11 May 2018

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Winter, PBL and 21st Century Learning

by Mr Tony Kent

​I think winter may have arrived - which gets us thinking about winter uniform that becomes compulsory on Monday. It’s perfect timing! I know that both Primary and Secondary have been sending home reminders on this, so I won’t repeat what has already been said. Suffice to say, we want our students to be proud of their school, and one way to express this is through the appropriate wearing of our uniform. So, as the adjustments are made, ties and jumpers and winter dresses are made ready, please instil in your children the value of wearing our uniform well – with pride – not only does this represent the school but it also shows how students represent themselves.

As shared last week, we hosted a rather significant professional development event for teaching staff here at CCAS on Monday through Wednesday this week. More than 100 teachers (from across NSW), including 25 CCAS staff, where immersed in the world of Project Based Learning (PBL), a recognised mode of delivery of 21st Century Learning. It was a very positive in service and we look forward to the value that this will provide for our students here at CCAS as we continue to develop in this space.

Next week we follow this up with a visit from Professor Nick Salmon from Harvard University, who will spend next Thursday working with staff and administration to develop future directions in learning spaces to support PBL and related 21st Century Learning opportunities. Don’t forget the parent information night, which is scheduled for 7:00pm in the Library. This is an opportunity to hear from a global leader about the future directions in education and their implications for our students here at CCAS. https://www.facebook.com/events/934275993399518/

Another week of learning has flown by. Thank you all for your ongoing support. By the way, did you fill out the parent survey? It’s not too late – we would love to have your feedback. The link and login details were emailed to you last Thursday.

Enjoy the newsletter.


Change to Bus Schedule

Red Bus wish to advise as from Monday, April 30, School Bus S725 will commence 5 minutes earlier than the current timetable, this is due to traffic congestion and late operation.

Notices have been issued to students by the driver. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Red Bus on 4332 8655.

Download the timetable

Student ID Cards

Student ID cards will be coming home over the next couple of days.

Every student from Kindergarten through to Year 12 will be issued with an ID card. The ID cards will be required when borrowing books from the school library. Primary ID cards may be attached to the student library bags.

Should students lose their ID card and request a new card, the first replacement will be provided free of charge. Subsequent ID cards that are requested will incur a $5 replacement charge which will be placed onto the student fee account.

Students requiring replacement cards will need to go to the main Administration Office.

Replacement Opal Cards

Please be aware that a $10 charge may be applicable to students requiring a replacement Opal card from Transport for NSW.



​Primary HRIS Cross Country

by Mr Michael Kosmeier

Last Friday, 50 primary students competed in the annual HRIS Cross Country Carnival. All of our students ran extremely well and CCAS finished 5th overall on the day.

Special mention goes to Marshall Duddy and Fletcher Sommerville who finished 3rd in their races, as well as the 8yrs girls and 11yrs girls who won their age divisions.

Congratulations to the following students for being selected in the HRIS team to compete at the CIS carnival on the 14th June:

  • Elijah Nixon
  • Jade Downs
  • Matilda Lisle
  • Sari Abel
  • Ella Teesson
  • Marshall Duddy
  • Fletcher Sommerville

Library Leader News

by Lewis Paholski

​Hang out in our library, there is a great deal of things you can do all the way from Monday to Friday, Week 1 to Week 10 this term in our library.

  • On Monday we have Make it Monday where we do all sorts of activities that include Origami, puzzles and crafts. We’ve made so many wonderful creations for your family and friends!
  • Tuesday is Teamwork Tuesday and this is pretty much everything to do with teamwork with your friends, peers, library leaders and teachers. We do activities, challenges and even competitions for this day.
  • Wacky Wednesday is a bit of an iconic thing we do in the library, we’ve been doing this for over 2 years. This can incorporate making cardboard cubby houses, playing balloon tennis or Pom Pom challenges. Wednesday is a day where all things are Weird, Wonderful and of course Wacky!
  • Thursday is a day of being kind and thinking of others. Here in the library we call it Thoughtful Thursday. We make things like cards and posters for our parents and friends. Thursday is all about thinking of others and caring, one of our core values at CCAS.
  • FREE Friday, it’s really your choice for Friday! Draw, Read or Play with your friends, ask one of our library leaders and they can bring out a game, a puzzle or paper for drawing. They can suggest a book or even talk but make sure to be quiet!

Make sure to come to the library and enjoy all these wonderful events during the week and if you need help finding a good book to read we can help.


HSC Group Devising with Belvoir St Theatre

by Mr Andrew Robartson

​This Tuesday our Year 12 Drama class had the pleasure of working with Margie Breen from Belvoir Street Theatre.

Margie specialises in group devised theatre which is a key part of our 12’s HSC program - every Drama student in NSW is currently working on creating a 8-10min performance from scratch! She took the group through a number of helpful activities and gave them quality feedback on how to draw on their own unique strengths in the creation of their theatre pieces.

Science and Engineering Challenge

by Mr Daniel Sheedy

​The Central Coast Science and Engineering Challenge day provides students with a fantastic opportunity to engage in various activities that put their problem-solving abilities to the test.

On Thursday, fourteen boys and five girls from year 9 and 10 participated in the event and competed for points against other local schools. Our team came a strong second against some innovative competition. Our students worked really well together and showed a lot of creativity and skill, especially when it came to the catapult build and building the earthquake tower, just to name a few. Overall it was a great day of problem-solving. Well done team!

A Day at the Museum

by Mrs Daniella Walton

It was a fantastic day at the Nicholson Museum observing the interactive displays where students could handle, analyse and photograph them. Ancient Egyptian mummies, Etruscan tomb stones, Greek and Roman vases, statues and artifacts. The Pompeii lego was also a big hit with the students.

Here is what some of the students said about their experience:

"My favourite part was probably the Etruscan gravestones as it gave me a glimpse into the Etruscan world and learning to translate it was even better as I loved seeing what had been written - it was positively fascinating." - Imogen

"An extraordinary part of the excursion was when we saw the pots and cups in the Ancient Greek section and the admiring the big lego model of Pompeii." - Layla

"The most interesting parts of the excursion were definitely handling the artifacts and when I was drawing them and learning what they were. The other good part was the mummified body and lego sculptures." - Ashton

"One interesting aspect was learning that the Egyptians believed that the dung beetle rolled the sun across the sky." - Isaac

"My favourite part of the history excursion was the information we were told about Pompeii and Mt Vesuvius as it was all created from lego!" - Jessica

"I loved going downstairs and holding the ancient objects." - Scarlett

"The lego was awesome!" - Olivia

"I found the mummies and the information about them fascinating." - Lydia

"The gravestones were exquisite and I loved learning to read the inscriptions from Latin to English. I also loved the Greek vases." - Rose

"The human remains and brains were very amusing and interesting." - Bronte

"My favourite part was the lego of Pompeii." - Abbey

"I really enjoyed the excursion because of what we had been learning in class and the artifacts helped bring history to life. The lego was amazing and we learnt a lot of information from many different ancient cultures." - Tori

"I found the excursion an interesting experience. The most fascinating part for me was finding out that people used to play pass he parcel while unwrapping actual mummies." - Annabelle

"I loved the excursion and it was awesome to observe, touch and draw the ancient objects (with gloves)." - Kayla

Elevate Education

Thank you to the parents who attended the parent information session yesterday evening by Elevate Education.

The session was hosted to provide insight and support for our Year 11 and 12 parents, to share some strategies and ideas on how to best support your child during the study process. We hope that the evening gave you some useful techniques and advice to help alleviate some stresses that your children may currently be facing.

Students will have a presentation tailored specifically for them next week.


Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program

hosted by Forresters Beach Adventist Church

This week