1 December 2017

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Awards, Reports and Holidays

by Mr Tony Kent

​It is a bit strange sitting down with the realisation that this is our last newsletter for the year, and that this time next week your children will be adjusting to their new reality of holidays for an extended period over Christmas.

The next few days here at CCAS will be about celebration, both through activity days and fun events, and through our Award Programs next Wednesday. Another year of schooling is almost over, and it is appropriate to celebrate together what your children have achieved – and there is much to celebrate – as we finish off the year.

As I reflect back on the year that has passed, it is with both a sense of satisfaction at what has been achieved, both by individuals and collectively as a school, and gratitude for the privilege to lead this amazing school through another year as we prepare your children for their future lives through education. Let me take this opportunity to express my appreciation to all our parents for your support throughout this year – this is a special community of people, and it is an honour to be part of it.

Remember that final reports for students will be provided online through the SEQTA parent portal this year to all families. If you have difficulty accessing these for any reason please contact Administration directly in either Primary or Secondary. Reports will be available later on Wednesday next week. The Award Programs will be the last official commitment for students in 2018. Staff will be involved in PD training and finalisation of programs on Thursday and Friday of next week. Our Administration Office will remain open until December 15, at which point it will close for the Christmas break, re-opening on January 15.

As many will be aware, our annual Road to Bethlehem program is taking a break this year, but will return in 2018 refreshed and revitalised. It is already feeling a bit strange not to be gearing up for RTB, and I know it will be missed by many. I trust that everyone will be able to find ways to experience the blessing of the Christmas story this year end.


Vacation Care at CCAS

Holiday fun at CCAS

Check out the great activities on offer for our upcoming Vacation Care program!

Download Christmas Vacation Care program Download New Year Vacation Care program



Arcade Games

by Mr Nicholas Cashin

​This term Year 3 has undergone an exciting project based learning program.

Students were encouraged to design and create their own arcade games using James Phelp's 6 hats of thinking. Students were engaged through the different steps of problem solving where they learnt to design, evaluate, overcome problems, create and reflect. The steps they were focused on were: Fact finding, generating ideas, judging ideas, planning, producing and reflecting. Year 3 celebrated at the end of the program by hosting their friends at their own class arcade.


​Year 8 Geography Excursion to Port Stephens

by Mrs Vladka Henley

On Tuesday, 28 November Year 8 were treated to a wonderful excursion to Port Stephens to conclude our Geography studies.

We set off from CCAS to Port Stephens on a comfortable coach. When we arrived we boarded our cruise boat and were lucky to be entertained by some gorgeous dolphins. Our students also had lots of fun swimming in the boom net.

We then enjoyed a scrumptious buffet lunch and headed off to our coaches for a quick drive to Anna Bay Sand Boarding. It was great to see the students boarding down the dunes and having great fun. For many this was a first time experience. When the students had enough of sandboarding they walked across to Birubi Beach for a much needed cool down.

We finished off with an icy pole and snacks to fill empty bellies! All in all, a great day was had by all!

​Year 8 Geography Fundraising

by Mrs Vladka Henley

This term Year 8 Geography students have been studying world poverty and global inequalities. In response to this many of the students were eager to do something positive to help others and decided to support ADRA by fundraising and then purchasing items from the gift catalogue.

The enthusiasm for this spread to other students who also donated to support this project. Some families were inspired to support this project together and many students donated from their personal savings. There was a constant stream of generosity from students all around the school, emptying their pockets of any loose change. The generosity was extremely contagious!

The grand total collected was $768.40 - wow! Students chose to purchase the following items: Sewing machine, hygiene kit, water filters, chickens, ducks, baby goat, toilets and grain silos.

Thank you to our school community for supporting such a worthwhile project.

Year 8 Legends

by Mrs Marilyn Grange

At the end of the year, as a Year Coordinator, I give a gift to each student to celebrate Christmas. This year, I struggled to find an idea that wasn’t a cheap piece of ‘rubbish’ which would probably end up in land-fill sooner rather than later or didn’t come under the category of junk food! But chocolates and lollies were about all I could think of.

Then I had another idea but it was something that all the students would need to agree on. So I went from class to class and asked them to vote. Choice 1: each receive a bag of lollies and chocolate to the amount of $6 (many eyes lit up at this stage) or Choice 2: pool all our money allowing us to sponsor 2 girls in the “Keep Girls Safe” program in Thailand AS WELL AS sponsor an outing for the 50 children, currently living at the Kristen Jade Rescue Centre, also in Thailand.

To be honest, I may have used some emotionally-loaded wording and there were a few disappointed looks (who doesn’t love their own bag of sweets!). But it very soon became clear to the students that it really wasn’t a choice, that put this way, how could you choose a bag of lollies over enriching the lives of others.

So, thanks to the collective choice of the Year 8 students, 2018 will be a better year for 2 girls and 50 orphans. To all my Year 8 students, thanks for helping to share the true spirit of this season – Love – Joy – Peace.

You are legends :)


Central Coast Carols

Join us at the Central Coast Carols program on December 21 at Central Coast Stadium! This year we are proud to be a sponsor of the event. You'll have a great time and get to support the great work of the Cancer Council.

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