2 December 2016

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End of Year Events, Awards Night and New Initiatives

So much happens in a school in the last couple of weeks. Last night I enjoyed celebrating the end of Year 6 with students and staff, the last of a number of such celebrations, Year 12 Formal and Year 10 Dinner being two of the other significant events.

Today our primary students are enjoying the amazing array of performances being presented as part of our Fireworks Presentation – I have just returned from watching the students and I have to say we have some amazingly talented students at our school.

Monday and Tuesday next week will be filled with Activity and Fun Days for both Primary and Secondary, and the year will then culminate in our Awards Night programs on Wednesday evening. Although I will share more on this at Awards Night, let me take this opportunity to thank you all for your support and commitment to CCAS throughout this year. 2015 was a very steep learning curve for me as an incoming Principal, but I have felt much more settled this year within this great school and have an ever increasing appreciation for the wonderful community that we have here.

As I alluded to in last week’s newsletter, we are looking forward to rolling out a number of new initiatives across both the primary and secondary program in 2017, which I would like to briefly share with you as we bring 2016 to a close. As educators here at CCAS, we continue to focus our attention on providing the best learning opportunities for our students to adequately prepare them for a rapidly changing world. Students need to be taught the 21st Century Skills of problem solving, collaboration, communication and creativity, and apply these skills to ever changing circumstances. Education is no longer the regurgitation of facts and figures, and the teacher is no longer the custodian of knowledge and information, but rather the facilitator of learning. Some of our new programs reflect this changing focus.

Following are some of the new initiatives being rolled out in 2017:

  • BYOD: We commence the roll out of the BYOD (bring your own device) technology program in Secondary, starting with Year 7 and 10 (Year 11 and 12 already have a non-compulsory program operating).
  • LAPTOPS: New class sets of laptops for Year’s 5 and 6, to be used in class, as well as a further expansion of iPad’s for use in Pre Kindergarten to Year 4.
  • PBL: The introduction of PBL (Problem Based Learning) into Year 7 - a cross-curricular subject that will specifically teach students to solve real world problems in a collaborative, technology rich learning environment. Watch for the transformation of our traditional Library facility into an innovative Learning space to facilitate PBL for both primary and secondary students. PBL will also continue to be integrated into the upper primary years to teach these important skills.
  • SPECIAL CHARACTER: A major development within our senior secondary program involving a new approach to the delivery of Bible and the Special Character of CCAS. Studies of Religion will become an elective within our subject line-up (starting with Year 11 next year), but all students will be involved in a new component of our program which will challenge students to consider their spirituality through consideration of the big questions of life such as "Is God Real", "Who am I?" and "what is my purpose in life". It will focus on personal development and our leadership program will now be delivered to all senior students through this new initiative. This is important as we see all our senior students as potential leaders at CCAS.
  • PASTORAL CARE: There will be a more intentional focus on pastoral care within the secondary program. Our primary wellbeing program, that most will recognise under the GAPP umbrella, is being further developed and integrated into our regular primary classroom program.

To facilitate a number of these changes, particularly for secondary students, we have adjusted our timetable structure, moving in 2017 to a seven period day which has given us a more flexible structure (and will actually lead to longer learning blocks for students through more double and triple periods), to facilitate some of these new directions. Primary times will adjust slightly also. We will share some more details on some of these new initiatives in the new year as they are rolled out but wanted to give you this overview of some of the exciting new developments.

I hope you enjoy our last newsletter of the year.


Road to Bethlehem

​Road to Bethlehem is only 1 week away!

Road to Bethlehem is an opportunity to 'step back in time' and experience what it may have been like at the very first Christmas.

Find out more about Road to Bethlehem

Enter through the Jerusalem Gate and step into the Jerusalem Market. You'll be enveloped by the hustle and bustle of the busy marketplace. Savour the scent of food aromas wafting through the balmy evening air. Hear the cries of the vendors spruiking their wares.

Pre book your FREE drama tour passes online or pick them up at the Ticket Booth. The drama tour takes you back in time to the very first Christmas when Jesus Christ was born.



Spelling Bee

​Congratulations go to the winners, and all the participants in the 2016 Spelling Bee competition.

Many students put in a great deal of work over the past weeks and months learning their words.

Congratulations also to those who faced their fears and had a go at standing up in public.

Year 2 Build a Village

​Year 2D have been busy constructing a village this week.

Mr De Martin's Year 2 class have been busy this week building their gingerbread Christmas village!

Students have enjoyed creating something so delicious and can't wait to demolish (eat!) the village once school is over!

CCAS Students Dance into Finals

​A number of students performed in solo and troupe sections at the Newcastle Regional of Kids Artistic Review.

Kids Artistic Review ( KAR) is a National Dance Competition with competitions held through out Australia and the USA. The studio received multiple awards, one of them being the highest award of the competition - The Supreme Studio Award.

The three students pictured with the Supreme Studio Award Trophy are:

  • Ivy Power - Kindergarten
  • Maddison Lindsell - Pre Kindergarten
  • Kiara De Matos- Pre Kindergarten

These 3 girls performed in a troupe dance together and received the following awards for the routine:

  • Elite Top First Place
  • Highest scoring troupe in the 8/U division
  • Special Award - Absolutely Adorable Award

The seven students pictured with the trophy are:

  • Amelia Mereniuk - Year 4
  • Bronte Lenardon - Year 5
  • Sienna Power - Year 3
  • Lilli Somerville - Year 7
  • Josie Reeves - Year 4
  • Kate Rowe - Year 5
  • Xanthe Wilson - Year 4
  • Ella Chapman (Year 7) also competed with the girls on the day but was away for the photo

The results for these students are:

  • Elite Top 1st Place for multiple troupe routines
  • Highest scoring troupe 11/U division
  • Best Costume Award
  • Best Choreography Award
  • Most Entertaining Award
  • Rising Star Level - Australia's Ultimate Dance Award
  • Elite Level - Australia's Ultimate Dance Award

The soloists from the studio were all awarded within the Top 10 highest scores of the competition and the Rising Star and Elite Divisions.

  • Ivy Power was the 8/U Overall Title Winner in the Rising Star Division
  • Sienna Power was 11/U Overall Title Winner in the Rising Star Division

Well done girls!

Vacation Care 2016/2017

Our Vacation Care programs will be running in over the Christmas and January holidays. For details and further information please download the respective programs below.

Download Christmas Vacation Care Program Download January 2017 Vacation Care Program


Science Department Farewells

Mr Bateman

We would like to thank Mr Andrew Bateman for the time he has spent at Central Coast Adventist School teaching Year 8, 9 and 10 Science over the past three terms. He has proven to be ‘king of the kids’ and his students have enjoyed not only the interesting and fun classes and excursions that he has prepared for them, but also the kindness and care that he has shown them. We wish you all the best for the future and thank you again for the work that you have done for our department and school this year.

Mrs Kirby

We have had Mrs Leanne Kirby working in the Science Department for the entire fourth term to cover for Mr McLean who has been on long service leave. Mrs Kirby has prepared classes for Year 10 Science and for Year 11 who have started their HSC Physics syllabus. Thank you Mrs Kirby for caring for the students under your care this term – your professionalism and effort has been appreciated.

- Science Department staff


Playgroup Christmas Party

Celebrate Christmas with playgroup!

End of Year Adventurers Fun

The Central Coast Adventurers enjoyed at Fun Day at Ocean Beach on November 13 as their year is coming to an end.

There were plenty of silly games and splashing around in the warm water. To finish off 2016, the Adventurers will have their Investiture Program at Gosford Adventist Church on 3 December with Adventurers to be there at 11am for an 11:15am start.

Everyone is invited to see the children in their Adventurer uniforms be awarded for their achievements of the year. They will combine with Gosford Adventist Church for a picnic lunch after.

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