13 October 2017

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​School Opal Card

Help Us to Help You!

An important requirement of School Opal card is the need for students to Tap On and Tap Off when they travel to and from school.

Opal data gathered by tapping on and off is used to determine demand for bus services. If students don’t tap on and tap off, services may be cancelled due to the lack of recorded patronage.

It is important that students are tapping on and off at the beginning and end of each trip as this is one of the conditions of using a School Opal card. This in turn helps us ensure we are able to provide the appropriate level of service to students.

To further promote the use of School Opal, there will be checks on School Opal cards over the coming months. All students travelling on buses to and from school will be required to show their card and ensure they Tap On and Tap Off every time they catch the bus. Students without an Opal Card will be provided with a brochure to take home identifying how they can get an Opal Card.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.


by Olivia Wolfe

​On Monday, Central Coast Adventist School is proud to say, local performing artist and ex-school student Ashlee Bennett’s or Ashrae (as is her stage name) returned home and performed in two of our Chapel programs.

Ashlee inspired and encouraged our High school and Upper primary students as she performed her own songs from her E.P ‘Ashrae’. The E.P achieved remarkable ITunes Charts success in June staying at #2 on the R&B charts.

Ashlee shared her story of how she is developing as an artist, pursuing her passion and how she found the faith to trust God and follow Him into the Unknown.

We wish Ashlee all the best as she continues with her music journey and know there are great things ahead of her.

CCAS Technology and Renewable Energy Conference

by Mr Zac Rappell

On November 1 (Week 4), Year 10 students will be hosting the first Central Coast Adventist School Technology & Renewable Energy Conference (CCASTREC).

We would like to warmly extend an invitation to this exciting event to parents/caregivers and the wider community. We are proud of our students' investigations into the renewable energy business and look forward to showcasing their great work.

Students have prepared video presentations detailing their vision and mission for their renewable energy 'company', as well as working renewable energy prototypes. During the conference, guests will be encouraged to peruse the students' company booths, ask questions about the students' renewable energy businesses and 'award' them grant money (provided to attendees upon entry) based on their creativity and professionalism.

The event will run between 1.30pm and 3.00pm on November 1 in the Naomi Frew Hall. Please contact Zac Rappell zrappell@ccas.nsw.edu.au for any further information.



​Primary School Soccer Goals Mural

by Mr Craig Davis

Over the term break our maintenance team and teaching assistant, Tor, were hard at work livening up a plain old wall in the Primary School.

Thanks to Steve and Mash’s efforts, goals appeared and Tor has done a fantastic job creating an amazing mural. The mural will not only to brighten up our school but is for our students to use at lunch and recess in play.

Thank you to them all for a great job, the kids love it!

​Activity Days in the Library

by Mrs Andrea Grant

Terrific Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday are on offer again this term.

Join in the surprising, challenging and fun activities to be enjoyed every lunchtime in the library!

Money, Money, Money!

by Mrs Samantha Ibbott

​This week Year 1 have been learning about money.

Today Year 1I were fortunate to have our work experience teacher Miss Tahli make us a shop! We had a great maths lesson buying and selling different products set up around the room, with some very enthusiastic sales assistants giving some on the spot specials!

Thank you Miss Tahli for helping us with this great experience.

​MS Readathon update

by Mrs Andrea Grant

At the end of Term 3, the class who raised the highest amount for "Give It Up - Loose Change for MS" was 2R - congratulations to Mrs Rofe and her class.

2R did some extra work and creative thinking with fundraising to raise $482.15. 2R will be enjoying a Pizza Party next week for lunch.

  • Altogether the primary school raised $1,092.40!
  • The 20 individual CCAS student MS fundraisers raised $4057 - AWESOME!
  • CCAS as a collective has raised $5149.40 for Multiple Sclerosis.

There is a celebration event for the individual fundraisers on Monday, 30 October.


Holiday Hospitality

by Mrs Daniella Walton - Work Studies Teacher​

​Last week CCAS held its first Food Safety Handler, Waiter/Customer Service and Barista course over three days.

Forty students from years 10, 11 and 12 attended the course and had a fantastic time learning many valuable skills in the hospitality industry.

It was great to see the students giving up part of their holidays and enjoying the opportunity to improve their potential for future employment.

Nursery Visit

by Mrs Tracey Bennetts - Head of Science

Year 7 Science classes took a trip to Bushlands Nursery Erina Heights, to observe plant characteristics for their upcoming dichotomous key in-class assessment.

Students were asked to take a detailed look at the features of 10 different plants, noting things like: soil type, leaf shape/size/colour, whether it flowered or made fruit, its predicted height and width and many other options. Students had a great time out of the classroom and noticing how different plants can be - a valuable day.

Thank you to Bushlands Nursery staff for allowing us to visit and making us very welcome. Thank you also to the year 7 students who did themselves, their families and their school proud in the way they conducted themselves.

​Study Techniques

by Mrs Andrea Grant

A number of Year 12 students have been studying in the library this week for the HSC exams starting on Monday.

Some creative techniques and movements were observed which could be helpful to future Year 12 classes. All the best Year 12 as you sit your exams.

Many prayers are being offered for you, and many listening ears and caring hearts are available whenever you need it in the weeks ahead.


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