21 July 2017

This week


​Welcome back!

It was great to see all of our enthusiastic students return from their holiday break this week and settle quickly into the routine of the new term. I trust everyone was able to enjoy some time as a family, free from the demands of the school routine. Staff returned the week prior to students for a series of professional development opportunities which left them enthused with a range of new teaching ideas and strategies which they were keen to implement with their classes. Expect to see some further developments and information about this in the near future. As always I will keep you informed of this ongoing journey in your child’s education.

If you have visited the campus you may have noticed some changes that took place over the break which is always exciting. There has been quite a lot of refurbishment work done around the school, with new carpet and painting done in a number of classrooms. Our Out Of School Hours (OOSH) Care service has relocated and been integrated with our Pre Kindergarten precinct, providing opportunity for some value adds to this service (check out the new reduced fee structure now in place designed to make it more accessible to our school families). We have also installed some new fencing and synthetic grass in the Pre Kindergarten concrete play area which the kids absolutely love (in fact they love it so much it looks like we will need to install some more). This change allowed for the establishment of our new Year 3 classroom, which is now in operation on the ground floor of the primary building.

New fencing has been installed at the Karalta Lane entrance (gates soon to be installed), with some new signage to follow. We have also installed a new integrated emergency evacuation system with extended coverage across the school – keeping us all safe. This also facilitates our new school bell system and public address (PA) system. The list goes on, but suffice to say that the school was a hive of activity for the three weeks that students were away.

It was also great to welcome back both students and staff from the French and HSIE trips to Europe, safe and sound, and full of amazing stories from their experiences in foreign lands. A little closer to home we also had a group of 22 Year 10 and 11 students experience the joy of serving others on our annual StormCo trip to Brewarrina in western NSW, which was a life changing experience for those involved. To all the staff who facilitate these trips a very big thank you for giving of your time and energy to deliver these amazing opportunities for our students.

I am looking forward to the term ahead. We again have a number of new families joining us this term and we want you to feel very welcome here at CCAS.

Please enjoy this week’s newsletter.

- Tony Kent (Principal)


​Riders Needed for Equestrian Interschool Event

by Jenny Davey

Our Primary and High school riders interested in competing at the Lakes Grammar Inter-School Equestrian competition to be held on Monday, August 7 at Morisset Showground, please note that entries close 28 July.​

Please contact Jenny Davey - Equestrian Coordinator jdavey@ccas.nsw.edu.au so that our team can be finalised.

This should be a great opportunity to represent our school and have fun at the same time.

Information for parents, guardians and students

from Transport for NSW

Our school has partnered with Transport for NSW to use the new online School Portal for endorsing school travel applications and submitting School Drive Subsidy and Private Vehicle Conveyance Scheme attendance checks. You are now able to manage all your school travel needs online including applying for school travel passes, tracking the status of your application and tracking the status of your School Drive Subsidy application and payments.

The application process has also been simplified so that a new or updated application for school travel passes is only needed when a student is:

  1. applying for a school travel pass for the first time
  2. requesting an additional pass as a result of a new shared parental responsibility situation (e.g. joint custody).
  3. changing school or campus
  4. changing home address
  5. receiving an expiry notification
  6. repeating a school year
  7. changing their name
  8. requesting a new transport operator.

This means students who are progressing to year 3 and year 7 only need to reapply if they are changing circumstances.

Students who are not residents and are temporarily in Australia can also provide their visa subclass number or exchange program when applying online, making the application and approval process much faster.

Parents, guardians and students can apply or update their details online

If you do not have access to the internet contact 131 500 for assistance.

Update Details Online

StormCo 2017

by Leighton Heise

​I was nervous. If I had any fingernails by the time our team of 22 students, 8 staff and 5 kids finished the 10 hour drive to Brewarrina, there wasn’t much nail left to bite off! It was my first time in a predominantly Aboriginal town. Our nation’s first peoples live in community on the outlying reserves next to Brewarrina - Dodge City, New Town, Billabong, Barwong and other settlements. After a few days of settling in to the town, I was just left inspired and in awe of both the local community and our team.

  • * There was enthusiasm amongst the amazing young Aboriginal kids for the games, face painting and footy organised but the StormCo team.
  • * We were inspired by generosity and selflessness - a family from CCAS donated a jumping castle to the town and we watched as the kids of the town enjoyed it and shared it together.
  • * We saw young people who have been coming to Kid’s Club as children now helping us as staff to run the trip, suggesting ideas, donning the StormCo T-shirt (given “off-the-back” from our student and staff team members) and participating in the week of interaction and cultural exchange.
  • * Our legend year 10 boys spontaneously manned a BBQ, when asked by the lead elder of the town for help on the NAIDOC Aboriginal Commencement March Day.
  • * There was the food, clothing and toy drop which Jess Davies eagerly participated in, along with many from the year 10 cohort.
  • * There was also the impact of the donation by CCAS of a fleet of BMX bikes which were gifted to the town.

There was really no need for me to be biting my (very dirty) fingernails. It’s all in a week’s giving and receiving.

The Jesus community of antiquity did suggest, "give and it will be given to you”. And, although we gave, we are the recipients of something very powerful and meaningful when a Service To Others Really Matters (STORM) Company descends on a town.



Word Mania

by Andrea Grant

​Race against the clock to build as many words as possible in three minutes. Drag letters into the word board to make words, then click the "Mark" button. Swap letters to build more words quickly. Multipliers, Gold and Diamond tiles add a new level of fun!

Students from Year 1-7 have been registered to participate in this challenge. At the moment we are in practise rounds. The real competition will begin on Monday 31st July. We are hoping that CCAS can be successful enough to share in the $350 000 prize-pool up for grabs!

Play against other students and schools around Australia and New Zealand.

There is a Word Mania app for iPads or go to the Word Mania webpage:


Some classes have already been introduced to this in week 1 with others looking at this next week.

Library Monitors

by Andrea Grant

​After an amazing response by a large number of Year 4 & 5 students we have finalised the Library Monitors for the remainder of this year.

We would like to welcome and congratulate the following students who succeeded in completing the trial period resulting in their success: Isabella, Holly, Lewis, Ashleigh, Gene, Lily, Aidan and Charlie.

Scavenger Hunt

by Andrea Grant

​Lower primary classes have enjoyed rediscovering the areas of the library by following a scavenger hunt set by Mrs Robertson.

Some of the clues were a bit tricky but students worked well together to find all of the clues and answer the questions.

What’s New in the Library for Term 3?

by Andrea Grant

Lunch time in the library is always busy but this term we have even more fun planned for you all.

Come visit our STEM areas where you can be challenged with a wide range of activities.

We have some new toys to create with as well as games, puzzles and challenges.


Art of Illumination

by Marilyn Grange

While on our recent French trip, students participated in a workshop learning the ancient art of illuminations.

Modern illuminations artist, Garance, showed the students different styles of illuminations and helped them create the initial of their first name using these old techniques. Students used real feather quills for the first time and many of them subsequently bought quills and ink, later in the trip, to further their skills back home.

For first-time efforts, the students did very well in this delicate art form which requires a steady hand and they all took up the challenge of producing their initial whether they were art students or not here at school. Garance, our teacher and demonstrator was impressed with their efforts and engagement and also gave us a gift to bring back to school: a MERCI written in modern illuminations style. This was the fourth workshop she had done for our school trips and she wanted to show us how much she had enjoyed sharing her knowledge and skill with all of our students, both past and present.


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