19 May 2017

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Project Based Learning

​As many will be aware we introduced a new component of learning for our Year 7 students this year which we have called PBL (Project Based Learning). This is an interdisciplinary learning experience that challenges students to apply their learning and thinking skills to real life problems and present solutions. Students and staff alike are enjoying this new and different approach to learning, which compliments the more traditional subject based approach to the secondary curriculum. It is being delivered in our newly refurbished library, which was transformed over the year end (2016/17) into a more flexible and engaging learning environment for our students. If you haven’t been into the library this year – pop in and have a look. It also compliments the roll out of our BYOD program for secondary students – and the students are being taught how to utilise their technology to support and enhance their research, problem solving and presentation skills.

This initiative is an important step in the journey we are continuing at CCAS to ensure that we are developing in our students the 21st Century Skills necessary to be successful in their future lives in an ever changing world.

Over the last three days Mrs Stratford and myself have had the opportunity to attend an Educational Conference focused on School Learning Space Design and its relationship to pedagogical practice (or how we teach). Our motivation to attend was in the context of future building developments at CCAS which I will share a little more detail on in future newsletters, but it has also reinforced to us the benefits of the direction we are developing in teaching and learning and their alignment with best practice in education both here in Australia and around the world. The challenge of delivering to your children a relevant and real world education experience that genuinely prepares them for their future remains our priority, and it is nice to have this priority endorsed by leading educators from across Australia engaged in the same journey. I plan to share a little more of the details of proposed future developments and directions in our program over the next few weeks, but also welcome any feedback from you as our valued parents as we go on this journey together.

Enjoy the rest of the newsletter.

- Tony Kent


School Photographs

We have made some changes this year to how we do school photographs. Please take note of the changes to the schedule.

School photograph order forms have been sent home. You can collect extra copies from any of the admin offices if required.

If you wish to order online then you will not require an envelope. The Online School Code for online ordering is E4BB5QJV3

In total we will have 3 photography days across the campus. Please note the various dates as this differs a little to the past few years.

Friday, 16 June

  • Absentee Day for student individual portraits
  • 2nd opportunity for Pre Kindergarten
  • Sibling/family photos (from 8:15am)

Thursday, 3 August

  • Extracurricular & sport group photos (house captains, choirs, chess club, etc)
Photo Day Information and FAQ's Order school photographs online



Bookaneer Book Fair

Ahoy Bookaneers and me hearties…

Thanks to yer scurvy lot, the sales for Book Fair were over $8000 with over $1200 going towards the MAD Trip to Vanuatu at the end of the year for Year 12. Your support and participation, CCAS family, was invaluable, appreciated and fun!

A special thank you to families who supported their child’s classroom by donating a book - we will enjoy the Bookaneer treasures!

  • Thank you to all the Year 1 students who sang a special Bookaneer Reading Pirate song for Family Day. You were awesome (you too teachers of Year 1)!
  • The best class participation award went to 2K, with special mention to 3C.
  • The most creative class participation award went to 2R dressed as pirate ships, with special mention to KH who were pirate parrots!
  • The best class poster also went to 2R with 1I and 5D rounding off 2nd and 3rd place.
  • The best dressed teacher award was bestowed on Mrs Ibbott, with Mrs Hanna and Mr de Martin as 2nd and 3rd respectively.
  • The guessing competition was won by Bella Lett in 6G. A very happy Mr Grice and 6G will be enjoying the spoils of that treasure this term!

All in all, the student and teacher participation marks the day as another fun, memory-making event of school life in 2017.

Volunteers are so appreciated! Book Fair runs smoothly because of the wonderful volunteers who put in their time and effort to make it a success. Once again Debbie Lewis and Myf Pilon have helped to transform the library into a pirate ship complete with treasure box and pirate paraphernalia. We appreciate and applaud your creative energy and generosity. Thank you also to Linnea Olle and Deb Chu for doing whatever was needed with a smile on your faces, and the ever faithful Claire Howell, Michelle Huntley, Melissa Sanburg, Aileen Kersten and new kids on the block, Cindi Roennfeldt and our very own student chaplain Daniel Polsen. You all have our grateful thanks on behalf of CCAS.

This year for family day fun, we had the help of our CCAS high school leaders and primary captains. They went around and visited the classrooms, did some judging, took pictures, got into the spirit of the day with their outfits, and then organised games for 40 minutes with all the primary students. You guys are a treasure! Thank you very much Oliver, Jade, Shirelle, Sara, Vincent, Jacinta, Sidney, Zane, Rohan and Tori.


Tayla Smashes Australian Powerlifting Records

Tayla Hannah started powerlifting earlier this year after a local squad asked her to join. Tayla had been doing some powerlifting at her gym after getting bored with other organised fitness classes.

Tayla trains 3-4 times a week with her coaches Kayligh de Jong and Rhyss Keane (one of the top three strongest men in the world) in Doom Squad Powerlifting.

On April 29 Tayla entered her first competition at Impact Centre with competitors from the Central Coast, Canberra and even some from Queensland. During one of her heats she competed with Martha Tevita (Australia's strongest women) and Della (one of the strongest women in world) and 30 other women and placed 7th! Tayla was the youngest competitor in the group she broke all 4 Australian records for her age group (14-17 year olds).

  • 52.5kg bench
  • 85kg squat
  • 125kg deadlift

Well done Tayla - what an achievement!

Year 9 Artwork in Gallery

​Our Year 9 students have entered the Sean Lonergan Schools Project.

Their artworks (9-1 'Identity Unmasked' and 9-2 'The Ties That Bind') will be on display from 28 May to 16 July. The Opening Ceremony will be held on Sunday, 28 May at 11:00 am.

Student Talent in Local Showcase

YIPA (Youth in Performing Arts) is a local talent exhibit for the Central Coast that occurs annually at the Laycock Street theatre and is coming up next week.

People from the local area, under the age of 25 audition drama, dance and music acts with the hope of presenting their item to an audience of 500 people in the showcase evenings which take place in May.

Along with numerous CCAS students who will be presenting either solo acts or as part of extracurricular ensembles, the Senior Vocal Ensemble and the Stage Band will be presenting items next week on Thursday, 25 May.

For tickets or further information please see the link below. A huge congratulations to all of our CCAS students who will be presenting items for this years showcase(s).

YIPA 2017 Details


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