2 March 2018

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Open Day, Outdoor Learning and Camps

by Mr Tony Kent

​In just under a month, on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday, March 28 (3:30-6:00pm), we will be holding our annual Open Day, providing an opportunity for parents and the wider community to visit our school and classrooms, see our many extracurricular programs on display and witness the many talents and skills of our students.

Our Open Day, over the last few years, has, for many of our more recent families, been the first introduction or insight into our school and what we have to offer. I would love for each of our existing families to plan to attend. Your children love to show off their school – particularly to the most important people in their lives (Mum and Dad). We value your support as our school community, so I am hoping you can make it on the day. As always, if you have friends and neighbours who you think may be interested in finding out more about CCAS, please invite them along or let us know and we can send them an invitation.

Work is progressing on our new Year 6 outdoor learning deck. Although we had hoped that this would be completed during the holiday break, we have seen an unexpected benefit emerge for our Year 6 students in particular. The students have monitored the building progress from the verandah of their classrooms, and engaged with our friendly builders in just how to lay out footings (with all the resultant mathematical calculations), the chemistry behind concrete and an array of other real world learning experiences. Some days lining up to enter the classroom has evolved into an organic maths or science lesson which has been quite unexpected. Once completed this area will provide an enhanced learning environment for our Year 6 students which will serve the school well until permanent buildings are completed.

Year 11 students have enjoyed their camp experience over the last couple of days at Glenworth Valley from all reports, and return to school later this afternoon. Next week we wish our Year 9 students all the best as they head down to Kosciusko National Park for their Camp and Outdoor Educational experience.


ICAS English, Mathematics and Science Competitions

​Every year we give Year 3-10 students the opportunity to participate in the ICAS (International Competition and Assessments for Schools) Science, Mathematics and English competitions.

The details of the competitions for 2018 are as follows:

  • Science: Tuesday, 29 May ($9.90)
  • English: Tuesday, 31 July ($9.90)
  • Mathematics: Tuesday, 14 August ($9.90)

If you would like your child to participate in one or more of the above competitions, please complete the online form (sent via email) by Friday, 16 March. NO LATE ENTRIES WILL BE PROCESSED. The fee of $9.90 will be added to your school fees if your permission is given.

Please note that if your child is away on the day of the competition, or you decide that you no longer want your child to participate in the competition the cost cannot be refunded as the school must order and pay for the papers in advance.

School Transport and Opal Cards

​As you may be aware students have been allowed to travel (with no questions asked) since the start of the 2018 School Year due to the School Travel Moratorium. Red Bus wish to advise that the Moratorium ended on Monday, 26 February for all students.

Red Bus have a policy that no student will be left stranded due to not producing an Opal card, paying a fare or producing a receipt of application.

Should any student fail to produce any of the above our drivers are instructed to complete an incident report on returning to the depot and a member of the admin team will contact each school regarding the student.

We request that all parents ensure that, if eligible, their child has a current Student Opal Card. Child/Youth Opal Cards are available from a large number of retailers for students not eligible for free travel.

Any information or questions regarding Opal Free Travel should be directed to 131500. Information regarding School Services should be directed to www.redbus.com.au or contact the Red Bus office 4332 8655 during business hours.

Equestrian Team 2018

Would you like to join the CCAS Equestrian Team this year?

If you are a rider and would like to join the CCAS Equestrian Team this year, please advise Mrs Jenny Davey (Equestrian Team Coordinator) - jdavey@ccas.nsw.edu.au

A school tour group to the Sydney CDI 3-Star Dressage at Horsley Park will be taking place on the May 3, 2018. If you are interested in joining this tour, please advise Mrs Davey.

Kiss & Drop, Traffic and Parking

Some reminders to all parents regarding Kiss and Drop, Parking and traffic around school...

Traffic on Penrose Crescent

Please STOP at the school crossing flags - don't queue across the crossing.

Parents are reminded that the crossing zone is not a drop off point. Please drive into the Kiss & Drop Zone to let students out.

Kiss & Drop

The school operates two Kiss & Drop Zones:

  • Outside the Administration Office - students are supervised until 3:30pm.
  • Karalta Lane - students are supervised until 3:10pm.

Please don't queue in Kiss & Drop any earlier than 2:40pm.

If you use the Kiss & Drop Zone please note that you are not permitted to park in this area or get out of your vehicle. This is to maintain traffic flow and avoid traffic banking up on Penrose Crescent.


We have allocated a significant number of parking spaces on campus for guest and parent parking. These spaces are available to parents before, during and after school as needed.

  • If you are arriving early to pick up your children please use the provided parking spaces instead of taking up space in the Kiss & Drop Zone.
  • If you pull into the Kiss & Drop Zone and your children aren't there please continue out of the Kiss & Drop Zone and do another lap or find a parking space and walk up to collect your child/ren.

Other Reminders

Please follow any directions given by staff and/or duty teachers to help facilitate the flow of traffic and maintain a safe environment for our kids.

We ask that you do not park and call your children over to the vehicle in front of moving traffic.

Parents of infant students may need to park and walk up and collect their children from the Kiss & Drop Zone.



​2018 Premier's Reading Challenge

from the Learning Resource Centre

Please note these key dates for the 2018 Premier's Reading Challenge: - CHALLENGE OPENS: Monday, March 5, 2018 - CLOSES FOR STUDENTS: Friday, August 31, 2018

All CCAS students were registered with PRC usernames and passwords at the beginning of 2017. The details you were issued with last year remain the same for 2018.

Kindergarten students will be registered when the challenge commences and will be issued their details via email.

New students to CCAS will also be registered. Please note: if you participated in this challenge at your previous school you will need to inform them that you have moved schools.

Students from Years 2-5 will be shown how to access the PRC website and enter their books later in Term 1 and Term 2. Kindy and Year 1 students will have a portion of their books read in library and the classroom however will have to also contribute a number of books themselves.

We have a family reading night on March 7 for those interested in finding out more about the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. We will be able to answer any questions you have regarding this challenge as well as hands on experience for logging your child’s books.

Student Shortlisted for Young Writers' Award

​Congratulations to India Rataj (6C) who has been shortlisted in the Children’s Picture Book category for the Redgum Book Club Young Writers' Award.

Nearly 2,000 young Australian authors, aged between nine and thirteen, entered the third annual Young Writers' Award, pursuing the opportunity to have their picture book, or short story, published and distributed within Australia by Redgum Book Club.

Entries were received from both public and private schools, Distance Education and home-schooled students, as well as many entries from individual students.

The winner of each category will receive a $250 Redgum Book Club voucher and have their book professionally edited, illustrated and published. There will also be two “Highly Commended Awards”, in each category who will each receive a $150 Redgum Book Club voucher.

The Young Writers' Award category winners will be announced on Monday, 12 March 2018.

For more information on the awards www.youngwritersaward.com.au

String Players Needed for Primary String Ensemble

​We are looking for primary school violin, viola, cello and acoustic guitar players who have been learning for at least one year to come a join a group of other enthusiastic players.

Rehearsals are on Friday mornings from 8.10-8.40am in the Primary Music Room.

Performances throughout year will be in retirement homes, at Bread 'n' Jam each term, Road to Bethlehem, etc.

For more information, contact Mrs Jillene Donnelly in the Primary Music Department - jdonnelly@ccas.nsw.edu.au


Year 7 Camp

by Mrs Angela Hamilton (Year 7 Coordinator)

​Year 7 Camp was a great experience for the students. New relationships were formed and existing friendships strengthened. They met many Year 11 students, got to know the teachers and as a result now feel more connected within the school community.

The students had the opportunity to try many different activities, some students even conquered fears which was empowering for them. After surveying the grade, the waterfront/boat and beach activities emerged as clear favourites however lots of fun was had all over the grounds.

Students had the opportunity to engage in a nightly program. This was a major highlight of the camp where students participated in games, watched photo highlights of the day, won prizes, watched as the Year 11 drama skits unfolded, sang songs and engaged with the message delivered by Pastor Brock (Haven Campus Church).

Sunshine and Showtime with Year 11-12 Drama

by Mr Andrew Robartson (Drama Teacher)

​Year 11-12 Drama had the opportunity to attend an outstanding STC (Sydney Theatre Company) production of Caryl Churchill’s play Top Girls at the Sydney Opera House this week.

The play is one of the HSC texts studied as part of a unit on significant plays of the last century and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to see it live. Originally written and set in the 80s, the play explores what it might mean to be ‘successful’ and, perhaps just as importantly, what it costs.

With a stellar cast and the harbour looking its radiant best, students enjoyed the production as well as an insightful Q&A session with the cast and director. All in all it was a fine day out.


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