18 August 2017

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NAPLAN Results and Musical Production

​This week we have sent home to parents of Years 3, 5, 7 and 9 their NAPLAN results from the recent tests held in Term 2. The release of these results across Australia inevitably capture the attention of the media and focus attention on standards in education and relative assessments of the quality of our educational programs across our country.

As I have looked over our schools overall results it is worth sharing with our community how well our students have performed compared to State and National averages - they are quite outstanding. I do want to congratulate our students collectively on their results, which reflect their commitment to doing the best and fulfilling their potential – something we value highly here at CCAS. I am particularly pleased with the positive trends in individual student achievement over a number of years, which attest to both the effort and application of individual students and the quality of our teachers and our academic program. Well done to all.

Of particular interest this year has been the results from our Year 9 cohort who, for the first time, where given the early opportunity through NAPLAN to demonstrate their capacity to meet the minimum standards for Literacy and Numeracy to qualify for the HSC (which we need to remember is not for another three years for these students). It was pleasing to see that 75% of our students have achieved this standard in Numeracy (compared with approximately 35% across the state), more than 70% achieving the reading standard and almost 60% the writing standard (approximately 30% state wide). This is an outstanding result given they still have three more years of learning opportunities and development to achieve this minimum standard. Those who did not achieve a Band 8 (the minimum benchmark) should not be concerned, as they will be provided with multiple opportunities in Years 10-12 to formally achieve this benchmark.

I must admit that I continue to be frustrated with the media spin on this new minimum requirement in education, which continues to place an unnecessary focus on our current Year 9 cohort and their relative capacity to achieve this standard now. Although it is great that so many of our students have the capacity to achieve this requirement now – it is not what is expected, so please do not put pressure on your child now or in future years, if they don’t they don’t achieve one or more of these standards in Year 9. They are the exceptions to the rule – as demonstrated in the reported state averages the media has shared.

Excitement continues to build for next week’s musical production, "The Peace Child", which will be amazing. Tickets online sold out very quickly and we released another round of tickets just today. We have held back a limited number of tickets for door sales at the event. I am about to watch a full dress rehearsal, which will I am sure provide opportunity to settle nerves and iron out any last minute glitches, preparing students to shine next Monday at the first of our performances. I am sure all who attend will enjoy!


Battle of the Books

by Mrs A Grant

Congratulations to all of the participants who competed in the Battle of the Books competition on Tuesday, 15 August in the library.

We had a lot of fun and loads of lollies! Prizes were given for 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each division.

Two teams (the winners from each division) will represent our school on Tuesday, 29 August at the Tri-School Competition against Avondale School and Macquarie College.

Year 7-9

  • 1st Place - Bananas
  • 2nd Place - Teriaki kebabs
  • 3rd Place - Word Wanderers

Year 10-11

  • 1st Place - Black x 4
  • 2nd Place - The Slugs

​Picture book donations for Papua New Guinea

by Mrs A Grant

A huge thank you to all of the families who have searched through their bookshelves to share much loved books for children who live on the rubbish dumps in PNG.

We have been able to send off a few boxes already but keep them coming. Mr. Jim Hawkins has been collecting the items and is overwhelmed by the response. He asked us to extend his thanks to you all and is excited to be going over soon to help set it all up. The school is very new and is going to provide access to education for the first time for many of these children.

A HUGE thank you to the Linehan family as they have donated a large volume of education toys, books and resources.

If you are able to share any of these items to help a new school get started please drop your treasures into the library.

If you would like to see where your donations are going have a look at Operation Food for Life – www.offl.org.au

The Peace Child

Year 3-6 Musical Production

Travel to the land of Mambica where two opposing tribes seem unwilling to put an end to their enmity. Only the gift of a new-born child can bring peace.

Travel to the land of Mambica where two opposing tribes seem unwilling to put an end to their enmity. Only the gift of a new-born child can bring peace.

Lively songs and a moving script make this musical a fantastic evening out for the whole family!

Presented by Year 3-6 students, this musical production will run over three days with 1 matinee and 3 evening performances.

Book tickets online



A Debatable Experience

by Mr T Cooper

​On Thursday, 17 August, 12 students from both years 5 and 6 in the primary school competed in the HRIS debating tournament held at Macquarie College, Wallsend.

The students prepared themselves well studying for their debate at home and in their lunch times at school. Their arguments made for some exciting debating sessions! A commendable effort was made by all students contributing to their team.

Lewis Paholski , Emily Humphreys, Finn Leary and Harry Sooialo made up one team, and, Sienna-Mae Montgomery, Xanthe Wilson, Charlotte McSwan and India Rataj made up another.

The team of Mackenzie Hanna, Jenna Smith, Jessica Kamphuis and David Talafua were the winners of their round for CCAS. Luke Waple and Charlie Marsh also contributed much to the teams during preparation time.

A big congratulations to all of the students for their fantastic efforts in making it all happen on the day.

Year 5/6 Oztag Gala

by Mr M Kosmeier

On Tuesday, 20 of our Year 5/6 students competed in the Central Coast Oztag Gala at Doyalson.

Our teams competed with great enthusiasm and came away with great results. The boys were unfortunately knocked out at the quarter final stage, while the girls progressed to the Grand Final with the final result being a 2-1 loss. A big thank you to Indie, Zali, Tommy and James who trained and coached our teams. Well done students!

HRIS Athletics

by Mr M Kosmeier

​On Friday we sent 71 students to the HRIS Athletics competition at Glendale.

Our students competed extremely well and finished 7th overall. There were some excellent individual results with Tori Robertson winning individual age champion and the 12yrs girls winning their age pennant. The HRIS team to compete at the CIS carnival will be announced early next week. Well done students!

Word Mania

by Mrs A Grant

Word Mania has now finished!

Congratulations to both Year 4 and Year 6 who managed to top the leaderboard.


War on Waste

by Mrs T Bennetts

This week in year 7 PBL class, the excitement almost needed to be measured by the Richter scale as students waited eagerly to choose their projects for the new topic - "The War on Waste" (based off the recent ABC series). If you don't know anything about the series, take a look on iView and ask your child about their project.

The cheering and squealing; hugging and high fives; fist pumping and jumping up and down as they managed to obtain their 'chosen projects' was, for the year 7 PBL teachers, a pleasure to watch, but also an indication that learning doesn't always need to be a dull, marks-based process - it can (and should be) FUN!

So, get excited about your next project!

A Titanic Experience

by Mrs V Henley

Our Year 11 Modern History students have been studying the world at the beginning of the 20th century and as an experiential addition to our studies we enjoyed a visit to the Titanic Exhibition in Sydney on Wednesday.

Students were immersed into the first and final voyage through sights, sounds and stories as if they were on the ship. Each student was given the identity of a passenger and only at the end of the tour did they find out if they survived. Students were able to view over 300 artifacts and recreations of the Titanic's luxurious interiors, including the Grand Staircase and a First Class Cabin. There was even an iceberg encounter and memorabilia from James Cameron's 1997 movie 'Titanic'.


Earn & Learn

​Woolworths Earn & Learn is back and it is now easier than ever to earn valuable resources for our Primary school. Last year we were able to get Science resources to boost the new Science curriculum implemented in our school: resources like magnifying glasses, life cycle kits and large books.

It's simple to participate and it’s started!! Until Tuesday, 19 September, when you shop at Woolworths you can collect Woolworths Earn & Learn Stickers from the checkout operator or through an online order and place them on a Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker Sheet. There will be one Woolworths Earn & Learn Sticker for every $10 spent (excluding liquor, tobacco, and gift cards).

Don’t forget to ask grandparents and aunts and uncles to collect for you!! Once completed, simply put your name on the chart then place the Sticker Sheet in the Collection Box at school. Please be sure to fill every chart with stickers as we don’t get points for unfinished charts.

Happy shopping!

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