2 September 2016

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WOSE and Innovation

Some reflections on this week

WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) is always a special time at CCAS, and this week has been no exception. We have been blessed by the message that Pr Yoshi has shared, but we have been equally blessed by the leadership of our students, particularly our seniors, who have taken a lead role this week.

I got a further insight into our amazing school community this week during WOSE. Throughout the week we have had a number of our primary classes present items to the rest of the school. Not only have the students been awesome, right down to our Kindy kids, but the rest of our students have been such an appreciative and supportive audience. To see our primary kids bravely presenting to our high school kids, and to then be rewarded with enthusiastic and genuine applause and support, was just so cool. Not only were they shown appreciation for their performance, but they were also being shown support for their brave efforts. I love the fact that CCAS is one big family, and that our older students look out for and support our younger students. It's been great to have so many of our parents come along as well.

Last week I promised some further insights into future directions in education, and how that may impact on your child’s education here at CCAS, as a follow up from the conference I attended last week. Suffice to say it was a challenging and stimulating couple of days, which has confirmed in my mind the directions we are pursuing here at CCAS. We have much to be proud of with our existing program, but also a challenge to stay at the forefront of innovation in teaching and learning to ensure we are preparing our students for a world that is constantly changing. We have two fundamental but, at times, conflicting goals, to provide good educational outcomes that culminate for most students in a positive HSC result, but also preparing our students for life after the HSC, which is equally or perhaps more important. The first is a means to an end – and the second, skills for life. Our ongoing aim is to do both equally well.

Over the next few weeks I will share a little more of the specifics of what this looks like for your children’s education, and some of the innovations being planned to stay at the forefront of education.

Enjoy the newsletter.

- Tony Kent


Popstars: The 90's Musical

It's boy band vs girl band

The secondary school musical production, "Popstars", is in the final stages of rehearsal, costuming, choreography and preparation ahead of opening night this Sunday, 18 September.

Book tickets online

Have you got your tickets yet for our secondary campus production?

It's boyband vs girlband in this hilarious brand new musical from the team that brought you Back to the 80's. The production is packed with pop smash hits from hyper-coloured 1990's artists.

Set in a school in the 1990's where Mark is head over heels in love with his girlfriend, Queen Bee, Shannon Van de Witt.

When Shannon learns that pop-band impresario Simon Austin is the surprise judge at the State Talent Show she dumps him for her chance at showbiz stardom.

Mark rapidly goes from High School hero to High School zero. His garage band buddies rally around him and soon a plan for revenge is hatched to change their grunge band to a boy-band and snatch the Talent Show title from Shannon’s Candy Girls.

There’s just one small problem... the boys can’t dance. Mark enlists the help of the ultra talented, new girl, Ella to help with their boy band make over and sparks soon fly.

https://www.trybooking.com/Booking/BookingEventSummary.aspx?eid=224869&embed=224869Can Mark get the girl, get the Grand Prize and get even with the scheming Shannon closing in? It’s anyone’s guess as the countdown to the Grand Finale begins. It’s sure to be one to remember.

This student production is combined effort of the Drama, Music, Industrial Technology, Art and Textiles departments here at CCAS. Students and staff have been working on this since late 2015 and are excited to be able to share it with our school community.

The musical will run September 18-20 and tickets are available online.

Busways Service Disruption - CANCELLED

Busways services to operate as normal

Busways has continued its negotiations with the TWU as discussions between both parties progressed throughout the day. The TWU will be suspending the planned stop work action on Monday. All dedicated school bus services in the MORNING and AFTERNOON on Monday 5 September will operate as scheduled.

Busways website

All route services will operate to a normal weekday timetable on Monday 5 September.

Throughout this period of industrial action our priority is to minimise the disruptions to all customers as much as possible. Whilst Busways is pleased with the outcome, Busways will continue to work with the Transport Workers Union to ensure an appropriate agreement is reached.

School Photographs

Group photographs are now available to order

Extracurricular and group images can now be ordered from AdvancedLife Photography.

Order photographs

Photographs can be ordered online by visiting the AdvancedLife Photography website and entering our school code E4B B5Q JV3. You'll be able to browse the images and select those that you wish to order.

If you would prefer to pay using cash please collect an order envelope from the Administration Office.



An Hour With...

Last week the Year 5 & 6 students were given the opportunity to interact and listen to Australian author Deborah Abela at the Erina Library.

The students enjoyed their hour with Deborah, learning tips about getting ideas for stories and how to make their writing more creative and interesting. This was valuable to the extension writing students. The students were clamouring to read her books and a great amount of interest was generated.

​National Book Week

Last week Australia celebrated National Book Week and the theme was "Australia: Story Country".

Every lunch time in the library, students had their Australian “passports” stamped and engaged in a variety of activities that enhanced their knowledge of Australia. There was even a ‘Race Around Australia’ with detours and roadblocks and a scrambled word to work out! About 20 – 25 students participated in the festivities.

Author Visits

This week, for National Book week, primary students were favoured with visits from an Aboriginal author and a performance from an acclaimed shadow puppeteer.

Years 3-6 were mesmerised, entertained and delighted with Monty Boori Pryor. They got involved with Aboriginal dances, story-telling and culture. Monty was impressed with the students’ behaviour and attitude.

Jenny Ellis a shadow puppeteer engaged the Kindergarten, Years 1 & 2 with the story of the Owl’s Apprentice showcasing Australian animals and how we can acquire wisdom. Both students and teachers found a wonderful and worthwhile time.

​Crochet Class

This term Tanya Smith has very kindly volunteered to teach students to crochet. Every Tuesday at lunchtime, a small, and growing, group of students are getting their fingers around a crochet hook and yarn - they're loving learning a new skill!

If any student wants to join the Crochet Class, you are most welcome! Bring a size 4 or 5 crochet hook with you, if possible.

​HRIS Soccer and Netball

On Tuesday our soccer and netball teams competed in the HRIS carnival.

It was a fantastic day. All our students competed extremely well and were a great representation for both themselves and our school.

The results were:

  • Year 3&4 netball – 5th
  • Year 5&6 netball – 6th
  • Year 3&4 soccer – 4th
  • Year 5&6 soccer B – 2nd
  • Year 5&6 soccer A – 7th

A big thank you to Taylah and Jordan Kiss, Mr De Martin, Mash and Mr Platt for all their training/coaching expertise.


Battle of the Books

Annual book trivia competition

Two groups of high school students (4 seniors and 4 juniors) won the CCAS round of Battle of the Books a few weeks ago.

This week students will travel to Wallsend and battle it out against Macquarie College and Avondale School for the Tri-School Cup in Battle of the Books. There is a trophy and cash for the winning team.

The teams going are:

  • Juniors: Tahliana Tikoicina, Taylah Hannah, Michaela Wanke and Shona Bolst
  • Seniors: Olivia Ross-Adams, Alanah Sawell, Reece Butler and Will Abdelmeseih


HCC Salutes Dad's

At Haven Campus Church this Saturday we will honour fathers

It's a Father's Day celebration at HCC on Saturday - we'll honour and celebrate dad's.

Seed Cafe from 9:00am followed by the Main Service at 10:00am.

Lunch will be provided after the service.

Haven Campus Church website

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