Primary & Secondary Fees

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2017 Fees


Please also refer to Class Charges, Elective Subject Charges and Other Fees & Charges.

Class Charges

Elective Subject Charges

Please Note
  • Elective Subject Charges (separate to Class Charges) are for subjects which are selected over and above the mandatory subjects.
  • Students in Years 9-10 choose 2 elective subjects and students in Years 11 & 12 choose up to 6 elective subjects.
  • Elective Subject Charges for Years 9 & 11 may be charged in Term 2 as classes may be unknown when statements are issued.


* 900 - Year 10 Snow Trip charge is billed seperately once attendance numbers are confirmed

Savings & Discounts

Family Tuition Discounts

  • 1 Child - full tuition fee
  • 2 Children - 9% off both children’s tuition fees
  • 3 Children - 18% off all children’s tuition fees
  • 4+ Children - FREE tuition for 4th & subsequent children

Family discounts are applied to children on the same fee statement who have the same parents/step parents. Class Charges, Elective Subject Charges and Other Fees & Charges apply to 4th and subsequent children.

Prompt Payment Discounts

  • 7% tuition discount for payment of yearly fees
  • 4% tuition discount for payment of term fees
  • Other payment options including fortnightly or monthly instalments are also available.

Other Fees & Charges

Application Fee

A non-refundable Application Fee of $50 will need to be paid for each child at the time of lodging an application.

Placement Fee

A non-refundable Placement Fee of $300 is payable when an offer of enrolment is accepted. For families, with two or more children enrolling at the same time, the Placement Fee is $500.

Annual Building Levy

A charge of $350 per student is payable towards the annual Building Levy.

Book Deposit

  • Year 7-10 - $70
  • Year 11-12 - $140

Book Deposits are refundable at the end of the year on completion of a deregistration form.


Financial Assistance

The School Council makes provision for fee assistance to families in genuine financial need. Applications can be made to the Business Manager.

Church Membership

Local Seventh-day Adventist Churches contribute subsidies for church members to assist with Christian Education. This is made available to church members as a discount on tuition fees.