17 February 2017

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Carnivals, Traffic and Camps

​I have enjoyed the opportunity this week to spend time at both our Primary and Secondary Swimming Carnivals, which are always great events. As well as it being an opportunity to escape the routine of the office (I don’t think I was designed to be office bound, so any excuse to get out with the students is welcomed), I do love the carnival atmosphere – seeing our students competing and doing their best, but also having some fun together. A special mention to our Year 12 students who led by example through both their enthusiasm and participation (and some rather crazy outfits in house colours). My only frustration continues to be the number of secondary students who didn’t attend – it would be great to have everyone attend these important days in our calendar.

I do need to make comment this week on some of the challenges that we have been trying to manage over the past couple of weeks with Kiss and Drop, particularly after school. Given the unusually high number of new families we have joining the school this year, it probably warrants reiterating some the important guidelines that we need all families to follow if they are picking up students after school.

Firstly, can I ask that parents avoid the temptation to arrive before school finishes, unless you are going to find a parking space. Queuing before the finish of school only creates congestion on Penrose Crescent, which creates frustration for everyone, both the school community and the general public. You may be amazed to find how efficient it is to pick up your children after 3:00pm, and we provide supervision until 3:30pm. Secondary students will not arrive at Kiss and Drop before approximately 3:05pm, so there is no point arriving before then.

Please do not leave your car. Once you have arrived in the pickup zone (never park there) – wait until you are able to pull forward as far as possible before attempting to pick up your children. When exiting this area, please drive slowly as there are lots of children in the area. Most importantly, be patient and respectful of others. Thanks for noting these things – it won’t completely solve the congestion, but it will help.

Year 5 have just returned from their camp, and from all reports had a great time. Next week I will be away with our Year 7 students on their camp, which I am looking forward to. With more than half of our Year 7 class being new to the school, it is a great opportunity to get to know this class a little better outside the classroom. A big thank you to all the staff that go the extra mile to support these camps, which are such an important part of our program, and I believe add significantly to the educational experiences of our students.


URGENT - Host Homes Needed

​Host families are urgently needed to host exchange students. If you have been considering doing this but have been putting it off or had forgotten about it, now is the time!

Feel free to contact Mrs Grange, at school, or you may prefer to contact Students of the World directly. Either way, we’d love you to share in this experience which opens up a part the world to you from the comfort of your home!

Students of the World is a South Australian based organisation specialising in short-term cultural visits. We have been sending and receiving students from France and Italy on short-term visits to Australian schools for over 15 years.

We have another exciting year ahead of us at Students of the World for 2017!

We are bringing in more students than ever from France and Italy for short-term, family-hosted experiences and we would love you to be a part of this valuable and highly rewarding experience in 2017.

If you can host a student please contact Marilyn Grange to express your interest via email mgrange@ccas.nsw.edu.au

Hosting an Exchange Student

Have you ever thought about hosting an international student? Here are some great reasons for you to consider this wonderful experience:

  • Interact with people from a different culture
  • Share your culture with other people
  • Give someone the opportunity to experience life in an Aussie family
  • Make friendship that lasts for a lifetime
  • Experience an exchange before going on exchange program
  • Encourage your family members to develop generosity by sharing your homes and hearts with an exchange student
  • Have a great time getting to know someone new

Contact us for more information about how to become a host family. Our exchange students will be arriving soon and would love to have a great experience with you and your family!

Italian students

7 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 2nd September 2017
9 Weeks: Arriving 15th July / Departing 23rd September 2017

French students

4 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 18th August 2017
5 Weeks: Arriving 22nd July / Departing 27th August 2017
7 Weeks: Arriving 8th July / Departing 27th August 2017
12 Weeks: Arriving 3rd June / Departing 27th August 2017



Peter Pan Musical Auditions

​On Sunday, 12 February, four CCAS primary school students from Village Performing Arts (Central Coast) auditioned for the Bonnie Lythgoe Production of the Peter Pan and Tinkerbell musical.

Bronte Lenardon (Year 6), Kate Rowe (Year 6), Amelia Mereniuk (Year 5) and Evie McGarry (Year 4) were amongst 400 girls who auditioned for 15 places in the upcoming production.

Auditions commenced at 8.30 am and, after 10 hours, Kate Rowe had advanced to the second round, Evie McGarry to the final 30 and Amelia Mereniuk to the final 25.

Amelia Mereniuk will now have to wait until mid March with the remaining 24 hopefuls to see if she is successful in landing a role in the upcoming production.

Well done girls!

​Primary Swimming Carnival

Congratulations Bradman - 2017 House Champions!

What a great day - it was wonderful to see all the students participating and cheering for their friends and houses. A big thank you to all the parent helpers and teachers for making the carnival a success.

Congratulations to all our age champions and runners-up. The HRIS carnival is on Thursday, 23 February at Maitland.

​CIS Tennis

We would like to wish Annabelle Mackie all the best as she competes at the CIS tennis trials in Sydney on Monday. Good luck Annabelle!



Vegetarian Cooking Classes

- Trying to eat healthy but don’t know how? - Are searching for greater variety to spice up your menu and trim your waist line? - Struggling to find healthy recipes for the whole family that look good and taste great?

You will be able to make and taste several savoury/dessert recipes each evening as well as listen to an insightful and practical health presentation by a qualified dietitian

Then why don’t you join us at our fun and friendly vegetarian cooking class held each month right here in the local community.

Time: 7:00 – 9:00pm

Location: Central Coast Adventist School - Food Technology Classroom

Cost: $15/night (for ingredients)

Registration: 0403 848 242

Future dates: Mondays — 27 February, 27 March, 24 April, 29 May, 26 June, 31 July, 28 August, 25 September, 30 October and 27 November

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