16 June 2017

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Competition, Developments and Travel

by Mr Kent

We seem to have squeezed a lot into what has been a short week at CCAS as we rush towards the end of the term. On Tuesday and Wednesday we held our Primary and Secondary Athletics Carnivals at Mingara and I must confess I did enjoy the opportunity of getting out of my office and spend a good portion of the day enjoying the fun and competition with our students - despite the soggy weather. I was encouraged by the attendance at both events – thank you parents for your support to improve attendance, particularly for the Secondary Carnival despite the less than ideal weather. It was also great to see so many of our parents in attendance – it is a great example of our community in action. Our students gave of their best, there were some outstanding performances by some of our gifted athletes and some long standing records broken, and great leadership shown by our House Captains and Senior Students, all making for a great couple of days.

I enjoyed the opportunity to meet last night with a significant number of our Year 6 parents to share the exciting opportunities that await their children as they prepare for the next phase of their education here at CCAS. Much of the discussion focused on our current initiatives to ensure we are teaching students the 21st Century skills of critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, creativity and communication – to ensure we are preparing our students here at CCAS for a rapidly changing world and jobs that are yet to be created. It is shaping up to be a great group of students who will make up our Year 7 cohort for next year – we have significant demand from new students wishing to join the school but want to ensure we are catering to our existing families first.

Another development that we have committed to for Term 3 is the addition of a third Year 3 class for the rest of this year. Our Year 3 class has been full from the beginning of the year and, with a number of new families on the waiting list, we have decided to create a third class group, which will be taught by one of our existing teachers, Mrs Sue Knight, to both provide smaller class sizes and to enable us to include some who are currently on the waiting list.

By the time you read this we will have just one week to go for the term. Our HSIE Trip students and the second half of our France Trip students head off on their overseas adventure early next week, along with a number of our staff, and I want to wish them all the best as they embark on this highly anticipated learning experience. We will then finish off the term with Parent Teacher Interviews next Wednesday (Year 7-10) and Thursday (Kindy - Year 10).

Thank you for your ongoing support of our school and I hope you enjoy the rest of this week’s newsletter.


School Student Travel

​Students travelling on public transport may be eligible for free travel between home and school under the School Student Transport Scheme (SSTS).

For more details or to apply for the School Opal card please visit www.transportnsw.info/school-students or call 131 500.

Students travelling on school or public buses must have a valid ticket for every trip. Ticketing options include School, Child or Youth Opal cards; otherwise a cash fare (from $1.30) must be purchased. Opal cards must be tapped on and off for every trip.

If your School Opal card shows an error when you tap on or off, you need to contact the Opal helpline on 131 500. Common School Opal card error codes include:

  • 53 – invalid card
  • 65 – card is not valid on Coastal Liner services
  • 70, 72 or 73 – not valid for travel at current time or day
  • Holiday Hours for Uniform Shop

    The Uniform Shop will be open in the lead up to the 2018 school year as follows...

    • Monday, 22 January from 8am-12pm
    • Tuesday, 23 January from 1-4pm
    • Wednesday, 24 January from 8am-12pm
    • Thursday, 25 January from 1-4pm
    • Monday, 29 January from 8am-12pm
    • Tuesday, 30 January from 1-4pm
    • Wednesday, 31 January from 8am-12pm
    • Thursday, 1 February from 2-4pm
    • Monday, 5 February - Return to normal term hours
    Uniform Shop and Policy

    Current School App to be Discontinued

    Over the past few years we have had a school app for push notifications, event reminders, calendar, contact directory and newsletters.

    As of the middle of this month, the app will no longer be updated as we are not renewing the contract with the current service provider. We are exploring our options to be able to deliver an even better mobile app experience to our families in the future. We will update you once we have further details to share.

    In the meantime, newsletters will still be available from on the school website and will be sent via email. Newsletters can be accessed from the Parent Information area of the website.




    CIS Softball

    by Mr Kosmeier

    ​Today we have Bailey King in Bankstown trialling for the CIS softball team.

    We would like to wish him well and look forward to hearing how he went.

    Primary CIS Cross Country

    by Mr Kosmeier

    ​Yesterday we had 15 students compete in the CIS cross country carnival at Eastern Creek Raceway.

    All students competed with great enthusiasm and were a great representation of both CCAS and HRIS, Well done students!

    Primary Athletics Carnival

    by Mr Kosmeier

    On Tuesday Monday we ran our annual Year 2-6 Athletics Carnival. It was a great day with the weather being extremely kind to us.

    A big thank you to all the students, parents, Year 10 students and teachers who competed and helped on the day. Congratulations to Jackson on winning the house championship. We would like to also congratulate our age champions and runners-up:

    8 yrs Girs

    • Champion - Lucia Mahmoud-Ibanez
    • Runners up - Lila Pfeiffer

    8 yrs Boys

    • Champion - Harrison Dennis
    • Runners up - Ferris Oppedisano

    9 yrs Girls

    • Champion - Somerley Bramall
    • Runners up - Gabriella Healey

    9 yrs Boys

    • Champion - Fletcher Gersbach
    • Runners up - Beaumont Spencer

    10 yrs Girls

    • Champion - Jade Downs
    • Runners up - Jenna Walter

    10 yrs Boys

    • Champion - Blade Marquart, Fletcher Sommerville
    • Runners up - Benjamin Giles

    11 yrs Girls

    • Champion - Jasmine Hocking
    • Runners up - Zahlia Boadu

    11 yrs Boys

    • Champion - Jack Bryer
    • Runners up - Blake Downs

    12 yrs Girls

    • Champion - Tori Robertson
    • Runners up - Sienna McMullen

    12 yrs Boys

    • Champion - Liam Pfeiffer
    • Runners up - Riley Dunne

    The HRIS team, to compete on Friday, 11 August, will be emailed out sometime next week.


    France Trip 2017

    by Mr Harris

    We made it! More than 24 hours after saying goodbye, we landed at Geneva International Airport on a warm sunny afternoon. Once we found our passports (yes there is a story there), we met our bus driver and enjoyed the 90 minute drive through the beautiful Annecy region towards Albertville. We saw hundreds of people enjoying the lake and hundreds of paragliders were seen high up in the upper alpine regions.

    MONDAY, 12 JUNE 2017

    The bus trip was full of excitement and energy as students sang songs and worked on their French speaking skills. Tanner even managed to ask the bus driver to turn the music up (in French that was obviously impressive as the driver did in fact turn the music up!)

    Once we arrived at Collége Pierre Grange, we were greeted by the local teachers, students and parents. We went into the school cafeteria where everyone was introduced and met their respective host families. Then the students headed home to their new homes for the next little while.

    Tomorrow will be the first day of school... and our students will begin the journey of learning what it is like to be at a French school. No uniforms, early classes and a new school will make for an interesting day. Madame Grange will get her French mobile number and we will share that with students and parents as soon as possible. Tonight, they are able to ring a landline that can be used to contact us if necessary.

    As I look outside, I see the last tinges of blue in the sky as the time approaches 10 pm. I can also hear the local church bells ring in the next village. Tiredness is kicking in and adjusting to the new time zone could take a few days. Let the adventure begin...

    France Trip Blog

    Secondary CIS Cross Country

    by Mr Dennis

    Congratulations to Summer McShane-Cale and Leilani Montgomery who finished 22nd and 15th respectfully in their age groups at yesterdays CIS Cross Country Championships in Sydney.

    Both girls raced fast and represented CCAS extremely well in the days events. Thank you to these two wonderful athletes and their parents for their support in achieving these amazing results!

    Secondary Athletics Carnival

    by Mr Dennis

    A huge thank you to all the students, house captains, vice captains and teachers for making this day fun despite the weather.

    Competition was strong in many of the age groups this year with many students setting personal bests and even a couple of CCAS records were broken.

    The team selection email will be sent next week to students who have made the CCAS team to compete at the HRIS Carnival on 24 July in Newcastle.

    Tailored Chemistry Experience

    by Mr Rappell

    ​On Thursday, Year 12 Chemistry students attended an excursion that took them to the professional laboratories of Avondale College of Higher Education.

    They spent the day having private tutorials and experiments with the lecturers of both physical and organic chemistry. Each session was tailored to focus on different parts of the syllabus and gave them experiences in using equipment not available at a High School level.

    All students enjoyed their time and valued the special attention, encouragement and knowledge given by the staff at Avondale.


    Teddy Bear's Picnic

    by Mrs Gibson

    ​On June 6, the Campus Playgroup had a delightful day with our teddy bear friends at the Teddy Bear's Picnic.

    We started with a Bear Hunt story in the library and a visit from the Cancer Council Bear who collected our donations. The bears and friends then braved the cold in a cardboard box bear cave outdoors before having "bearies" (berries) and yogurt and honey for morning tea. A Teddy Bear's Dance Party and teddy crafts and face painting were also lots of fun.

    Please feel free to come join the Campus Playgroup with your little one every Tuesday morning from 9-11am.

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