21 September 2018

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Enrolment Growth, Planning for 2019 and Term End

by Mr Tony Kent

A significant amount of time in my role is spent conducting interviews with new families looking to enrol their children here at CCAS. In some schools this job is passed on to someone else to do, but for me it is an important part of my role as Principal, to introduce families to our school, to have the opportunity to get to know them and answer their questions. It is the beginning of each family’s journey as part of our school community and I value the opportunity to get to know each family.

Of late, with the significant increase in demand for placements in our school, I have been doing this a lot. I still love doing it, but it is keeping me extra busy. One of the consequences of this for our community is that classes are filling up, much faster than we had expected– even with the extra classes we have created. Our current structure of 3 classes of each year level in Primary moving into 4 classes in Secondary is our ultimate capacity as a school and sadly means it will become increasingly difficult for new students to join the school – which brings me no joy. At the same time we will not compromise our culture by overfilling classes, or allowing the school to just keep growing, as I am convinced this will make it increasingly difficult to continue to provide the nurture and care that CCAS is known for.

Given this current reality, I do need to remind parents who may be considering moving away from CCAS of our need for as much notice as possible, so that we can accommodate others looking to enroll. Our policy of requiring a minimum of a terms notice to avoid a potential fee penalty (equivalent to one term) is in place for this reason. As we prepare for next year, we would ask that any families looking at a potential change of schools advise us by Monday, October 15 in line with this policy.

Next week is a busy one – particularly in the high school, with our Year 11 Camp and Year 12 Graduation and associated activities. Then, for our Year 12’s it is the end of classes and ‘heads down’ to prepare for their final HSC exams.

I hope you enjoy this second last newsletter for the term.


​Year 8 PBL 'Bridging the Gap'

Written by Lilly H, photo's taken by Lucy B

This weeks PBL group was 'Bridging the Gap' between the younger kids and the older kids.

The Year 8's decided to mentor and were teaching games to the Year 1's. We had rotations for the double period where the students were having so much fun playing Bullrush, Stuck in the mud, Pac-man and Capture the flag.

Parenting at the Speed of Light

with Kirra Pendergast

Are you being safe online? Do you know how to keep your children safe online? We are hosting a special parent presentation by Kirra Pendergast from Safe on Social.

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The topics covered in the parent presentation include but are not limited to:

  • Using social media with awareness
  • Keeping personal information private
  • Online grooming
  • Posting photos and sexting
  • Safe social networking
  • Cyber-bullying
  • Privacy settings
  • What your posts say about you
  • Identity theft
  • Legal responsibility
  • Gaming dangers
  • Learning to read tween/teenager behavior online
  • Managing digital footprints
  • Strategies to build resistance and resilience

* Please note that this event is for parents (18+) - no children please *

Safe on Social Media

Wednesday, 26 September from 7:00-8:30pm

For over ten years Kirra has focused on social media security, privacy, investigation and education for numerous schools and businesses across Australia. She has presented to more than 300,000 students across Australia. Kirra's presentation will be filled with real-life examples, anecdotes and detailed recommendations and will provide you with information on how to minimise the risk by managing social media interactions without the hysteria used in most cyber safety presentations.



Cybersafety sessions are often structured around how you can help your child, and what a child should not be doing on social media.

This, however, is about you.

When you comment on a public post, you are often engaging with complete strangers. Depending on the discussion you are entering into, you may encounter people you wouldn’t invite into your home, or talk to at a party. You certainly wouldn’t tell these people when and where you went on holiday, how old your children are, their names, where they go to school, where you work, the area you live and what kind of stuff you own?

You would be careful in real life, so why not online?

Risks to your children...

Further to this, when you comment on your child’s school’s Facebook or Instagram page – you are publicly stating you have an association with the school. That means you could have a child there. Depending on the nature of the post you respond to you may confirm this fact. Should someone click on your name, what sort of profile will they find? Have you just revealed too much about your family?

Parents, most of the security on your accounts is not as strong as it should be.

Think about what can happen when you geotag a photo of your child into their school and then have a public Instagram or Facebook account. We see this a lot during school awards ceremonies, first day of school and at other special events.

Think about this scenario...

Someone who doesn’t have a child’s best interests at heart happens to be driving past the school, they pull over and use Instagram to search the name of the school and see photos of your child that you have geotagged to the school. They click on your name and go straight to your account because your Instagram is not set to private or your Facebook isn’t as private as it could be. Then, that stranger could quickly learn a lot about your life and therefore be very convincing to your child if they see them walk out of the school and say to them “Mum told me to pick you up” think about it if your child says how do you know my Mum? They could answer with a whole lot of information about your life based on what you are posting. Right down to where you last went on holidays and the name of the dog.

Please be aware when you are taking photos at your child’s school and posting them there may be kids on no publish lists because of protective custody or escaping domestic violence, etc in the background of the image, and you could unwillingly put them at risk.

Also, if you take photos of your child with their friends always make sure you have permission from the parents of the other children before you post pictures of their kids online.

We all ask our kids to keep their accounts set to private... It's time to lead by example.

Kirra Pendergast



Spring Vacation Care Program

from OSHC

Our OSHC team have some fantastic activities lined up for Vacation Care!

Download the flyer

​CIS Athletics

by Mr Michael Kosmeier

Below are the final results from recent Primary CIS Athletics Carnival.

Caleb Dunstan

  • 1st Long jump
  • 2nd Shot put
  • 2nd High jump
  • 3rd Discus
  • 7th 100m Sprint

Jesse Reid

  • 2nd 100m Sprint
  • 5th 200m Sprint

Jasmine Hocking

  • 22nd 100m Sprint

Fletcher Gersbach

  • 16th 100m Sprint

Fletcher Sommerville

  • 10th 800m

Mia Tonga

  • 6th Shot Put

Joshua Hales

  • 10th High Jump

Congratulations to Caleb and Jesse who have been selected in the CIS team to compete in the PSSA championships from the 31st October – 1st November.

Kindy Wannabees

by Mrs Miranda Dunstan

​It was with great excitement and a few nerves that Kindy experienced their first excursion this week.

A visit to Wannabees Play Town was the perfect culminating event for our unit this term, ‘Building Community. The students put out fires, were news presenters, chefs, builders, doctors and even had a go at working in a beauty salon.

We were so proud of how well the children represented our school and are looking forward to continuing the learning journey with them in Term 4.

​Pre Kindy Sense the fun and wonder in library…

by Mrs Andrea Grant

This week Pre Kindergarten students explored how wonderfully their senses worked in a variety of ways.

They looked, heard, smelt, ‘tasted’ and felt their way through some activities that, well, literally opened up their senses. They finished with a robust rendition singing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes”!

​Library Capers

by Mrs Andrea Grant

Once again the library was buzzing with lots of fun things to do this week...

Make-it Monday saw the students making something with a brown paper bag
Team Tuesday they were given limited materials to make a tower with a balloon on top
Wacky Wednesday saw more balloon fun in the library
Thankful Thursday the students acknowledge the hard work of the head honchos in the Primary school - we salute the hard work of Mr D and Mrs Andrews!
Free Friday is time to play and unwind and finish assignments!

​Year 2 STEM Project in Library

by Mrs Andrea Grant

Year 2 have studied the classic fairytale of Rapunzel, originally written by the Brothers Grimm. Students also experienced a modern version of the story written as a "Choose Your Own Adventure" book where the story can be changed several times depending on your choices as you read along.

This story follows the engineering design process (Ask - Imagine - Plan - Create - Improve) walking students through it in a story fomat. Students are to plan how Rapunzel can escape her tower and then follow through with building their concept.

Students had to consider a number of elements when building their towers such as what items to use, how to connect items just using sticky tape or glue. Many plans had to be adapted or changed from the original plans and this is then reflected in their booklets.

The level of imagination and creativity presented during this activity always amazes me and love the ideas the students come up with. This year we have had zip lines, bungy jumping, bridges, ladders, trapdoors down to dungeons, special devices springing out the top and slides down the tower.

A huge thankyou to those parents who donated the many recycled objects needed to make this project possible.


​Year 10 Food Technology Host Lunch

Year 10 had their ‘from scratch’ food challenge today and the results were spectacular.

As the title suggests the kids cook all the food from scratch, and do not include anything that is purchased, to present to staff. Food Technology teacher, Dr Martin, was amazed at how relaxed the kids were with their prep and getting things done with minimum fuss and stress. “What a great day", she said. "Awesome demonstrations of teamwork across each group, lots of initiative being used, and some students really sparkled…”

Well done to the students for doing such a great job!

​Year 8 History

As part of the Polynesian Expansion unit in Year 8, students had a sessions in the art room to let their inner sculptor come out.

The students got to make their own Moai statues (Easter Island Heads) in memory of the ancestors that looked after the islands during ancient times.

Motivation and Managing the Noise

by Mr Paul Glasbergen

​Today our Year 12 students experienced the character and motivational influence of Eddie Hypolite. Eddie is a leadership development speaker and motivator, who also can be heard on Rhema CC FM on Sunday morning between 8am and 10am.

The students learnt about “noise” in their life. They learned about what is important now and who the are right now. They were coached in immediate goals that they are striving for and how a personal accountability partner can bring success.

Students were also challenged by the benefits of sacrifice and delayed gratification and celebration that increases significance feelings of success.

​Wired for Wonder National Youth Summit

by Mr Chris Tedds

Last Friday 13 Year 10 students drove to Sydney to attend a National Youth Summit hosted by the Commonwealth Bank.

The students were able to take part in workshops and creativity challenges as well as being challenged by a diverse range of speakers on various topics that broadly followed the theme of "Who are you? Where are you headed? How can you make a difference?"

The group thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it extremely useful and motivating.


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