21 October 2016

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Reading, Costumes & Literacy

​This week students have enjoyed the activities associated with our final book fair for the year, and I wanted to acknowledge the passion and enthusiasm displayed by our library staff in coordinating this amazing event.

Book Fairs are just another way that we encourage student participation in all things relating to reading, which is such a critical skill to develop, and which forms a foundation for so much of what we do in life. It has been an awesome week and I know that our primary students in particular have enjoyed the activities. It would seem that the Australiana theme has been one that was easily embraced based on the amazing array of costumes (worn by both students and staff) that I saw at Family Day on Tuesday. It was great to see so many of our parents joining in, and purchasing books for their children’s reading pleasure.

Let’s always encourage our children to read! There is no greater way to do this than to both read to them and listen to them read in those early years of primary school. This helps to develop a love of reading that will last a lifetime.

Next week it will be great to welcome back Peter Wrankmore our Head of Secondary, who has been enjoying some well-deserved long service leave, and also Kim Ward, my wonderful PA and enrolments officer, who has also been on some extended leave. I am grateful to all the staff who have stepped up to cover in their absence, but we will all be glad to have them back (I know my life will be more organised from next week which is always a good thing).

Enjoy this week’s newsletter. Only seven weeks to the end of term - now that is scary!




HRIS Tennis

Last week we had five students compete in the HRIS Tennis Gala.

All of our students played well and were great representatives for our school. We had some fantastic results with Isaac Ryan 5th, Annabelle Mackie 4th and Chelsea Bryer 3rd. These results, along with the scores from Brodie Sweetman and Joshua McRae, enabled us to finish 3rd overall. Well done students!



Adventurers News

​Last Saturday the Helping Hands class took over radio Rhema 94.9FM for a couple of hours.

They had a wonderful time and the Helping Hands were so professional and lovely! All members requested a song which was played throughout their chat with the announcer Ebon Knox. They asked for new recruits for 2017 and shared their best moments of the past year. Each student got to speak on live radio and Georgina Mowbray (pictured) sang the Books of the Bible! Thank you to Nicola Bender and Andrew Mowbray who came as part of the team. The next meeting is the Fun Day at Ocean Beach on Sunday, 13 November from 2:30pm.

Road to Bethlehem 2016

​Road to Bethlehem is only 1 week away!

Road to Bethlehem is an opportunity to 'step back in time' and experience what it may have been like at the very first Christmas.

Find out more about Road to Bethlehem

Enter through the Jerusalem Gate and step into the Jerusalem Market. You'll be enveloped by the hustle and bustle of the busy marketplace. Savour the scent of food aromas wafting through the balmy evening air. Hear the cries of the vendors spruiking their wares.

Pre book your FREE drama tour passes online or pick them up at the Ticket Booth. The drama tour takes you back in time to the very first Christmas when Jesus Christ was born.

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