23 June 2017

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Term Break and Changes to OOSH Care

by Mr Kent

​There is always a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air on the last day of term – for students and staff alike. Today this has been further heightened in the primary school with Pyjama Day adding an extra buzz to the classrooms – lots of fun for all. It has been a really good term here at CCAS, and as we finish things off today I want to express my thanks to our teachers for their hard work and commitment to our students, and to you, our parents, for your support as we work to give your children the best educational experiences possible. Thank you to all the parents who took the opportunity to meet with teachers over the last couple of days in parent teacher interviews – we value this opportunity and it was great to meet with so many of our parents during this time.

Over the term break we are making a few changes within the school, one of which relates to our Out Of School Hours (OOSH) care program. This is a vital service for some families and we have recently undertaken a review of this service with the intention of implementing some adjustments to add value to this service. From Term 3 OOSH will relocate to the Pre Kindergarten facility, and operate in conjunction with this program. Adjustments are being made both externally and internally to provide more security through fencing, enhancements to play areas, plus the necessary age appropriate furniture for all students – both Pre Kindergarten during the day and OSHC students. There will be some cross over in staffing between the two services and, most importantly, a review (reduction) of our fees for OOSH to make them more accessible to our school families – the revised fee schedule is available on the school website and will apply from Term 3 onwards.

I want to wish all our families a safe and enjoyable term end break. School will recommence on Monday, July 17. Teaching staff will be involved in professional development activities for the week prior to this as is our usual practice. The office will remain open through the break for anyone needing assistance.


​Service To Others Really Matters Company (STORM Co)

by Pr Leight

I love this season of the school year, when a small team of students and staff (34) invest their own time and money in the kids of outback Australia.

On June 30 the school mini bus will leave along with 15 retired CCAS BMX bikes, a jumping castle (donated by a generous school family business) to be gifted to the youth and young people of Brewarrina (NSW).

This kind of selfless act from our students and staff is inspirational. Giving up their holidays, their relaxing time, and instead choosing to invest it in the lives of underprivileged, isolated and bored outback Aussie kids. I can’t help wondering just how big the smile on Jesus' face is when he sees his CCAS community acting in this way. After all Jesus was the one who said, “give and it will be given to you” (Luke 6:38).

Current School App to be Discontinued

Over the past few years we have had a school app for push notifications, event reminders, calendar, contact directory and newsletters.

As of the middle of this month, the app will no longer be updated as we are not renewing the contract with the current service provider. We are exploring our options to be able to deliver an even better mobile app experience to our families in the future. We will update you once we have further details to share.

In the meantime, newsletters will still be available from on the school website and will be sent via email. Newsletters can be accessed from the Parent Information area of the website.




Drawing Display

by Mrs Robertson

Year 2 draw on creativity to create character...

Students in year two have been reading from the PRC collection and have learnt how to log on to register their books all by themselves. This has been a great achievement and created a lot of excitement for some of the students. We have also been enjoying a range of chapter books, recently reading one written by Leigh Hobbs who creates a lot of crazy characters for his books. Old Tom is one of his many characters and Year 2 took part in an activity to draw Old Tom by listening to Mrs Robertson's instructions.

These drawings are on display in the library and a few samples shown here.

Reuse and Recycle

by Mrs Robertson

Year 1 environmental challenge...

A challenge was given to all Year 1 classes after hearing a story about ‘Michael Recycle’, a boy who cares about the environment by reusing and recycling. The challenge was to select items provided and come up with a creation of their own without help. Students discovered new ways to attach things to an item, turn mistakes into creations and to be creative with their planning.

Pink Elephants

by Mrs Robertson

Fact or fiction? Kindy classes decide...

Kindy classes have been very excited this term learning about the difference between fiction and nonfiction. In ‘E’ week we had a visit from a pink elephant friend who was very quickly detected as a fictional elephant. Students created wonderful pictures to illustrate the difference between fiction and nonfiction elephants.

CIS Softball

by Mr Kosmeier

​Last Friday Bailey King trialled for the CIS Softball team in Sydney.

He competed extremely well, even though his competition was much older, and was chosen in the CIS team to compete at the PSSA carnival in October. Well done Bailey!

Records Broken!

by Mr Kosmeier

​At last week's Primary Athletics Carnival we had 4 records broken.

Congratulations go to:

- Tori Robertson - 100m (13.76), 200m (29.39), Long Jump (3.75m)

- Lila Pfeiffer - 100m (17.67)

Well done girls!


What a blast!

by Mrs Bennetts

Year 7 have been planning, building, programming, designing and writing for their Mission2Mars projects this term for Project Based Learning.

It has been thrilling to see students engaged in their learning whilst building skills that will see them thrive in their future work places. They have been so excited.

Learning to work collaboratively (teamwork often isn't easy) we have seen individuals with leadership skills step forward and 'help' their project group members succeed. Being creative can come easy to some people (but not all children), but, this term many students have found that they do have an 'arty' side.

As PBL teachers, we have stepped aside to let them create and organise the Parent Presentation Day this week and, as many of you saw, they stepped up. They planned well and they put on a lovely program for their families.

Science Challenge

by Mr Sheedy and Mr McLean

On Monday, 19 June an intrepid group of Year 9 and 10 students boldly went where no-one had gone before...

Well, actually they didn't. They travelled on a minibus to St Edwards College, East Gosford to represent our school in the annual Science and Engineering Challenge.

The Challenge is an annual event sponsored by the University of Newcastle in partnership with local Rotary clubs. Students from a number of different schools work in teams to create solutions to unique engineering problems. The quality of their solutions are scored, giving an overall result on the day. Special congratulations go to Niamh Jones and Lela Johnson who produced the best solution out of all participating schools to the "Confounding Communications" activity. Our school finished seventh overall.

The following students represented our school: Cody Ayre, Austin Bradbury, Lachlan Bryer, Joshua Burwood, Ben Christian, Campbell Duddy, Ned Holloman, Courtney Jacobs, Emilie Jackson, Lela Johnson, Niamh Jones, Kiran Katte, James Kornhaber, Jared McKenzie, Kate Mills, Yermo Pot, Mitchell Saunders, Tashi Thapa, Kirralee Truswell, Jared Walton and Molly Wighton.

We were delighted with the conduct of the students on the day. They were a credit to themselves, their families and their school.

Next year the challenge will be on again, so we are hoping that many of our current Year 9 students and some of our Year 8 students will be keen to go.

Practical Energy in Year 8 Science

by Mr Sheedy

Students from Year 8 Science had an opportunity this week to practically demonstrate the different forms of energy they have learned about in a working 'Rube Goldberg machine'.

These machines were designed and constructed by the students in groups and really forced them to think outside of the box and get creative. It was great to see the students getting involved and enjoying seeing their hard work pay off when their machine was put to the test.

Well done Year 8 for a great effort on this assignment.!


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