2 November 2018

This week


Orientation, Transition and Summer

by Mr Tony Kent

​It has been a pleasure today to welcome both our existing Year 6 students and new students joining CCAS in 2019 to our secondary program. The Year 7 orientation program, Lockers to Lunchtime, is designed to familiarise students with the both the high school facilities, subject options, unique routines of the secondary program and introduce them to their classmates. The Year 7 class of 2019 will be our biggest ever, with 4 streams catering for just over 100 students. Meeting them all together today confirmed my sense that they are a great group of students and we look forward to supporting them as they transition to high school and settle into the school routine for next year.

I think we got our first real taste of summer today - I am so grateful for our air conditioned classrooms! Having said that, it is amazing how students find ways to keep themselves cool, with plenty of water being splashed around in the primary school during their breaks.

Our HSC students are in the final stages of their exams, which finish next week. Following this, they will have their final celebration at the Year 12 Formal before a significant number of them head off on the MAD Trip to Vanuatu. We wish them well as they complete their schooling journey here at CCAS.

The term is rapidly disappearing – we are already at the end of Week 3! I hope you enjoy this newsletter.




​PSSA Athletics

by Mr Michael Kosmeier

On Wednesday and Thursday this week Caleb D travelled to Sydney to compete in the PSSA Athletics.

He competed in four events, high jump, long jump, discus and shot put and achieved fantastic results in all events, with long jump being his best where he finished 2nd. This qualifies him to represent NSW in the upcoming SSA Carnival.

Congratulations Caleb on your fantastic results!

Science Investigation

by Mrs Carola Parker

Year 3 are investigating shadows on this warm day.

Students are taking photos off their shadows, measuring and noticing which direction the shadow faces, and they are doing this every two hours.


Dramatic Collaboration and Mentoring

by Mrs Angela Hamilton

During Year 7 Pastoral Care this week the new Year 12 Drama students ran some small group improv workshops.

It was a very engaging and lots of fun to experience new activities for self expression and creative exploration.

A big thank you to Mr Robartson and his class.

Exploration of Ecosystems

by Mrs Tracey Bennetts

​To finish their unit on Ecosystems, Mrs McMullen and Mrs Bennetts Year 9 Science classes have spent one week researching and designing an experiment with the following purpose: "To investigate the effect of carbon dioxide on air temperature."

Students were given this statement - The major cause of global warming is the greenhouse effect. This involves greenhouse gases trapping the sun’s light rays from leaving our atmosphere, causing global temperature to increase. A major greenhouse gas responsible is carbon dioxide. There are large amounts of evidence showing the relationship between carbon dioxide and global temperatures, and we are going to investigate this relationship ourselves!

- Mrs Tracey Bennetts

Year 10 Excursion to the Sydney Jewish Museum

by Mrs Vladka Henley

​One of our in-depth studies was the Holocaust and to consolidate our studies our Year 10 were privileged to visit the Sydney Jewish Museum.

Our 3 hour visit consisted of a tour of the museum with a guide giving details about the exhibits, a seminar with a Holocaust expert and an amazing presentation by 90 year old Jack, an Auschwitz survivor. Students listened to his personal experiences, asked questions and were extremely privileged to see the tattooed number on his forearm. This was a very rare opportunity and our students showed great appreciation.

Student reflection included: "A great experience learning from a Holocaust survivor"; "it was great seeing the artefacts from the Holocaust"; "it was a once in a lifetime opportunity"; "we were very fortunate to meet a Holocaust survivor".

Quiche Fantastique!

by Mrs Marilyn Grange

​Today, as part of learning about French culture, Year 9 made spinach and feta quiche as well as chocolate tart.

Tarts, as opposed to their English counterpart, pies, are a popular food in France and the combinations of savoury and sweet recipes are endless.

These ones looked fantastic and tasted even better!


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