18 May 2018

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NAPLAN, Book Fair and 21st Century Skills

from Mr Tony Kent

This week students in Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 have completed their NAPLAN testing, along with all students in these year levels across Australia. The tests have run smoothly, which is pleasing, and we hope that students have been given the opportunity to demonstrate their current skills and understanding across the areas that are tested, and can now focus their energy and attention on their ongoing education. I have shared our perspective previously on these standardised tests, which provide us with helpful insights into student’s educational progression compared to national standards. Although they do provide helpful data and insights, these tests should never be seen for more than what they are – a snapshot of progression.

I would encourage you as parents to ensure your children understand this perspective on NAPLAN, as we do here at school. We encourage students to do their best, but not to be defined by the outcome, or discouraged in any way. As always, each child here at CCAS is a unique individual, with unique strengths and sometimes potential areas of challenge. Our focus remains on each child fulfilling their potential, regardless of where they sit comparatively with others in their cohort both within our school and across the nation.

It was great to meet with an enthusiastic group of parents who took the opportunity last night to listen to the insights and directions in education globally from Nick Salmon from Harvard University, and the implications for our students here at CCAS. It was encouraging to receive validation of the directions we are pursuing as a school in Project Based Learning and the explicit teaching of Critical and Creative Thinking skills from Nick Salmon. We have valued the opportunity to tap into Nick’s skills and insights with our teaching staff yesterday which culminated in the parent presentation last night.

We are looking forward to the celebrations of Book Fair next week here at CCAS in the Primary School. Developing a love of reading is such an important thing to instil in our children and Book Fair is a great celebration of this value. It will be lots of fun!

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Student ID Cards

Student ID cards will be coming home over the next couple of days.

Every student from Kindergarten through to Year 12 will be issued with an ID card. The ID cards will be required when borrowing books from the school library. Primary ID cards may be attached to the student library bags.

Should students lose their ID card and request a new card, the first replacement will be provided free of charge. Subsequent ID cards that are requested will incur a $5 replacement charge which will be placed onto the student fee account.

Students requiring replacement cards will need to go to the main Administration Office.

Replacement Opal Cards

Please be aware that a $10 charge may be applicable to students requiring a replacement Opal card from Transport for NSW.

School Opal Card – Enforcing Opal use on school bus services

This term will see Busways Inspectors checking to ensure students are using their Opal cards when boarding the school bus. Students that do not present a valid Opal card will be asked to pay a fare. Failure to produce a valid Opal card or bus fare will result in the Inspector recording the student’s name.

Below is an example of the form our Inspectors will use.

Route Service/School Bus No.


Students Name



Eg School bus 4620


John Smith


Invalid School Opal card

After the school inspection the names that were recorded will be emailed to the school, with a request for the school to follow-up with the students and parents/guardians concerned.

All students need to produce a:

  • School Opal card
  • Child/Youth Opal card
  • Or pay a fare to travel on buses

Please explain to the students that an Opal card is important because it is used to determine demand for bus services. If students don’t have an Opal card to tap on and off the service will appear underutilised and may be considered for cancellation based on low passenger numbers.

For students that currently do not have an Opal card please visit the Opal website: www.opal.com.au/en/about-opal/opal-for-school-students/




by Mrs Jillene Donnelly

On Monday, our primary students enjoyed an interactive music concert by the group, KABOOM.

The children enjoyed watching how everyday items such as buckets, cups and chairs can be used to create awesome pieces of music. They will have the opportunity in their music classes to create a percussion piece of their own in the weeks to follow.


URGENT - Host Families Needed

by Mrs Marilyn Grange

If you have been postponing making a decision about hosting an exchange student, now is the time to take the plunge :)

We have one student currently with us here at school however, there are many others, anxiously waiting to hear that they have a host family and a school to attend.
If you are interested in hosting or would like more information, please contact Mrs Grange on 0415923275 or via email: mgrange@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Reconciliation Week Art Exhibition Opens

by Mrs Jenny Davey

​Our Year 9 Art students have submitted an artwork in the Sean Lonergan Schools Project organised by the Gosford Regional Gallery as part of Reconciliation Week.

Our students entered two artworks, one from each of the 9 Art classes. Both artworks were planned and constructed with the guidance of Ron Smith, a local indigenous artist.

The exhibition opened earlier this week in the Main Gallery where our students were represented along with local, indigenous artist Ron Smith. The exhibition will run from Reconciliation Week in May to NAIDOC week in July (26 May - 15 July).

Exhibition Invitation


Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

hosted by Forresters Beach Adventist Church

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