10 March 2017

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Open Day, Technology Use and Camp

I encourage you to mark Thursday afternoon, March 30 in your diaries. This is our annual Open Afternoon, when we open our classrooms to the community and showcase all aspects of our program for parents and the broader community. Despite our commitment to be an open and inclusive school community, it can still be challenging for parents to get a true insight into the details of the various components of our program, or why we see them as such an integral part of your child’s education. As part of our Open Afternoon program this year we will endeavour to do just that, providing detailed information opportunities about both existing and new programs and initiatives within the school, across both Primary and Secondary. Students will also showcase their skills and achievements within classrooms and through performances and displays. The program will run from 3:30-6:00pm and I would encourage all families to attend. This is also a great event to invite friends and associates to so that they can learn a little more about CCAS.

One of the hot topics canvased regularly in the media, parent forums and educational circles is the issue of inappropriate use of technology and excessive screen time. With the majority of teenagers and many pre-teens having regular access to technology, it is important as parents and teachers, that we provide appropriate boundaries and education in this area. This has been a critical aspect of the introduction of our BYOD program for secondary students and, we have this week, commenced the roll out of some changes to our mobile phone policy to complement these guidelines. As most secondary parents will be aware (a couple of year levels still to come), the adjustments to our policy, which restricts when students can utilise their phones while at school, are designed to give students the necessary break from their devices. this is particularly during recess and lunch time, and complements what we have put in place for laptop usage. The mobile phone policy was initially rolled out to Year 7 and 8 at the commencement of this week, and it was fascinating to watch the changes in behaviour at break times with many students, released from the temptation to be on their phones, having real conversations and playing like normal kids should, providing that physical release from the confines of the classroom.

Our Year 9 students return today from their camp – a true wilderness experience in the Kosciusko National Park (hiking, mountain biking and horse riding), and Shoalhaven River (kayaking). Based on the reports we have received, they have had an amazing range of experiences.

Enjoy the rest of this newsletter.


​New Look library

The library has been refurbished with a modern, open-plan, fresh look.

Students are enjoying the happy days booths, the bar style tables, the colourful ottomans and funky tables.

Come in and have a sit and read; relax and let the creative, innovative and literary juices combine and flow!

Kids' Lit Competition

​Last week four year 7 students, Matthew Hoipo, Bryce Linehan, Chloe Hibberd and Sophie Wallace, had an opportunity to participate in the Newcastle heat of the Kids' Lit Quiz competition at Macquarie College, Wallsend.

These students were one team of 12 from the Hunter region. As first time competitors they did our school proud with their efforts.

Kids' Lit Quiz is an international competition rewarding and celebrating reading and literary knowledge. Teams had to answer 100 questions in three hours about books, reading and literature. The winning team (Macquarie College) competes in the national heat in Sydney next week and, after that, the winner will then go on to compete in the International heat in Canada.

There's always next year - keep reading everyone!

Canteen Update

​We have had some questions from parents about the slushies that are sold at the canteen.

The Tropical Slush slushies that are sold by our canteen are Canteen Approved and contain 99% fruit juice. They have no added sugar, zero fat and contain 100% RDI of vitamin C.



Students Collaborate to Improve Literacy

Primary students have been collaborating to improve their literacy skills.

The Year 4 class spent last Thursday afternoon reading to Pre Kindy students to encourage social interactions as well as promoting and improving literacy for both classes.

World of Maths

Primary students recently had the opportunity to improve their mathematical skills with an incursion.

The World of Maths incursion was an opportunity for all primary students to participate in hands on activities to broaden their understanding of mathematics. Students loved the opportunity to show their mathematical skills through games, tests and practical activities.

Running Challenge

The primary class running challenge began this week with students running laps of the oval in the morning (8:00-8:30am) and with their class during the day.

Students ran a total of 4315 laps (1294km) this week - what a fantastic effort! Class winners were 1G, 2K and 5C.

​Library Activities

Lots of fun and learning happens at lunch times in the library.

Creative play, play-acting to be teachers, building, students forming connections and developing skills for life after school.

Everyday is different!


Year 11 Camp

This year as a school we have had a focussed approach to student wellbeing. Part of this change was moving the previously end of Year 11 camp to the beginning of the year. This camp is designed to help students focus on the saying that “If you continue to do the same thing - you will get the same result”.

We were fortunate to have one of our secondary teachers, Mr Robartson, who has experience in delivering this content around the world to corporate entities, hosting the content of the camp. He challenged the students to see the opportunities that are in front of them and focus on working with the skills that they have to forge the best future for themselves.

Students were challenged to see the reality of the now and imagine and plan for a future of their own designing. Positive psychology, group physical activities and collaborative leadership challenges were all part of the fun at Glenworth Valley.

A big thank you to Mr Allum who organised the program, the staff for their commitment to the students through their time and expertise and to the students for being so willing to stretch themselves and begin a new paradigm.

Year 9 Cook Crêpes

​Year 9 make crêpes as part of their French curriculum.

Learning a language involves so much more than just learning words, and food, being such an important part of French culture, is a great way to combine new vocabulary, grammar structures and a look into the French way of life. Last but definitely not least – crêpes are delicious, as the Yr 9 French class will tell you. The students became very proficient at pouring the batter and flipping the crêpes with not a single one landing on the floor!

If you would like to learn another language, there is a great app called DUO-LINGO which you can download onto your phone. It remains free as long as you do 10 minutes each day – a great way to stay motivated.

​Year 7 Learning About Variables

This week students were given a bucket of balls and a metre ruler and asked a question - "Which ball bounces the highest?"

Students had to first work out what were their independent, dependent and controlled variables as well as design an appropriate results table.

Students also sat their Lab Licence Test and results will be out soon!

Year 10 Spend Day in the Garden

​Year 10 are currently studying Food Equity in Food Technology.

To help students understand where their food comes from and to show them the work involved in growing your own food (as half the developing world have to do) we have constructed our own kitchen garden.

We spent the day, in perfect weather conditions, weeding, reconditioning the soil, planting, fertilising, watering and labelling our gardens. We plan to use the herbs and veggies in our classes and, hopefully, they'll get to use them at home too.

The students will care for their gardens until the end of Term 3.


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