

Elevate provide Student Web Access to www.elevateeducation.com where they can access a range of strategies, tips and resources. Presenters provided students with logins and passwords to the site. If students have forgotten details they can access through a default username and password which is: username: elevate, password: pacco.

We trust our students growth is enhanced with these experiences.


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