10 November 2017

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Finishing, Fees and MAD Trip

by Mr Tony Kent

​Welcome to our weekly newsletter. I was reminded this week that we are now more than half way through the term which, to be honest, was hard to believe. At the end of this week we only have four more weeks of classes. As well as working towards a really positive finish to the year, we are also busy preparing for 2018 here at CCAS. Part of this process is to set budgets for 2018 which includes setting our Fee Schedule.

I am pleased to be able to share with you that Tuition Fees for next year will only rise in line with current CPI increases, with an average increase of 1.9%. We have undertaken a review of individual class charges and there are some minor adjustments to reflect changes in costs for specific activities and provisions, with small increases in some classes being offset by reductions in other areas, but it is largely cost neutral.

An important part of our program, particularly in the secondary years, is our Outdoor Education and Camp Program from Years 7-11. We have made some adjustments in this area which we want to share as they relate to fees. In previous years all camp charges have been included in Class Charges with the exception of the Year 10 Snow Trip, which has been charged separately. From next year this will be included in class charges for Year 10 - this reflects our commitment to all students participating in these important educational experiences. The camp component of Class Charges has had a level of averaging applied out across the years to negate fluctuations from year to year, although there is still a slightly higher loading for the Year 10 camp.

The full Fee Schedule for 2018 will be posted on the school website in the near future for your information.

Next year will also see the final stage of the rollout of our BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) technology program for Years 7-12, with our current year 8 and 9 students joining this program. From 2018 all secondary students will be able to utilise their own laptop computer as part of their learning program. We are also moving rapidly towards the majority of textbooks being accessed online for students which minimises the need to carry these around. As I shared with our Year 8 parents and students this week at their Information Evening, this change to student owned and managed laptops at school has gone remarkably smoothly over the last couple of years, with a minimum of teething problems, and students have been, on the whole, very responsible in the use of this powerful tool to assist in their learning. 2018 will also see an increase in provision of school owned computers and iPads for our primary students to enhance their learning experiences, which I am sure will be appreciated by teachers and students alike.

As I have shared previously, I will be away next week with our Year 12 students on their post-HSC MAD Trip – spending our time on the remote island of Aore in Vanuatu involved in a service project at our sister school – Aore Adventist Academy. Given the lack of technology on the island, you may not hear from me next week, but I will look forward to sharing with you the experience on my return. I hope you enjoy the rest of this week’s newsletter.


Holiday Hours for Uniform Shop

The Uniform Shop will be open in the lead up to the 2018 school year as follows...

  • Monday, 22 January from 8am-12pm
  • Tuesday, 23 January from 1-4pm
  • Wednesday, 24 January from 8am-12pm
  • Thursday, 25 January from 1-4pm
  • Monday, 29 January from 8am-12pm
  • Tuesday, 30 January from 1-4pm
  • Wednesday, 31 January from 8am-12pm
  • Thursday, 1 February from 2-4pm
  • Monday, 5 February - Return to normal term hours
Uniform Shop and Policy

New Red Bus Timetable

from Red Bus Services

​In conjunction with the Transport NSW New Train Timetable commencing 26 November 2017, Red Bus will be commencing a New Bus Timetable 26 November 2017 which will effect some Route & School Services.

Drivers will issue notices to students from Monday, 13 November if their service is changing. Parents & Students are advised to check the Red Bus Website for School Service Changes.

Red Bus Website



​Activities at lunchtime in the library

by Mrs Andrea Grant

All this term, there has been opportunity for students to enjoy some creative crafts, participate in wacky fun, and do something thoughtful for someone else.

Our monitors have been so hands-on with the activities and are learning management and leadership skills as well.

​The Empty Christmas Tree…

by Mrs Andrea Grant

...is no longer bare! There are just three weeks left to put a present under the tree.

The gifts will be going to the Wesley Dalmar Mission in Gosford for foster children and young people who can no longer live with their own families. This Christmas some of them will receive lovely gifts from CCAS students and their families.

Presents need to be new and unwrapped. The age group we are gifting to are all ages of children up to older teens. What a wonderful community we have to be able to share the cheer and joy of Christmas.


Year 8 Science

by Mr Daniel Sheedy

​This week we had our Year 8 Science incursion. The students were divided up into teams and had to work together to complete three activities.

The activities included building a bridge that would need to support a trolley loaded up with weights that was rolled across it. The second activity was building a catapult out of wooden dowel and rubber bands to shoot a tennis ball at a target. The third activity involved the students using iPads to program Sphero robots to complete various mazes.

The kids had a great day and put in a really good effort!


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