17 March 2017

This week


Rain, Interviews & WOSE

​As the son of a farmer I was taught at a very young age never to complain about the rain – it was always considered a blessing in the eyes of those who relied on it for their livelihood. So I am trying hard not to complain, but happy to admit we are hoping that there is some sunshine on the horizon soon. Although the students seem to be happy enough to adapt to the wet weather, wet play times, ovals being closed and the juggle of umbrellas and the like do take a toll on the rest of us here at school. Hopefully next week we will see a little more sunshine.

It has been great having the opportunity this week for teachers to meet formally with many parents as part of our Interim Report process. Although this reporting opportunity is not designed to provide summative feedback on student progress, it is an important opportunity to discuss how your children have settled into the year and any early issues that may have surfaced, so we can work together to ensure children are settling well into the routine of learning and school life. The progressive roll out of our SEQTA, our online parent portal, has provided a significant value add for our parents to stay connected with the progress of their students, and we thank you for your positive feedback on this new tool. As this gives you the opportunity to see real time student results as well as view student reports online – among other things – we are anticipating a time in the not too distant future where the printing of paper based reports will become redundant. However, we are not anticipating that parent teacher interviews will necessarily follow suit – it is difficult to replace the opportunity for face to face dialogue.

Next week is the first of our WOSE (Week of Spiritual Emphasis) programs for the year. We run a second program in Term 3. For those who are new to the school, our WOSE program is a week of focus on the spiritual development of students, which builds on our weekly chapel program. Each day the students will participate in an age appropriate program similar to chapel, designed to be both fun and engaging, but challenging and thought provoking as well. Our new secondary chaplain, Pr Leighton Heise will present for the Year 5 -8 (8:55am) and Year 9-12 (9:40am) program, while our Haven Campus Church pastor, Brock Goodall, will present the Kindy-Year 4 program (2:05pm) each day. Parents are most welcome to drop in for a look if they wish to at any time.

It is hard to believe that we only have three weeks left before the Easter holiday break! So much has happened here at school but, to be honest, it only seems like yesterday that we began. Life at CCAS is never boring – it is such a great school community to be part of. Thank you for the part each of you play in our community and making this the great school it is.






This week