2 June 2017

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Holistic Education, PBL and Reporting

​You have often heard me reflect on the fact that a holistic education extends well beyond the confines of the classroom, and it is important that we not only recognise that reality but be responsive to the need to provide students with a diverse and flexible range of learning experiences. Watching our Kindergarten students depart the campus early this morning headed for the Sydney Aquarium, I couldn’t help but be reminded of this as I saw the enthusiasm and excitement in the eyes of each child as they headed off on this learning adventure. The same excitement was evident yesterday with our Year 2 students as they departed for the Reptile Park, another exciting learning experience beyond the walls of their classroom. It was a timely reminder of the importance of ensuring students are given a diverse range of learning opportunities that do extend beyond the classroom.

It is no different at the other end of the school – secondary students heading off on camps, excursions, sporting events, service activities and engaging in collaborative, problem based learning opportunities like our Year 7 PBL initiative – all important parts of a broader learning experience for each child. Our vision statement states that we desire a community where students thrive in their experience of learning and live abundantly in Jesus. To thrive in their learning requires a level of engagement and enthusiasm, which is achieved in different ways for different students. It is exciting to work in a school environment that intentionally seeks to develop and provide relevant and engaging learning experiences for every child to ensure they thrive in their learning.

For most of the students we are approaching a period of assessment and reporting as staff prepare to produce mid-year reports. As with any testing we want students to do their best, so as to demonstrate their levels of understanding and achievement. But it is also important for both students and parents to keep grades and reports in perspective. They are after all just point in time indicators of progress – that provide the motivation for ongoing improvement. I want to wish all our students well as they sit assessments and exams over the next couple of weeks. We then look forward to the opportunity in the last week of the term to meet with you as parents to discuss the progress of your child in the scheduled parent Teacher Interviews. These will happen for secondary across two nights on June 21 and 22, and for primary on the evening of June 22.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the news in this weeks addition of our newsletter.


Current School App to be Discontinued

Over the past few years we have had a school app for push notifications, event reminders, calendar, contact directory and newsletters.

As of the middle of this month, the app will no longer be updated as we are not renewing the contract with the current service provider. We are exploring our options to be able to deliver an even better mobile app experience to our families in the future. We will update you once we have further details to share.

In the meantime, newsletters will still be available from on the school website and will be sent via email. Newsletters can be accessed from the Parent Information area of the website.




​CIS Rugby Union

On Monday and Tuesday this week, Oliver Marotta and Zac Martin attended the CIS Rugby trials in Sydney.

The boys represented themselves, CCAS and HRIS exceptionally well with great energy and enthusiasm. Oliver was asked to attend the second day of trials to determine the final team, but unfortunately, both boys missed making the final squad.

A fantastic effort boys!

CIS Touch Football Trials

​On Wednesday, Sienna-Mae Montgomery attended the CIS Touch Football trials in Sydney.

Sienna trialled extremely well and ended up playing in the last game before the team was chosen. Unfortunately, she wasn't chosen in the CIS team this year but is looking forward to next year.

Well done Sienna!

Operation Christmas Child

​Operation Christmas Child is operated by Samaritan’s Purse.


  • The shoebox you pack will very likely be the first gift the child has ever received
  • One more box = one more child reached with the unconditional love of God.


  • Please grab any average-size shoebox and cover the box and lid separately with brightly coloured paper.
  • Alternatively, please contact Tracey / Rose Anderson via text on 0417 466 639.
  • Please advise if you would like one or two boxes, and the name of your child at CCAS and class so we can drop a box to your child’s classroom.


  • Will you fill your shoebox with gifts for a girl or for a boy?
  • And what age? 2-4, 5-9, or 10-14


  • Order your labels and donate $10 for each shoebox you are going to pack here
  • Follow Your Box and see where it goes!


  • Include something from each of the 6 categories.
  • Something to wear – Tshirt/shorts, underwear, dress etc.
  • Something to play with – deflated soccerball, doll, yoyo, toy car etc.
  • Something for school – a pencil case with pencils, pens, a school book, ruler, sharpener
  • Something to love – a cuddly toy
  • Something special – a hand written note, necklace, something to make a child feel loved
  • Something for personal hygiene – a cake of soap, a flannel, toothbrush, combs, hair ties etc.


  • Pray for the child who will receive your shoebox gift.
  • Include a personal note of encouragement and a photo.


  • Shoebox collection month is OCCtober
  • Please ensure that boxes are delivered to the Junior Admin office or to Rose Anderson in 6D in October to be delivered to the local Operation Christmas Child depot locally.


  • Post a picture of your shoebox on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #onemoreboxand spread the word
Find out more How to Pack a Shoebox

Vacation Care

Winter Break 2017

​The Vacation Care program is available for the upcoming term break. Details on the activities, costs and booking details can be found with the program details.​

Download Vacation Care Program


Meet Stanley

Former refugee from the Congo speaks to students

Last Friday, some of our students met Stanley, a former refugee from the Congo. He gave three presentations, over the course of the day, about his life story and how he came to be in Australia.

Stanley is one of many refugee presenters with the Refugee Council of Australia and he was accompanied by Bobbie, one of the Council’s volunteers who presents the factual side of the current global refugee crisis (the numbers are staggering!).

Stanley and Bobbie spoke first to Mr Stewart’s Year 12 Advanced English class in conjunction with their studies of the “Go Back to Where You Came From” TV series. This was followed by a combined presentation for Year 9 and 10 in conjunction with their English unit “Voices of Minorities” as well as Pastoral Care and at the end of the day, Year 8 heard Stanley’s story for an extended Pastoral Care session.

If you are a parent of one of these students, you may have already heard a little about his extraordinary story of survival and the resilience of the human spirit. His description of losing both his parents at the age of 12, the refugee camp where he lived for 5 years with his four brothers in a tent (and 2 blankets each, as bedding), their daily struggle to access food and water, helped to put things into perspective for those of us who have always had a materially-easy life.

Here are just a few comments from the students whose responses where overwhelmingly positive:

“It was really interesting to hear his journey and experience of the Congo. I was able to gain an insight and better understanding into the hardships and struggles refugees go through” Jade, Year 12

“It was an eye-opening presentation, letting us see another side to refugees that we don’t see on TV.” Georgia, Year 9

“The presentation was really interesting. I didn’t realise how bad the situation was in the country [the Congo] and in the refugee camp.” Philippe, Year 8

“…it makes me feel more sympathetic towards refugees because now I have an idea of what they experience. And I love hearing people’s stories, so that was great.” Jordyn, Year 12

“I couldn’t believe that when Stanley’s father was kidnapped [by rebels], his family knew they would never see him again. To them it was normal.” Bree, Year 10

“Stanley’s talk opened my eyes to a side of society I rarely see. Made me even more appreciative of the life I’ve been given and the opportunities I receive.” Kiara, Year 9

“I had no idea there were so many refugees worldwide and I didn’t realise that asylum seeker and refugee actually mean the same thing.” Rorie, Year 8

If you would like to know more about the Refugee Council of Australia and the services they provide, you can go to their website: www.refugeecouncil.org.au

Ensembles at YIPA

​CCAS music ensembles participated in the 2017 YIPA Showcase last week.

Youth in Performing Arts is an annual youth concert at the Laycock Street Theatre.

The CCAS Senior Vocal Ensemble and the CCAS Stage Band both presented an item on Thursday night and received very positive feedback from organisers and parents. Well done to all of our student who participated in this event.


Teddy Bear's Picnic

Playgroup on Jun 6 will be a Teddy Bear's Picnic in the Library at 9:00am.

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