23 September 2016

This week



​This week is always a particularly significant one in the life of our school as we farewell our Year 12 graduating class.

On Monday our Year 12 class presented their final chapel, sharing a program that was a nice mix of some light hearted humour balanced with some deep insights into who our students are and what they stand for. I was very impressed.

Yesterday was the Graduation Ceremony for our 2016 class – a memorable event shared by our Year 5 – Year 11 students as well as family, friends and staff.

Today we have survived Year 12 Fun Day (a tradition that we have continued here at CCAS, largely due to the trustworthy nature of our students over the years to do the right thing – and this year was no exception).

I know that it is with some mixed feelings that our Year 12 students exit the school grounds and the normal routine of school for the last time today. They are a great group of young men and women and we are very proud of them, and wish them well for both their upcoming HSC exams, and the adventures that life holds beyond the security and comfort of CCAS.

I trust that you and your family will enjoy a safe and enjoyable term end break and we will look forward to students returning for Term 4 on Monday, October 10.

- Mr Tony Kent




Year 3 Have a Wild Time in Sydney

Last week a wild time was had by Year 3 at Sydney Wildlife Park and Sydney Tower Eye in the heart of Sydney.

Year 3 have been learning about the geography of Australia - particularly landmarks, contrasting environments and the need to preserve heritage sites. It was a sensational day with sunshine, native Australian animals and spectacular city views.

On our return we "dug for gold" (white chocolate chips) in our mounds of "dirt" (chocolate brownies) in order to see how mining affects our land, and what happens when we try to put the land back the way it was. A very tasty lesson!


Year 12 Graduation

Yesterday our Year 12 class of 2016, 49 students in total, were honoured at our Year 12 Graduation Ceremony.

The class of 2016 was honoured during the Graduation Ceremony, attended by Year 5-11 students, families and staff.

Those attending enjoyed a performance of Coldplay's "A Sky Full of Stars" from group of HSC music students, accompanied by other students and staff members. A range of awards were also given to students covering areas including citizenship, leadership, academic pursuits, sport and the arts. A selection of externally provided awards were also presented.

Outgoing school captains, Isabella Jackson and Callan Bolst, delivered a speech which was reflective, humorous, thought provoking and encouraging. As part of their speech they acknowledged and honoured the significant support and encouragement that they had received from their families and students gave a single rose to each of their families to symbolise their appreciation. Both Isabella and Callan, speaking on behalf of their class, reflected on the significance of the role that CCAS has played in giving them each a solid foundation from which to continue their journey beyond school.

The student leadership team for 2017 were introduced with school captains to be announced at Awards Night in December. The student leaders for 2017 are (in alphabetical order): Zane Allum, Shirelle Altona, Vincent De Kock, Sydney Healey, Jacinta Pasco, Oliver Patterson, Jade Saunders and Sara Tusa.

Staff, students and their families enjoyed afternoon tea in the hall following the ceremony.

Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships

Charlotte Waterman has been selected for the NSW Team to compete at the Godolphin 2016 Australian Interschool Equestrian Championships at SIEC from 25-29 September 2016.

With over 170 applications, selection of the team followed a process based on NSW State Interschool results, recent external competitions and the additional information provided. The calibre of applications was extremely high.

Congratulations Charlotte on being selected to represent CCAS & NSW. We are very proud of your achievements.


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