22 June 2018

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Rain, Athletics and Reporting

by Mr Tony Kent

​It is so nice to see the sunshine after some rather wet and unpleasant weather, over the last week or so, which does have a significant impact on school life here at CCAS. Soggy ovals and play areas, students stuck inside all day, frantic dashes between classrooms, cold and dreary days all take their toll. But let’s look on the positive side, after such dry weather the rain was needed and everything has had a good watering. We were fortunate to be able to complete the Secondary Athletics Carnival on Wednesday, after having to postpone our Primary Athletics Carnival the day before. Thankfully, we have been able to secure the one available back up day at Mingara next Tuesday so please pray for the fine weather to hold through to then! I am hoping that lot’s of parents will be able to join us on what is always a fun day for our school community.

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Speaking of fun, our high school student leaders have organised a student v staff basketball game at lunchtime today. I am writing the newsletter early today – having foolishly agreed to play – just in case my young mind forces my old body to try and do things it used to be able to do with unintended consequences. Oh well – it should be fun anyway. I am sure the students will be kind to their beloved (ageing) teachers, and I love the way our student leaders step up and take the lead in organising these community events.

I do need to correct one small error in last week’s newsletter. Our Secondary Parent Teacher interviews are actually scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday evening, June 27 and 28, not the following week as I suggested. This is a week earlier than normal due to the secondary musical production which will be performed over three nights in the last week of term - July 1-3. Have you got your tickets yet? Primary Parent Teacher interviews will be in the last week of term – Thursday July 5 – as normal.

We are on the home stretch of the first half of the year. I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter.


​21 Days to a Happier Family

with Parenting Ideas

Everyone wants their family to be happy, but so many things get in the way. The usual suspects include work stress, commitments and our children’s challenging behaviour. Some of the less obvious obstacles include our habits and expectations, a reactive (rather than proactive) approach, and even a lack of clarity around what a happy family is and does. As a result, families often feel (or are) fragmented, stressful and out of control.

This webinar equips parents with a fresh way of proactively developing the habits that will strengthen their family, combining cutting-edge insights from the positive psychology arena with classic psychological research underpinning relationships, parenting and personal choices. ‘21 Days to a Happier Family’ gives parents scientifically validated suggestions for making their family happier than ever, starting today!

Download FREE webinar voucher Register for the webinar Download resource "Hopeful kids are happy kids"

Listeners will learn:

  • how their habits are creating their current family environment
  • the psychological principles that underpin personal and family happiness
  • insights that will genuinely impact on their family’s happiness and functionality (for the better)
  • easy-to-implement suggestions for making families happier, so parents can choose ideas that feel right for them


Thursday, 28 June 2018 7:30 - 8:30 PM AEST


Free of charge to families at schools that have a Parenting Ideas membership by using the voucher (valued at $37).

Who is talking

This webinar will be hosted by Dr Jodi Richardson with guest presenter Dr Justin Coulson.

Dr Jodi Richardson

Parenting Ideas Expert - Wellbeing and Mental Health

Jodi is a mental health, wellbeing and happiness science speaker and educator. She is a mother of two primary-school-aged children and is the founder and director of Happier on Purpose, the mental health and wellbeing expert for Parenting Ideas and writer for both print and online publications.

Jodi has developed her expertise over two decades of professional work in teaching, wellbeing, clinical practice and elite sport, including working for beyondblue on the national schools-based initiative for the prevention of depression.

Integral to Jodi’s work is helping parents and teachers to nurture resilient, relaxed, playful kids who develop lifelong habits of happiness and flourishing mental health.

Dr Justin Coulson

Professional Speaker & Author - Happy Families Family Education

Justin is one of very few people in Australia with a PhD in Positive Psychology - and the only person in the country (and almost the world) whose PhD includes a careful look at the intersection of Positive Psychology and relationships, particularly in family life.

One of Australia’s most respected and popular corporate and education keynote speakers, facilitators, authors, and researchers, he has spoken to and worked with tens of thousands of people aiming to improve relationships, meaning, and wellbeing in leadership, education and especially in family life.

Dr Coulson writes a weekly column for Sydney’s Saturday Daily Telegraph (1M+ readers), and appears regularly on The TODAY show. He’s the author of 4 books, selling over 40,000 copies to date.

Students Dance Their Way Overseas

Three CCAS students will be heading to the USA in August to represent Australia.

Amelia Mereniuk, Kate Rowe and Bronte Lenardon are part of a small hip hop crew of nine who have placed Top 3 in Australia and are now going to the USA in August to represent Australia in the Hip Hop International Dance Competition. Kate and Bronte are both in Year 7 and Amelia is in Year 6.

​Seasons For Growth 2018

Sadly, grief is something that most children will experience to some degree during their childhood. In school, we see children at various developmental stages experience it. Their reactions and questions can make parents feel puzzled, uncomfortable and unsure of how to help.

Grief is experienced when a loss occurs. This may be the death of a pet, the end of a parent’s marriage, a move of house, new school, change in health status (student or family member), the death of a relative close to the child’s heart or any significant change that has effected the wellbeing of your child.

Seasons for Growth is a 7-8 session program run in school hours to support children in working through their feelings. It is aimed at recognising emotions, highlighting that we all feel like this at some time and learning that like the seasons, feelings come and go. It is a peer support based program where students can provide each other with social and emotional support while sharing lived experiences. Seasons for Growth aims to create an environment where participants become aware of their own strengths and resources, and decide on their own solutions. The teacher becomes a companion in the process to model empathy, understanding and acceptance in the group in order to empower participants to be true partners in learning.

The primary and high school will be running the Season’s for Growth Program in term 3 this year and then again in 2019. Please note that spaces are very limited and your child may miss out this year in which case you may like to seek out of school therapy or place your child on the 2019 waiting list. If you would like any further information please go to:


If you would like to express your interest for your child to be included in this program please email

  • Primary School - Jane Hughes jhughes@ccas.nsw.edu.au
  • High School - Ang Hamilton ahamilton@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Discover Technology

with Year 8 PBL (Cooper Lord, Ryley Mickle, Angus Hunter, Harvey Cannon and Archie Cameron)

You are invited to learn more about technology at Central Coast Adventist School on Thursday, 28 June. This FREE session will be hosted by Year 8 students as part of their Project Based Learning module this term.

This event will be held in the CCAS Library from 11:20am - 12:50pm on Thursday, 28 June.

Feel free to invite friends and family. This event is open to anyone and you can just turn up on the day.

We will be teaching:

  • How to use Google Maps
  • Online Shopping - Emails
  • How to use an iPhone X

We will be providing the devices to teach. We hope you can come along and enjoy learning to use technology!

Beyond the Woods

An Original CCAS Musical Production

​Strange things are happening in the forest of Arden. Boy meets girl. Naturally, they fall in love. Then fate intervenes and they are torn apart only to find each other again. But love is never that easy and things are not quite as they seem in the woods...

This winter, 1-3 July, CCAS has the pleasure to present a heart warming retelling of Shakespeare's topsy-turvy romantic comedy, As You Like It.

Featuring a mix of popular and original music written and performed by secondary school staff and students, we are delighted to present this wonderful showcase of home grown talent.

Special thanks to our fabulous cast, live band and creative team featuring Ashlee Bennetts, Leylah Harvey, Jared Walton, Jordan Polson, Mr Raethel & Mr Robartson.

Purchase tickets online

Enrolments for 2019

from the Administration Office

Do you have a child that is due to start at CCAS in 2019?

If you have a child that is due to start in 2019 and have not lodged an Enrolment Application, please do so immediately. Enrolment procedures are currently underway.

If you can’t remember if you have lodged an application please contact Kim Ward in the Administration Office.

Enrolment Application forms are available online or can be collected from the Administration Office.

*** Re-enrolment is not required for exisiting Pre Kindy (2018) students continuing to Kindy (2019) or for Year 6 (2018) students continuing to Year 7 (2019). ***



Winter Vacation Care

a message from Out of School Hours Care (OSHC)

Need holiday care during the winter break? Our OSHC team have a great holiday program lined up!

Download the Vacation Care program

With games, Zumba, slime, drawing, Lego, rockets and pyramids there's plenty of fun to be had!

Library Capers

by Mrs Andrea Grant

Rainy days are so popular in the library - you can read with friends, play games, finish assignments/projects, daydream... and be warm, dry and safe!

On Make-It Monday, students decorated door-handle hangers with colour and warnings!

Thankful Thursday this week was for the admin office staff - the first faces you see at CCAS. Students thanked Michele, Kim and Brenton for sorting mail, giving tours, answering phones and organising Mr Kent!

Science Fun in Year 1

by Mr Giac De Martin

Year 1 have been studying weather and seasons in geography this term.

Mitch, from Kaleidoscope Science Sydney, visited Year 1 to show them low and high-pressure systems and how heat rises with fun experiments. The kids thoroughly enjoyed it!


CCAS Choir at Avondale School

by Pr Leighton Heise

​The CCAS Choir and team who visited Avondale School earlier this week represented our school well.

The worship leadership was inspiring, the choir items impressive, the praise team was awesome and man, do we have some soloists! Tahliana Tikoicina, Lillian Weir, Leylah Harvey, Riley Wilson and Jordan Polson burst into song with their amazing solos, inspiring applause and encouragement from the student body at Avondale School. Mr Wrankmore was standing up the back of the sports centre watching the Avondale students and they were impressed and responded accordingly.

A huge thank you to Ali Heise, Ashlee Bennetts, Leighton Heise, Mark Robinson and Hayley Wallace for pulling it together, well supported by Peter Wrankmore, Erin Lovell, Kaylah Moodie and Lisa Luchow.

We have every reason to be proud of our choir sharing it’s God-given talents, even if they did have to wake up at 5:00am in order to begin the travel leg of the day.

Colouring Away Stress

by Mrs Andrea Grant

If colouring calms the nerves and soothes the soul, then this group of Year 12 girls got their dose this week. Looking lovely ladies!


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