23 March 2018

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ATAR, Pathways and Reports

by Mr Tony Kent

​This week there has been quite a bit of media coverage on data released on the use of ATAR (Australian Tertiary Admissions Ranking) as a pathway for university entrance for students. For students wishing to pursue post-secondary qualifications the ATAR has traditionally been the gateway to this pathway, and a major contributor to the pressure and stress imposed on students as they sit the HSC. It was interesting to note just how much university entrance is trending away from the ATAR as a means of entry. Data released showed that in 2018 only 25% of students entering university did so via the use of an ATAR, with 75% of entrants utilising a myriad of other pathways, which are becoming increasingly​ available to students. The statistics are a little higher for students progressing directly from school to tertiary study (a little more than half), but it reinforces the trend away from this high pressure outcome for students sitting the HSC.

Although we want all of our students to achieve their very best here at CCAS (including a good ATAR), we do not want them to be defined by a particular grade or outcome, particularly at the completion of their secondary schooling. Equally, we want to minimise the stress and anxiety that is heaped on students, and keep a healthy balance in their lives during these critical years of their development and education. A quality education is so much more than how they perform in a particular set of exams, and there are so many other ways in which students can demonstrate their skills and abilities necessary for success in life, something we are both passionate about and committed to here at CCAS. There are so many pathways available to students to achieve their goals and, as this data has demonstrated, these pathways are becoming increasingly popular within the tertiary sector here in Australia. From our perspective this is an encouraging trend.

I would like to thank all those parents who braved the somewhat unpleasant weather to meet with teachers as part of our Interim Report process. We always value the opportunity to connect with parents as we partner together in the journey of education for your children. I hope you found the opportunity helpful as well.

We should always be grateful for the rain, but I am glad the forecast for next week is looking more positive, as it is promising a lovely afternoon and evening for our annual Open Afternoon. Remember it commences at 3:30pm and runs until 6:00pm. I'm hoping you are able to attend.


Equestrian Team 2018

Would you like to join the CCAS Equestrian Team this year?

If you are a rider and would like to join the CCAS Equestrian Team this year, please advise Mrs Jenny Davey (Equestrian Team Coordinator) - jdavey@ccas.nsw.edu.au

A school tour group to the Sydney CDI 3-Star Dressage at Horsley Park will be taking place on the May 3, 2018. If you are interested in joining this tour, please advise Mrs Davey.

Beyond the Woods: An Original CCAS Musical Production

by Mr Andrew Robartson (Drama Teacher)

​Rehearsals are well underway for this year's High School Musical production at the end of Term 2. No, not that High School Musical!

This production features a mix of original and popular music and tells a topsy-turvy love story based on Shakespeare's classic comedy, As You Like It. We are really excited to be able to involve such a diverse range of students this year in singing and non-singing roles, backstage production and also in the creation of original music.

If you are interested, you can come along to the Open Afternoon next Wednesday and hear one of the songs that our creative team has come up with. Students will perform this song as part of the showcase (4:45-5:15pm) in the high school campus.

The attached picture features ex-student and music tutor Ashlee Bennetts working with a group in the hall last Sunday during our first big rehearsal of Act 1. We look forward to sharing the full story with you on July 1-3.



Autumn Vacation Care Program

by Mrs Angela Dalton (OSHC Director)

​If you have children in primary school there are some great holiday activities available at our Vacation Care Program during the upcoming term break.

OSHC & Vacation Care Fees Download Vacation Care information

Outside School Hours Care and Vacation Care services are available to students from Pre Kindergarten to Year 6 students. These services have reduced their rates.

To register or find out more contact:

Angela Dalton - 02 4367 1800 / 0414 831 191 or email oosh@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Vacation Care Cost:

Short Day (9am-3pm) - $40

Long Day (6:30am-6pm) - $55

​Year 5 Desert Survivor Challenge

by Mr Tim Cooper (Year 5 Teacher)

Year 5 are looking forward to beginning their Project Based Learning (PBL) task in Science next week.

Over two weeks students will be building and refining their Desert Survivor Challenge product to meet a need for survival in the Australian desert. It should be lots of fun as students exercise their creative problem solving skills!

​NSW Premier's Reading Challenge

by Mrs Donna Robertson (Library)

Thank you to all of the families who attended our ‘Family Reading Night’.

We enjoyed a range of activities including listening to stories from the ‘Storybox Library’, going on a scavenger hunt as well as learning more about the Premier’s Reading Challenge.

​Library Leaders

by Mrs Donna Robertson (Library)

We have re-launched our Library helper program for 2018 changing the name from ‘Library Monitors’ to ‘Library Leaders’. The new title is more representative of the role the students play in the library helping out at lunchtime.

These students maintain the library at lunch time by helping students play games, read to junior students, help younger students find a buddy as well as learning a range of new skills that will help them in future leader roles.

A new program we have added this year for our Leaders is to ‘Adopt a Shelf’!!

Each leader has been assigned a range of shelves to be responsible for. This means they are to keep them tidy, in order and re-shelve books belonging to their section. Sections are labeled with a sign made by each leader and each week an award will be given for the shelf that has been kept the tidiest.

​Lunch time activities

by Mrs Donna Robertson (Library)

Our library space is very busy at lunch time with a mixture of students wanting a space to read, build amazing creations with the magnetic blocks, building lego masterpieces, playing with the giant chess game and much more.


Style Advice for Year 11

by Mrs Daniella Walton (Work Studies Teacher)

​This week Year 11 Work Studies students were treated to corporate interview techniques and style advice from fashion icon and local image consultant, Sam Woods.

Some of the thoughts shared with the students included advice on knowing your brand, being comfortable with your own style and always being impeccably groomed. The students came away from the lesson with some good grooming advice and style techniques to prepare them for future job interviews.

English Documentaries

by Mrs Rochelle Gibson (English Teacher)

Two Year 10 classes have begun making their own documentaries in English after study the documentary series Cooked by Michael Pollan. The students are working in groups and are quite engaged and enjoying the task of informing audiences and revealing truth.


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